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*AUTHOR'S NOTE 10/8/15 - Ignore the comments below. This is the new version of SG and those comments no longer relate. Enjoy!*

The year is 2200.

Thieves, a race of once-human people who host many prevailing abilities, are the terror of the galaxy. They do not remember their past life as Human. All they remember is waking up on a table and having one instinct; commit crimes to live. They are the darkness in the world.

Silvia Grey, a forever seventeen-year old Boss Thief with a rather distinct feature, is threatened to be put on the most horrific prison in the galaxy. She knows she must escape the perilous city of Arcadia to lead herself away. The only option?

Escape planet Earth.

However, when the money on her head gets increasingly jeopardous and a Human boy falls hopelessly into an illegal love with her, the grand escape to a better life becomes a pitfall of loss. View table of contents...


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Chapter One - Welcome to the Future

Bouncing a small silver ball against the dull and cold walls of her cell, Silvia played with her grey and extremely rough bouncy-ball that she kept so preciously close with her. She got extremely jaded in her tiny and stony cell, which was no more interesting than staring at a rock. There was never anything to do in a place like it. It had even driven some of the prisoners mad it's that boring... just like waiting in a hospital, Silvia would think. But, Silvia had never been in a hospital, yet she had sent a few people there.

In her own little hole, however, there was nothing to do but frown at everything. It was nipping cold, no decent meals and no soft beds. It was like a nightmare come true for the many Thieves inside their holding pens. As she bounced back and forth like some deranged cat in a zoo, she stared longingly through the hologram door, keeping her enclosed.

With a sigh, she peered up at the cells across from her, all in rows like a straightened out beehive. Only duller that is. She took a quick glance up through the door, viewing cells above her. The Cell Room was basically the herding of Thieves once they were caught by Arcadia's many officers. Underground, freezing and merely dull as anything else in a prison on Earth.

Another sigh escaped Silvia's mouth, as she still bounced away at the wall, ignoring the irritating noises of the Cell Room. Slow minutes passed. She sat, freezing on her rock-hard bed throwing the ball against the wall and swishing her tail slowly. Yes, Silvia had a tail, and the only reason she could remember why was that it was because of her experimentation, just like every Thief had gone through.

Before that, her mind was blank, just like every other Thief, too. She liked to brag about her distinct feature that no one had, which was long, shielded with many plates of metal and had a needle-point at the end, which was guarded by two bent and pointy bars. The sight of it irritated some, but captivated others.

"I have a tail and you don't,"

"I'm a Boss Thief. Not just a Thief,"

"What do you have? Fists? Go on then, punch me if you dare."

She smiled smugly to herself at the thoughts. She knew she was a Boss Thief, which were Thieves with a distinct feature. However, from what she knew, there was only three in the whole of the Milky Way galaxy. And none of them ever decided to show their face on Earth.

As more of the cold set in, she stopped bouncing the ball, folding her arms. Her white body-warmer provided some help here. Underneath, was a long-sleeved grey shirt. Her ripped skinny jeans were rough around the edges and her grey trainers were what she wore on foot. With fingerless gloves, shiny silver nails like daggers, pale skin and her eyes a strange, glittery silver, it gave her a confusingly pretty appearance. Her short hair was a brown, in a ponytail and shaved at the side in circuit-like markings, revealing her many top-ear piercings. The other side of her face, however, was masked with her long fringe. And, like every single Thief in existence, she had the three metallic scars tracing her right cheek. Every Thief had this, but Silvia never knew why.

Before her thoughts could dwell further on teasing an Arcadian Officer, the chatting suddenly came to a halt. The screaming of crazed Thieves had stopped. It was just silence. Someone had entered, and Silvia had a pretty good idea who it was. A few more minutes passed. Silvia smiled at herself, almost grinning with joy. She finally looked around when there was a soft clang, seeing a figure stand outside her cell.

On a wall-less elevator was an auburn-haired man. His malevolent green eyes glinted through his yellow, futuristic-like sunglasses. He stood, arms-crossed in a tidy, blue police uniform. His belt had accessories packed around it, one of which was a gun. His face would have been good-looking if he wasn't wearing a sneer of hatred towards Silvia.

