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The Secret Brothers

Novel By: Seiiki Akuma
Action and adventure

Aaron Secret one day meets a boy named Chobi Cross. Aaron quickly learns that this seemingly adorible and happy kid has spent most of his life being adopted into bad families. When Chobi's adoptive father is arrested and Chobi taken back to the orphanage, Aaron, unsure why, does what he can to convince his parents, Marie and Cloud Secret, to adopt Chobi. With surprise Aaron's mom and dad adopt Chobi, turning Chobi Cross into Chobi Secret. Not too long after becoming 'brothers' with the cookie loving kid, Aaron descovers that, not only is Chobi Secret identical to Aaron, but they are brothers by birth. That's not the only thing Aaron descovers. Through the story of The Secret Brothers, Aaron and Chobi strengthen their bond as brothers while fighting to keep their own true identities secret. Will they be able to keep their identities secret forever? View table of contents...


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Chobi and I entered the school grounds followed by Clora who was shy to the new people. "This is a pretty big school," Clora muttered to Chobi who shrugged.

"I guess so but the people here are real nice. How about I introduce you to some of my friends?" Chobi asked as he took Clora's arm and lead her over to Miranda who stood nearby a small group of gathered kids. I stood and watched from my distant place as Chobi introduced Clora to the people he considered friends. I let out a sigh then stood straight in shock when a boy named Phil pranced in front of me and took my picture.

"What the hell?" I hissed as I grabbed his camera and shoved him away from me.

"Calm down, I just wanted to get a picture of you and your brother," Phil muttered angrily as he took his camera back.

"You don't need a picture of us," I growled at him as I snatched his camera back and fiddled around with it.

"Why not?" he growled back as he took the camera from my hands.

"Why do you need one?" I asked him.

"A lot of people are trying to figure out who the twins are that had been experimented on. You and Chobi ring as one of the top five most suspicious," Phil answered then I snorted.

"Well, that's just nice," I said then Phil gave me a wondrous expression.

"Did you hear about the crash?" he asked me.

"What crash?"

"The one in town. A drunk man almost hit a pedestrian when a mysterious person ran out and protected the pedestrian from the impact with a force field. The video has poor quality but who's to say that people who were there won't be able to recognize the boy?" Phil asked then took another picture. "Besides, I think it'd be cool if the experimental twins would show up and actually use their powers more often," Phil said then he walked away just as someone stood up on one of the outside tables.

"Hey, hey, everyone I have something important to say," the boy, if I'm correct, named Stacy yelled over the people crowding around him. "I just got word from a good friend of mine that the video taken of the car crash can be fixed into a better high quality. He said it will take him all day to fix it up but he said he will be posting the video on YouTube for the world to see," Stacy shouted just as I looked over at Chobi who held an expression of slight worry and fear.

"You can't do that," Roy shouted suddenly and everyone turned to look at him.

"Why not?" Stacy asked.

"That's in violation of the twin's government protection. If your friend posts that video, he can be arrested and tried for violation of privacy," Roy said.

"I don't see what the government has to do with two twins," someone yelled out to Roy who pinched the bridge of his nose.

"The government is trying to provide the twins secrecy and suitable privacy due to the events that happened to them as young children," Roy answered.

"But what if they wanted to be shown to the world?" Stacy asked. "What if they don't want to be secret anymore?" Stacy said then Roy made a mistake by glancing over at Chobi and I who where both startled and frightened by the unfolding events.

"It is you two isn't it?" someone gasped then I frowned.

"What? We didn't say anything," I grumbled.

"But Mr. Roy did look at you when I asked him my questions," Stacy pointed out then Roy turned pale.

"Now just because I looked at the two of them doesn't mean they are the twins," Roy muttered quickly.

"Come on, prove you two aren't the experimental twins," someone shouted as the mob of students began to surround us.

"Wow, come on. How are we supposed to prove we aren't something when we weren't something in the first place?" Chobi asked as he put his back to mine.

The crowd of students grew more dense as the questions seemed to roar out. People began to shove at us as if to test us of our boundaries. "You guys won't get anywhere like that," a big guy named Sid hissed as he lurched over the smaller students then punched me. I gasped out in surprise then I punched tenfold harder.

