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A cold air filled the darkness as I suddenly stood in the middle of nothing. The cold air whisked at my spiky black hair while my bright silver eyes rest halfway shut in sleep. I was trapped in this darkness for a while without even realizing it. “Shade,” whispered a soft yet ashy and dark voice. I slowly opened my eyes wider before I stepped back in surprise at what it was I next saw... View table of contents...


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A cold air filled the darkness as I suddenly stood in the middle of nothing. The cold air whisked at my spiky black hair while my bright silver eyes rest halfway shut in sleep. I was trapped in this darkness for a while without even realizing it. "Shade," whispered a soft yet ashy and dark voice. I slowly opened my eyes wider before I stepped back in surprise at what it was I next saw.

A creature, too large to be anything existent, rest trapped in jagged sickles of ice, it's body submerged mostly in ice. "Shade," the voice came again as I stared at the black mass. "You will free me," the voice hissed as I looked around for the thing speaking to me before my eyes looked forward at the mass again. I was struck with fear when I realized that the large mass before me was a head, reptilian in looks, with giant black scales that gleamed a silver sheen. "Free me," the voice whispered then a loud thud began to vibrate the air as two slits began to open upon the face.

The creature was opening its eyes. A bright red light illuminated the darkness around the slits as they slowly opened. "Shade, free me," the voice hissed as the red eyes glared at me, the pupils giving way to a cold and careless tone.

"Don't listen to him," said a voice behind me and I quickly turned around to see myself. A gentle and friendly smile pressed upon my perfect teenaged face. The only thing that was different, however, was my hair. The me I looked at now had the same hair cut but his hair was a snow white. "He is only trying to play you a fool. Walk away from him," the other me said as he held out his hand.

"I can give you power," hissed the dark voice as I glanced back at the beast. "Free me and I can make you immortal."

"No he can't. He is lying."

"Shade," the dark voice growled as smoke spewed from the reptilian's nostrils. "Free me!"

"Conner," the other me said and I looked at him. "Don't fall for his temptations. Nothing good will come out of it," the other me said as he continued to hold out his hand. "Come on, let's get out of here," the other me laughed and I smiled and reached for his hand.

"Alright," I nodded as I took his hand.

I sat up quickly in my bed then let out a long sigh before falling back against my sheets. "Conner," my mother shouted from the kitchen. "I'm going to work now. Stay out of trouble and if you leave the house make sure you lock the doors and windows and be back before midnight," she shouted before the front door opened and shut with her exit. I sighed again then my phone began to ring. I glanced at it as it vibrated and I quickly sat up.

"I'm late!" I shouted as I turned off my alarm and quickly stood up. I slipped on my skateboard and fell on my back. I sobbed silently for a few moments before I stood up and quickly pulled on a pair of black pants and white long sleeve shirt. I then grabbed my skateboard, wallet, goggles, and phone before checking the doors and windows and rushing out of the house. I quickly locked the front door with my house key and rushed off.

Arriving at a junkyard out of town, I climbed through a few cars to get to the center of the yard. "Conner, you're late," shouted a boy with sandy hair as a rusted soda can smacked my forehead as I pushed up my orange goggles and picked up the can.

"I was having a dream this morning. Sorry, I must have slept through my first alarm," I muttered as I tossed the can aside.

"Ha, that's like you. You're not that late, just fifteen minutes. So what are we going to do today?" the boy asked me.

"I don't know. What do you want to do Michael?" I asked him.

"Let's sit around the junk yard for a while," Michael said as she sat down on the front of an old car.

"I bet you if we tried we could fix up one of the cars in this yard," I laughed as I sat down next to him.

"I'm not that smart but if you think you can go a head," Michael snickered and I shook my head.

"I think I'll stick to the wheels I already have," I said as I gestured towards my skateboard.

"Hey, did you hear about the new weapon Ace Industries is making?" Michael asked me.

"No, you know I don't really like weapons of mass-destruction stuff," I muttered sadly.

"And you know that AI doesn't make weapons meant for mass-murder. This weapon can actually find possible areas prone to massive mudslides and solidify the front of the areas to prevent slides from dominating thousands of homes," Michael said as if he were in love with the idea.