After another bounce, Silvia quickly slipped the silver ball in her body-warmer pocket and stood up, smirking. "So... is it another interview? Punishment? Anything like that, Daniel?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"Yes... and no." Daniel replied, beaming menacingly.

"Well… that's a stupid answer," Silvia giggled. She gave a flicker of a smile, trying to keep her nervousness inside of her. It was very unlike Daniel to be ambiguous. "What do you mean?"

Daniel gave a slow blink. "You'll see." he said calmly, ambling towards her and cuffing her up in hologram cuffs.

Silvia, however, did not recognise such atrocities that wrapped her hands together. She was used to the normal metal ones, which were just like a chunk of solid silver.

"Huh? These are new." Silvia muttered, gazing at the cuffs.

"Yes, indeed. Got them ordered for your special kin. Touch a bit of flesh with that tail of yours and you'll find yourself in... let's say... shock?" Daniel chuckled, as the elevator went down the head-wrecking room.

Silvia cringed at him. "You're so bad at jokes, Danny." she said quietly.

Daniel hit her up the back of the head furiously, which wasn't anything new. "It wasn't a joke, Saliva! And don't call me Danny-"

"Well, then don't call me Saliva-"

"Shut-up. You have no permissions or freedom here. You know what you are. You're not Human. You're not sophisticated. You should just die, your kin should all just die… but, I must follow the laws. Why I took the job, ain't it? I love it when your type crosses one-thousand crimes, then I finally get to torment the poor, stupid Thief."

Silvia rubbed her head from his whack, ignoring his scolding. She glared to the air in fury. More security equals more hate. Hate was an awful feeling, but some people are just shrouded with it, like Daniel was. Silvia didn't know much of her mortal enemy's inner feelings, but she did know that she hated him, wanted him to die and, more importantly, that he liked to tease her own kind like some psycho.

They had finally reached the bottom of the room, Daniel pushing Silvia mockingly towards the exit door. A blonde Thief at the bottom cell noticed them, pressing his hands on the hologram door of the cell. He soon got Silvia's attention, winking and smiling at her. Silvia didn't know the boy, but she had certainly heard of his constant flirting and remarks about her. Probably an obsessive fan of my notoriousness, Silvia would think. She ignored him all the time, however, but Daniel threw the boy a dirty look. He stopped his sniggering, immediately curling up at the back of the cell, obviously shaken with fear at what Daniel might do to him later.

Once entering another elevator for the rather long ride to the top, through the celled corridors he and Silvia staggered until they finally entered one of the interview rooms that were scattered around the prison. Inside was a weird-looking table lamp, a metal table, two hovering chairs and a small window that the heavy rain thumped down on. Silvia noticed it was night. She longed to see daylight again, even though Thieves would consider themselves nocturnal. All the Cell Room did for was force her to feel that it was going to be dull for all eternity.

Before more thoughts could consume her again, Daniel pushed Silvia down onto one of the chairs, making her groan in irritation. As Daniel sat down, Silvia kept her eyes on him, knowing something new was up.

"Right... so what is this about? Oh, and you don't need to push me all the time. I'm not a baby. I can walk by myself." Silvia snapped, frowning.

"I know you're not a baby," Daniel barked. "I know all of you Thieves live forever. You've been the age of seventeen for… what? Over a hundred years now, isn't it? Plenty of time to recollect on your mistakes. And, by the way, I can push you all I like. I have the authority here. Chief of the business, Miss Grey, in case you have forgotten. And to answer your question; you aren't staying in this jail anymore." he muttered, pulling out a blue, transparent and hologram panel with moving shapes all over it.

"Why?" Silvia asked, getting slightly nervous.

"Well… here is your delectable little record." Daniel replied handing her a massive file of holograms, stacked about thirty centimetres high.

Silvia looked through it for a while, smiling at some of them. It was just like a folder of happy memories to her. "So?" she then asked, shrugging.

"So!?" Daniel hissed, astonished. "Have you even read it fully!? Look at what you've done! Over two hundred murders and assaults. Over five-hundred robberies and starting riots around Arcadia! And the rest of that thing explains! You now have exactly one-thousand crimes, Silvia! Exactly one-thousand crimes. And do you know what happens to the poor Thieves who have exactly one-thousand crimes or over?" Daniel asked, faking nice and slightly pursing his lips.