He yelped out in agony then people shoved me back as I tried to get at him again. Chobi then yelled in surprise when someone swung for him. He jumped into me nearly knocking me over then everyone was at it. "Get off!" I shouted as I created a force field causing people to fall over. I held my force field for a long moment then Chobi gripped my shoulder. I let my force field fade as people stared at us in shock.

"It really was you two all along," someone gasped then I leaned forward placing a hand on my gut just before vomiting out blood.

People screamed in surprise as I wobbled uneasily in my place. "Aaron!" Chobi shouted as he caught me before I fell forward. The blue markings appeared on my skin then Roy shoved and stepped over the startled students.

"Hurry, get him to the office," Roy shouted as he helped Chobi pick me up.

In the hospital, I sat on a bed with a large wad of cloth on my face. I sighed as I held the rags there until a doctor came in. "Well, I don't know what to tell you. You don't have any abnormalities. You must have just been vomiting red colored juices from you body. It happens, not too often, but it does. You're free to return to school now but try to keep the rough housing to a minimum," the doctor said and with that, she left the room.

"Aaron," Roy said as he entered the room.

"I'm so stupid," I grumbled angrily.

"Why do you say that?" he asked.

"Everyone knows our secret now. I don't know what to do with that. What if people don't leave us alone?" I asked him as I removed the wad and looked at it to see my blood.

"You're going to have to live with it Aaron. I didn't think you and your brother would live forever without revealing your secret," Roy said as he patted my shoulder.

"I never wanted anybody to know," I sighed as I stood up and threw away the wad.

"Do you want to go back to school now?" Roy asked.

"What did Chobi say?" I asked as Chobi entered the room.

"Well, we really don't have to hide," Chobi answered my question.

Back at school, Chobi and I entered the classroom and every eye was turned on us, even the teacher. I sat down and Chobi only followed suit. I began to turn red in anger at the staring students until Chobi glanced around. "Could you stop staring at us? It's kind of uncomfortable," he muttered and everyone looked away as the teacher continued to teach.

Lunch came and I sat down with Chobi just as a mob of questioning students swarmed us. "Why'd you puke this morning?" someone asked me.

"What was with the blue markings?"

"Why did you faint?"

Chobi and I only ignored the questions as we attempted to eat in silence before someone pulled my hair and threw me against the floor. "Hey, stop that," Chobi growled angrily but he couldn't do anything as the bully lifted me up to my feet and pinned me down to the table.

"Come on Wonder Boy. Show off some of your powers," the boy, Benjamin, or Ben, hissed at me then I glared at him.

"Let him go," Chobi growled as he shoved Ben away from me.

"Wait your turn Butterfly Boy," Ben rebounded with a fist to Chobi's face then I lifted my tray and smacked Ben with it.

"You started the fight with me. Leave my brother out of it," I shouted then it began to grow dark outside as Chobi stood up.

"Leave both of us alone!" Chobi yelled causing everyone, even me, to listen to him. "We didn't ask for any of this and now, and now you're just pissing me off!" Chobi shouted then he grew faint and toppled over to a table before I caught him and sat him down.

"Are you okay?" I asked him and he rubbed his head.

"Yeah, just a little dizzy is all," he answered then I helped him up.

"Let's go sit in Roy's room," I whispered to him and he nodded as we went to Roy.

We entered Roy's room and he frowned. "What's wrong with Chobi?" Roy asked.

"I'm just a little light headed. Man, I've never been so mad before," Chobi laughed as I sat him in one of the desks.

"This is ridiculous," I sighed as I glanced at Roy.

"I'm sorry. This is all my fault. It has been from the very beginning," Roy said as he placed down the papers he had been grading.

"Don't say that. It wasn't your fault. You were forced to do it," I said as Chobi rubbed his eyes for a brief moment.

"Our parents, our real parents. Do you know their names?" Chobi asked Roy who looked down.

"If I were you I'd not linger on the past. The past would only bring me great pain," Roy said.

"Do you know their names or not?" Chobi asked then Roy began to dig through the bag he carried with him. He then pulled out a leather parcel and opened it removing a few newspaper articles, pictures, and papers.

"I think I might have looked into your original family. Let's see," Roy muttered as he dug through his papers until he came to a coffee stained paper. "Here it is. Hm, she was Karin May Secret," Roy said.

"And our father?" I asked then Roy gave the paper an odd glance.

