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The Secret Brothers

Novel By: Seiiki Akuma
Action and adventure

Aaron Secret one day meets a boy named Chobi Cross. Aaron quickly learns that this seemingly adorible and happy kid has spent most of his life being adopted into bad families. When Chobi's adoptive father is arrested and Chobi taken back to the orphanage, Aaron, unsure why, does what he can to convince his parents, Marie and Cloud Secret, to adopt Chobi. With surprise Aaron's mom and dad adopt Chobi, turning Chobi Cross into Chobi Secret. Not too long after becoming 'brothers' with the cookie loving kid, Aaron descovers that, not only is Chobi Secret identical to Aaron, but they are brothers by birth. That's not the only thing Aaron descovers. Through the story of The Secret Brothers, Aaron and Chobi strengthen their bond as brothers while fighting to keep their own true identities secret. Will they be able to keep their identities secret forever? View table of contents...


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The school bell rang letting us students free. Chobi and I exited the school building. "I'm going to go to town instead of home. Do you want to come?" I asked Chobi who gave me a slight smirk in which faded quickly.

"No, I'm not feeling to good so I'm going to go home and rest. Be careful," Chobi said as he continued without me.

"I hope you feel better soon," I said after him then I turned towards town.

I had been walking alone for a few minutes towards town when a group of bullies jumped out of the bushes in front of me. "Hey Wonder Boy," one of them shouted and I growled.

"I'm not Wonder Boy so stop calling me that," I said then the other five boys laughed.

"Shut up you monkeys," the first boy, Rico, hissed to the others.

"Are you going to try and get me to use my powers?" I asked as I took a defensive stand.

"Why not? After all, it does hurt you when you do use them. You've shown us that much this morning," Rico hissed as the six bullies approached me and I grew hot inside.

"Just leave me alone. All I want to do is go walk around the city and get my mind off a few things. You guys are kind of in my way," I said as I stepped away from them.

"Too bad you can't fly. Can you only do force fields or are you holding back?" he asked me then a pebble smacked him in the face. "Who threw that?" Rico shouted as he looked around.

"Oops, my bad," I sneered then I lifted up a storm of sand. "I can move things too," I said then I sprayed the sand at them and attempted to run away only to be caught by Rico and thrown to the ground. "Where do you think you're going Freak?" Rico asked as he kicked my gut. I curled up for a moment then pushed myself up off the ground.

"Freak?" I hissed then I punched him with my right hand.

"Oh, someone didn't like that," Rico laughed as he rubbed his face. "Grab him so I can pound him," Rico demanded so the others tried to hold me back. I blew them off of me with a field then gasped in hurt when the markings appeared on my skin.

"Leave me alone. I don't want to mess around," I grumbled as I clenched my fists.

"Keep at him," Rico demanded as he too participated in trying to beat me up. I knocked them away each time they came at me, every wave causing me to hurt even more until my limit was reached and my vision failed. I stumbled over for a moment then tripped to the ground.

"Stop! Leave me alone!" I shouted in agony then they pinned me down. I blew them off of me then vomited before I rushed to my feet.

"Where do you think you're going?" Rico shouted after me as I ran away from him.

I had never been so afraid in my life. My vision was weak and I could hardly tell were I was going as the bullies intended on chasing me until they had me for good. I ran head first into someone then I paused as my vision began to fade back. "You're just who I'm looking for," a familiar voice sneered as a hand collapsed around my neck and shoved me over.

"Kidora," I gasped at the sight of her grinning face. "How did you get out of jail?" I asked her then she pointed a strange looking rod at me.

"It wasn't hard. All I had to do was play the guards until they let me go," she laughed as the bullies caught up.

"Who are you?" Rico growled then she pointed the rod at him.

"First tell me who you are," Kidora smiled darkly.

"I'm Rico and these are my gang. I've got a bone to pick with that kid," Rico hissed as I tried to stand only to be kicked back down by Kidora.

"I'm sorry but if you want to kill him I have to say you're too late. I call him first. As one of his creators I want to be the first to draw his blood. This kid, Aaron Secret, stopped my plans once and since his brother isn't around to protect him I can use Aaron to get to both Chobi and Cloud Secret. You can try to take him from me but I'll only kill you first," Kidora hissed then Rico turned and ran away followed by his gang.

"I won't let you kill me Kidora," I growled then she lowered the rod back at me.

"I'm not going to kill you just yet," Kidora said as she gripped my collar and pulled me to me feet. "Let's go for a little walk," she insisted as she held my arm in hers and dragged me along.

"What do you want?" I asked her, my marks slowly fading away.

"I really don't need you Aaron. It's your brother I want," Kidora said as she glanced at me.

"Why?" I asked her with anger.

"Because he's complete, unlike you. His powers are far more superior. Controlling the weather and the elements is only what a god should do. I want to harness his powers, kill him, then transfer the powers into my own body and become queen of everything. Everyone will tremble before my wrath but you and that father of yours is always getting in the way," Kidora growled and I tried to slip free but she only held my arm tighter.

"You won't get Chobi, I swear you'll never get his powers," I hissed then she laughed.

"Oh, Aaron, you're just like a scene from a movie. Sometimes the bad guy wins. I'm one of those winners," Kidora said as she patted my shoulder.

"I will do everything I can to stop you. I don't care what I have to do," I hissed to her.

"Those goons only made the process easier," Kidora said as she dragged me down an old hiking trail.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her with worry.

"I was looking for you so I could start my play. You are, after all, a main part in it. You see, you're the only person Chobi truly trusts because you are the only person who has ever truly cared about him. In other words, you remind him of his first mother. She died unfortunately when she was shot in her own home. There was a robbery and she tried to call the cops when the robber freaked and shot her," Kidora said and I was silent.

"How do you know that?" I asked her.

"Chobi has his own little file of terrible incidents. Most would say he's a magnet for bad things, horrible things. I mean, look at what he's doing to your family now, look at you," Kidora smiled.

"I don't care what you say. I'll never turn on Chobi. He doesn't need that kind of evil," I hissed.

"You won't have much of a choice once I'm done talking to you," Kidora said as she drew out the rod, tripped me over to my knees then a sharp pain filtered in from the back of my neck. She then released me and I stood quickly, holding the back of my neck.

"What did you just do?" I asked her as I felt the hot spot on my neck. Kidora then showed me the rod in which now had a long needle on the end of it.

"Do you like it? I came up with the blueprints while I was in jail. It's designed specifically for you. This part of it is now completely useless; however, what it did to you means everything. I connected this sort of chip to your spine. This chip will enable me to control you. All your actions, I can make you say what I want, and I can even prevent you from speaking out. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to make it shut out your conscious so you'll have to live through everything. Through you, I will be able to lure in Chobi then, eventually Cloud. That meddlesome man, I knew I'd seen him somewhere before," Kidora said and I went to punch her when my body prevented myself from moving. "What did I say? I control you now. You can't do anything unless I want you to. I've got one of those chips in me. Let's just say that I am your remote. I think of what I need you to do and you'll do it," she smiled then I crouched down and began to eat the dirt, unwillingly, fear and rage building heavily inside me. "Now, let that be a lesson. I will always dominate you," she hissed then I spat out the dirt and stood up. "I'll see you soon," she said as she patted my head and walked away before I returned home.


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