"I bet you'd love to meet this Ace guy in person," I snorted.

"Would I!" Michael shouted. "I want to show him some of the things I've built," Michael said happily as he removed a small golden ring from his pocket. "Especially this. I bet he would love to see this," Michael smiled.

"Isn't that the thing you made in the junkyard? You've never shown me what it does," I said as I looked at it.

"It doesn't really do anything. It just," Michael said as he pulled each side and it expanded into a larger ring. "It can expand and shrink but it is also a metal so it is sturdy," Michael said then he smiled. "It is also a machine. I really want to show it to Ace. Maybe he could make something even better using this as a base for his idea," Michael said then he was silent for a moment. "And his friend too. He's Ace's provider. I want to meet him to and think him myself for helping Ace produce all the things that make life easy, like his portable pocket blender for smoothy and diet freaks as well as the new 3-D gaming system," Michael said.

"What's Ace's friend's name?" I asked.

"Eclipse White," Michael answered and I thought for a moment.

"Eclipse?" I muttered as I thought for a moment then voices came from the junkyard entrance.

"By all means if you think it will help you out go right ahead," the man who owns the junkyard said.

"Thank you," spoke a gentle male voice as Michael and I rushed silently over to take a look. A tall man with soft black hair and green eyes entered the junkyard holding a camera. Michael suddenly punched and slapped me out of giddiness.

"Conner, Conner, Ace is here," Michael huffed silently then I covered his mouth when Ace glanced behind him to see if the man who owns the junkyard was gone. He was. Ace then put his camera away and looked over towards us.

"I know you two are there," he said as if a little uneasy. "Seriously, come out," he said and Michael quickly stood up.

"I'm a big fan," Michael shouted and Ace was startled.

"You're just a kid?" Ace asked then I stood up.

"Yeah, we weren't following you. This just happens to be our meeting place," I muttered and Ace was silent as he stared at me.

"I see. Then maybe you two would like to help me," Ace smiled.

"No we should probably get going," I muttered.

"We'd love to help!" Michael shouted as he elbowed my gut. "What do you need?" Michael asked.

"I'm looking for working engines," Ace answered.

After hours of searching, we had located four working engines which turned out to be more than what Ace had expected. We also helped him drag the engines to the entrance of the junkyard where they were then loaded into a truck and taken elsewhere.

Ace whipped sweat from his brow and let out an achieved sigh. "I'm famished. Would you two like to join me for lunch?" Ace asked and Michael nodded.

"Sure," Michael smiled.

"I'll drive us into the city," Ace smiled as he lifted up a sort of car shaped key chain. He then pressed the small button on the top of it and a few minutes later and lean framed care similar to a Lamborghini pulled up.

"Wow," Michael exclaimed then Ace climbed in followed by Michael and I.

"This is prototype 1 of my new line of cars. It's classy, expensive to make though. It has a to the point navigation system and an auto drive. So far it hasn't gone off road yet. I simply have my key which continuously sends my location the to navigation system and when I press my button the navigation system will automatically rout out a fast way to get to me and with the system being so accurate it can follow the speed limit. I forget to mention it's motion system. While driving the computer system built into the car can sense nearby objects using an electrical system I wired into the car. This wiring allows the computer to sense nearby things, like a giant nerve," Ace said as the car started with a smooth roar.

"This is awesome!" Michael shouted.

"Thank you," Ace said. "I haven't been in this part of the city so I don't know the places I can eat at. Do you have any ideas?" Ace asked.

"There's a really good burger grill nearby the outside of the city," I answered.

"Then let's eat there," Ace smiled.

All three of us sat in the burger grill named Burgerama and shared a few stories and jokes with each other. "Oh! Before my dream come true is up. I want to show you something," Michael shouted as he pulled out his mysterious ring and handed it to Ace.

"What's this?" Ace asked as he sat down his burger.

"I built it a while ago. I don't know how really but I knew I could so I did," Michael said as he extended it causing Ace to be suddenly fascinated by it.

"I love this. You have to show me how you made it," Ace quickly said then I took it from him.

"No, so you can take his idea and get more money off of it?" I hissed.