"Well, as hard as I dug, I never found out who your father was. I do, however, know that Karin and your father had divorced seven months before you were born and Karin denied your father all rights to see you once you both were born," Roy muttered then he sat down the paper and rubbed his chin.

"Then it couldn't have been our father who died in the fire," Chobi stated.

"You're right, the paper says that Karin had remarried five weeks before you were born. The other 'parent' who died in that fire must have been her new husband, in other words, your step-father," Roy said as he began to think for a long bewitching moment.

"So, our birth father might still be alive?" I muttered with angered concern.

"If that's true how come he hasn't come to us yet?" Chobi asked.

"He could be dead or he still has no legal rights to claim you as his children," Roy answered then he began to finger through his papers again. "I might have a copy of your birth certificates, your real father might have at least been able to sign them if anything have had his name written for him," Roy said then he paused. "Never mind, I wasn't able to get your birth records. You know what. You should ask Marie or Cloud. Since you're both adopted, they might have your--"

"They don't have mine," Chobi said. "My birth certificate was burned in a fire when I was three years old. The orphanage never got around to getting a new one and I don't think Marie and Cloud have one yet."

"Same here, I don't have mine either. Cloud was an idiot and lost the papers a long time ago, Marie claims he lost it when they first got it so she never even got to see it," I muttered. "I learned that not too long after I found out I was adopted," I sighed then Roy was silent for a long moment.

"Cloud," Roy muttered as if to think. "Secret," he said and he was silent again before he began to chew on his lip.

"Roy?" I asked him with concern.

"For an adoptive father, he sure knows a lot about things that shouldn't be known about. Like that moment when you first had those markings on your skin. He made an 'assumption' that the markings were being caused by your 'undeveloped control'," Roy muttered with growing suspicion.

"I agree, he's a really weird man. Marie thinks the same way. He's always leaving with short notice and returning home as if nothing happened. I don't even know if he has a job," I grumbled then I was silent for a moment.

"Cloud," Roy muttered again. "I feel like I've seen him before you know. Some where in a book," Roy said then he began to ponder over where he might have seen Cloud.

"A book? What kind of book?" Chobi asked as he blinked with confusion a few times.

"A really old book. One written by a squire in ancient times. It was a legend he wrote about," Roy said then he began to dig through his desk. "I only over found the book when I was being forced to do what I had done. I was in a distressed state of mind. I was sick of science so I turned to ancient legends and tales to pull fantasy into my life."

"So?" I muttered as I rolled my eyes.

"It was about a king and his brother," Roy said as he shot me a dart like glance. "And about the king's two sons," Roy removed an old book from his desk and sat it down. "It is called 'The Brothers Chaos and Control'. The squire at one point wrote that the king's sons possessed godly powers and were praised not only by all people but by their father himself because they were born the night their mother passed away. Unfortunately the two sons were turned against each other by the king's own brother. The chaos brother was tricking into hating the king's rule and tried to kill the king when the control brother protected the king. They fought a fight so evenly matched it lasted for days until they both collapsed dead before the king who was struck with grief for having lost his sons, the last flesh of his late wife. He went after his brother but the brother escaped. Not too many days later the king was confronted by a witch who granted him immortality so that one day he may see his sons reborn," Roy muttered as he began to finger through the pages until reaching a sketch the squire had done of the king standing between his two sons. Roy then lifted it to show Chobi and I.

"Wow, that is a really good sketch," Chobi muttered as he stared at the picture.

"That really does look like Cloud and," I muttered as I looked at the two sons. "And the sons, the sons are twins."

"It's almost like Cloud is the king and we're the reborn sons," Chobi muttered as if he were spooked by the fact that we looked just like the sons in the sketch.

"If that's true, then both of you are pretty much gods," Roy said as he closed the book.

"There's no way. Gods aren't real and people aren't reborn and immortality is a dream," I said then the bell rang.

"Why don't you ask Cloud?" Roy asked as students entered the door but paused at the sight of Chobi and I.

"Chobi, are you okay?" Miranda asked as she shoved passed the hesitating students then stood in front of Chobi who gave her a gentle and friendly smile.

"I'm fine, I just got a little dizzy is all," he laughed then she glanced at me and I looked out the window as the other students came in and quietly filled in the seats.

"That's good I guess. Aaron, are you okay?" she asked me then I looked at Chobi.

"I'm fine, come on Chobi, let's get to our next class," I grumbled so Chobi nodded and stood up.


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