Silvia gulped roughly, fear flooding through her. She usually made fun of Daniel's sarcasm and fake politeness, but now was not the time for it. She had completely forgotten about the law, which she usually scoffed out.

"Um… Thieves get killed?" she squeaked.

Daniel nodded, shaking his hand to keep her going. Silvia leered at his awful smile. "Um… and… they go to the Platform…?"

Daniel kept moving his hand to keep her going, his smile getting worse. Silvia twitched. "Where they are tested for… um… death devices?"

Daniel clapped his hands, smiling at her. "Yes. Correct. But, I have something else in mind for you. Since you're a Boss Thief, it's actually more permitted since you're a tad more dangerous. A Prison Transfer sounds good. I think it's much more suiting to the likes of you,"

"Ok... so… where am I going to be transferred to then?" Silvia asked, not liking where the topic was going.

Daniel's grin broadened widely. "Trano." he snapped.

Silvia could have sworn a rock hit her stomach. Trano. The name of the horrid planet burned vigorously into her head. No escape was to come from Trano. Only the most dangerous Thieves ever went there and not even they got out, or could. Silvia actually had known a few who had been forced to go when they were caught, but she never heard word from them ever again.

"T-Trano?" Silvia echoed in horror.

"Yes." Daniel said with joy.

"Why!? Why can't it be anywhere but there!? That place is a living hell! Even you filthy Humans know that!" yelled Silvia in horror, trying to break out of the cuffs.

Daniel sighed and leaned back on the chair. "You're simply too dangerous, Silvia…" he said, faking disappointment.

Silvia glared around her, taking glances at the window and at Daniel. Once the moment of awkward staring passed, Daniel finally spoke. "I'll get your car ready now. Better now than never, hm?" he then chuckled, getting up.

Shock and fear flooded Silvia as she watched Daniel walk out the door. She glanced around her in panic and then looked sharply down at the cuffs. Hologram… they can snap… she thought over and over again. Instantly, she hit them off the table, making them sizzle. Repeatedly she did this, soon smashing them into bits of hologram chips. They shattered on the polished floor, burning Silvia's wrists slightly.

Ignoring that Daniel could arrive at any minute; she then smashed the window's lock with the needle-pointed end of her tail. Climbing her way to the sill, she kicked the window open hastily, hearing it smash after a few minutes on the ground below her. She then squeezed herself through it rapidly, but quietly. She could hear someone's running footsteps outside the door and after a look back, she freed herself out of the window.

Like a professional diver, she landed cat-like on the soaking wet concrete. Her fingerless gloves got drenched from the ground, the wet gravel sticking to some of her fingers. She could finally feel the biting breezes, the longed for rain and the noises of the majestic city of Arcadia such as the hovering of cars, shouting of people, Police sirens in the distance and the beeping of horns. It was great to be free again for her. She had been stuck in jail for nine months for her latest crime, which was robbing some jewellers.

As she started screaming in joy at freedom, she could hear the shouts of Daniel from inside. This was the alarm clock saying that it was time to go. Silvia sprinted towards a police motorbike and turned it on with a twist of her tail. Once hovering, she then zoomed off into the neon streets of the huge city. Citizens grew panicked once Silvia was speeding, especially now that Daniel and his comrades were chasing her relentlessly with their blaring sirens.

He stuck his arm out the window of his car, trying to shoot her off the bike. "Go… FASTER!" he screamed at the driver furiously.

"S-Sorry, sir!" the driving officer replied, clutching the wheel more tightly.

Silvia sped on through and, not thinking, she did a sharp turn into an alleyway, driving into pure darkness. The army of cars could not fit through the narrow alleyway, making Daniel leap out and shoot into the eerie darkness with his beaming lasers. Silvia had completely disappeared from him and, after coming to reality, he finally stopped shooting at nothing. As a long silence occurred, an officer paced anxiously up to Daniel, who was panting very heavily.

"What shall we do now, sir? You had made a deal with Conrad Glaxes, didn't you?" he asked.

Daniel took a glance at him, still panting viciously. "Get all monitors on. Track her down. She's worth a fortune. Put a price on her head for any Humans who are willing to look for her. Make sure you state that it's for her to be alive. I don't care if you… or anyone else has to murder any Thief below one-thousand… JUST FIND SILVIA GREY!"


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