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Silvia Grey - The Power of the Night

Novel By: SGAuthor
Action and adventure

A year has passed. A year of torture and experimentation.

After the surprise attack, Silvia is now on Trano being a subject for tests. The Head of Trano, Toby Brown, takes pride in his catch, loving to see a Boss Thief in so much pain.

Silvia knows she must escape Trano, meet up with her friends that she had left behind on Earth and find some way to evade the forces being laid upon her.

With new rivals, friends and decisions racing towards her, Silvia must escape from every danger that can befall on her. So far, Solarous is the only option… and an almost impossible one too.
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Chapter One - After a Year of Torture...

Toby Brown, the Boss of the horrid planet of Trano, was going to visit a certain prisoner in her Cell, speaking of which, isn't a normal one.

Toby walked through the endless corridors, saying hello to his Enforcers on the way, and finally reaching the room his beloved captive was in.

When he visited his precious prize, he loved to think of how he had her in his tight and powerful grasp.

He looked at her in her ridiculously horrific cell. It was merely a metal stump with electric zooming out if it, holding the person still.

The main attraction, however, was the person that the electric was holding; Silvia Grey. She was a Boss Thief; rare and unusual, especially with her robotic tail. Her newly obtained power, C.A.D, has made her worth a fortune, even though she has no idea what it is.

Her head was drooped, her whole body weakened from everything that had been bestowed on her here.

The people here were starving her, dehydrating her and everything else that would add up to the word "torture".

Hunger, thirst or slight pain will not kill a B.B.D a.k.a, Thief, no matter how long it is... but they certainly will feel it.

Toby walked in, his arms behind his back, to see Silvia still hanging there.

"Ah! It's been a whole year and you're still here! I told you, Silvia from the VERY first day you came! You'll never escape from here! But you DO remember that this is the HIGHEST SECURITY PRISON in the GALAXY!?" he yelled happily over the loud buzzing of the electric, his formal stance not changing.

"Don't get your hopes too high Toby. Someone will escape this dump!" Silvia said loudly and angrily. Toby laughed.

"Maybe... but it's NOT going to be you!" he yelled and left the room coolly as Silvia was being injected with all different sorts of devices.

She groaned with pain of the needles and drooped her head in depression.

At this point she actually started to miss Daniel, the Chief of Police in New York, and that was something.

He had gave her to Toby and received a small fortune. Then, he just left her on this rotten planet to be experimented on for all eternity.

What bothered her further, was that she still had no idea what C.A.D is, what it stands for and what it does to her. The only thing she recalled, was her eyes changing to cat's... and a few sickening feelings. Another thing was set on her mind; a devastating, cloud-like experiment that destroyed all of her species.

She had read it, in Daniel's apartment... but it was locked up somewhere. Hopefully, it was a fake news line... but unlikely.

After some extreme experimenting later, the Scientists took a break. Silvia sighed in relief at this. She had to put up with an annoying new Scientist who was young and jumpy.

They had cups of tea served by a small, silver robot and chatted to each-other in the lab across from Silvia.

"Silvia is the most extraordinary Thief I have ever seen" said the new-comer.

"She holds much more power. Well... that's what the sample says anyway" said another Scientist.

"We can't afford to let her free. We could help the Human race of we could get some of her"-

"Don't say that" snapped the Senior. The young one looked away in annoyance.

"They tried that before but that's what created Thieves. We can't afford more of them. Haven't you seen Solarous? It's been taken over by them and it has spread across the galaxy! But if we just can make it better... and add a few more touching experiments!"

The new Scientist ignored her, turning to the control panels.

"I'm going to try out the new one, see how she reacts to it" he announced, pressing a large green button.


Alarms went off, echoing all over the room. Silvia lifted her head up to investigate, glancing around at something new. She felt a soaring pain threw her, as the electric holding her started stinging.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" Silvia heard one of the Scientists yell.

The electric Silvia was being held in lowered her slowly and the tips of her feet were pressing against the ground. She then noticed something... something great.

The tip of her tail could reach the control panel that she had looked at longingly the first time she came here. She looked up at the Scientists who were glaring in horror back.

She ignored the pain, and started using the needle of her tail to press the buttons.

"Do something!" yelled a Scientist.

One of the Scientists had reached for a lever to get Silvia to go higher but… it was too late; Silvia had already pressed the correct buttons and she fell down on the metal stump, enjoying the feeling of being on the ground and in freedom. Her bones felt moveable again.