"You are smarter than you have lead me to believe," Ace muttered. "I'm not like other people. I will make sure Michael gets his attention and money. Matter of fact, Michael, if you teach me the secrets now I will hold a conference about the technology and have you host the information and claim it as yours," Ace said. "I've been trying to make something like this but the technology was always too complex for me to make. Please, come to my lab with me," Ace said like a child begging for a piece of candy.

"You'll have to okay it with my mom," Michael smiled then a man with short, spiky white hair entered Bergerama.

"Ace," he muttered and Ace quickly turned to look at him.

"Eclipse, how did you find me?" Ace asked and Eclipse folded his arms as if Ace just told a bad joke.

"We've got stuff to deal with right now. Hurry up and stop hanging around children," Eclipse growled before I leaned over to peer passed Ace.

"What gives Man?" I growled and Eclipse was suddenly silent.

"I've made a discovery today," Ace muttered as he held up Michael's ring. "This boy next to me made this," Ace said as he showed its extending capabilities and Eclipse was suddenly grateful.

"That's wonderful," Eclipse said quickly. "With this you can start making equipment," Eclipse said. "Our childhood dreams are starting to come true huh Ace?" Eclipse laughed as he smiled to Ace.

"I'd like to bring these two to my lab. This one here, Conner, he doesn't think it's a good idea for Michael to give me his formulas. I want to prove him wrong," Ace said and Eclipse was silent.

"We can take the other boy but he can't come with us," Eclipse muttered then he left the building. "Targon, Aurora," Eclipse shouted then two people stepped out a black SUV. They looked like twins, one with short purple hair and blue highlights, a boy, the other with long hair, a girl. They entered the building and looked at me.

"We'll take you home," the girl said and I stood up and grabbed my skateboard.

"To hell you will. I can get home by myself," I growled as I grabbed my burger and shoved passed them.

"Hey," the boy growled as he grabbed my shoulder.

"Lay off," I hissed then I left the building and walked passed the window Michael and Ace sat close to. I then made a few random hands signs to Michael. This was our sign language but different.

Stay safe and don't let him fool you. I signed.

I'll call you if anything happens. Michael replied then I dropped my skateboard, took a bite out of my burger and rushed off.

I sat on a curb eating ice cream with bitter jabs of my tongue. That Eclipse guy was a real jerk. I sighed as I finished my ice cream cone then stood up. A broad shouldered boy then ran into me causing me to fall over. "Oops," the boy laughed.

"Hello Ben," I muttered then he folded his arms.

"You look good there. Down there is befitting for you since you are far beneath me," Ben laughed and I rolled my eyes as I stood up.

"You shaved off your hair? Let me guess, Daddy is sending you off to boot camp," I sneered then he swung at me. I ducked and quickly ran away. I threw down my board and jumped onto it. I then speed up and skid around a corner. I dodged a couch being pulled out of a doorway but was unfortunate and ran into a dog. I rolled against the ground then shouted when the dog growled at me and jumped at me. I picked up my board and quickly ran away.

"You're not going to get away from me Conner!" Ben shouted as the dog grazed my ankle causing me to lip slightly then quicken my sprint. I dashed across the street and made it to the other side just as a car honked and hit the dog. I gasped as it whined loudly. I then quickly ran up to the dog causing people to honk their horns. I then picked up the dog and ran towards the veterinary clinic in the northern part of the city.

I was out of breath as I entered the clinic then a vet approached me. "Do you have an appointment?" she asked.

"This dog, it just got hit by a car. I think it broke a leg or something," I muttered as the lady quickly took it and I remained in the building for a short moment before the same vet came out of a room and smiled.

"It's fine. Nothing's broken. Is it your dog?" she asked me.

"No, it was chasing me," I answered.

"Well, do you want to take it home?" she asked.

"No, I don't really like dogs," I answered and she nodded.

"Alright, then you can leave," she smiled so I left.

Night had fallen and I made my way back home. I was lost in thought for a long moment before a sudden noise like wind rushing through a pair of giant wings filled the air. A sudden gust of wind then rushed over me as I looked up. A giant white figure vanished into the darkness and I was drawn into confusion. "Was that a dragon?" I asked myself then I thought for a moment before I shook my head. "No, it was probably just a bird or something," I muttered as I continued home.


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