She was a little numb but soon loosened up. The two Scientists jumped down the steps in terror. The new one went to a microphone, screaming;


Once he had finished, he tried to run but Silvia had jumped on him and knocked him out after a whack of her tail.

"Haven't done that in ages" she muttered happily, flicking her tail with a smile.

The other one had escaped through the door Silvia was about to run through, until she head the voices of Officers sprinting down.

Silvia backed off from the door and ran to a vent, ripped the cover off and climbed inside. The Officers arrived, guns out.

"Search for her and bring him to a medical room" ordered Toby, looking at the Scientist's body in shock.

The Officers walked around the room and looked up and down it. Some went up and searched the lab.

Silvia watched intently from a veny and then started shuffling about to move around.

She clambered around, trying to find a good view of the situation. When she came to a corner, she gasped in shock.

She saw her reflection… but her eyes were those of a cat's. It just like in the Police Station on Earth. C.A.D was finally working on her properly. She felt more... powerful and strong. Her eyes let her see in the dark much better... but why was it so bad?

Ignoring it, she shuffled about in the vents. The Officer nearest had heard the clanging and had pulled off one of the vent covers silently.

There was nothing but darkness. He jerked his head to get Toby to come over but when he looked back, Silvia's head was sticking out of the vent, her eyes and smile widened in delight. The Policeman screamed in horror at the sight, attempting to run.

Silvia chuckled and grabbed him tightly by the leg, dragging him in with her, breaking his scream. They could hear him screeching but then-


Silvia had either shot him or gave him a good whack up the head. Stealing his holster and gun, she continued to make her way around the tight vents.

Toby was on full guard, getting irritated at the confusion of the room.

"JUST FIRE! FIRE EVERYWHERE!" he ordered, breaking out the lasers.

Silvia was staying still in a vent, her cat eyes glowing magnificently in the dark again. She now seemed to know this only happened in the dark. What other powers could it have held…?

The shooting stopped. There was the sound of footsteps everywhere... and then there were ear-piercing clashing sounds; they had ripped open all the vent covers.

Bullets shot everywhere around the vents, putting Silvia in a state of panic.

Clambering higher up, she looked down at them, watching them stop shooting at once. She then climbed down to a lower vent silently and watched an Officer walk past.

Stretching out her arm, she grabbed her leg quickly, cupping her hand on her mouth and also knocking the poor woman out.

Repeatedly, Silvia did this with every Officer, leaving only Toby and a few more.

Realising this, panic struck them. Silvia enjoyed the sight of their pain, as she looked at Toby, who flicking his head in every direction, sweat running down his head in nervousness.

Finally, Silvia crawled out of a lower vent, pulling out her bouncy-ball from her body-warmer pocket.

Aiming, she threw it at Toby's head, forcing him to spin around. After rubbing his head in pain, he rapidly shot at Silvia, along with the others.

Silvia, using her stolen gun, shot back. Both sides missed each-other, making Silvia run towards him at an angle. She jumped over his fires, put the gun in her holster and slashed him in the face with her long, sharp, silver nails.

Toby dropped his gun and clapped his hands to his right eye which was bleeding rapidly. Landing from her impressive flip, Silvia was forced to dodge the on-coming fires.

Proud that she had left four slash marks on his eye, Silvia then sprinted out (grabbing her beloved bouncy-ball and also dodging the other's fires).

Dodging more and more fires, she searched for a way to the Space; the only place to escape the planet.

It was minutes before she had found it. She felt the cold air bite at her, snow falling around the place.

She glanced around the massive, hexagon-shaped space and saw the helicopters. They wouldn't do any good; you needed a special car that could travel from planet to planet in a matter of minutes.

To Silvia's luck she saw one. One... that was probably Toby's, pleasuring her even more.

She ran over to it, snow starting to cover her. She smashed the lock with a swipe of her tail and sat down, twisting the key hole to make it start.

When the engine revved, she immediately started to hover. She got higher and higher, looking down at the late Officer's arrival to catch her.

With a wink at Toby, she broke through Trano's atmosphere at full speed.

She reached the mysterious darkness of space eventually, her eyes turning cat's as the stars shone mystically in front of her.

Setting a course to Earth with her feet relaxing on the dash, Silvia just realised that she was the only Thief to escape Trano.

She gave a small, smug smile to herself, zooming off and leaving the dreaded planet of Trano behind.


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