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*AUTHOR'S NOTE 10/8/15 - Ignore the comments below. This is the new version of SG and those comments no longer relate. Enjoy!*

The year is 2200.

Thieves, a race of once-human people who host many prevailing abilities, are the terror of the galaxy. They do not remember their past life as Human. All they remember is waking up on a table and having one instinct; commit crimes to live. They are the darkness in the world.

Silvia Grey, a forever seventeen-year old Boss Thief with a rather distinct feature, is threatened to be put on the most horrific prison in the galaxy. She knows she must escape the perilous city of Arcadia to lead herself away. The only option?

Escape planet Earth.

However, when the money on her head gets increasingly jeopardous and a Human boy falls hopelessly into an illegal love with her, the grand escape to a better life becomes a pitfall of loss. View table of contents...


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Chapter Ten - Secret Revealed

Silvia and Sean had managed to get back, they had talked about what happened while eating for at least half an hour. Barsy was expectantly furious, Sam was worried, Sean was still in shock and Silvia was all three.

"I wonder what they were doing there... They should be up near the centre of Arcadia with a car. They can't just walk around without a vehicle." Sam said, glaring at a petrified Sean.

He simply wouldn't share his thought, and Barsy had simply kept repeating, "I told you so," in his cocky tone. Silvia shrugged him off and curled up beside Sean on the hover seat, leaning her head on his shoulder with her arms around him. Soon enough, the two fell asleep, Barsy and Sam still chatting worriedly to each-other, which soon turned into an argument about the movie. Silvia could only hear them faintly, but an hour passed when she and Sean had woke up properly. Silvia opened her eyes lazily, rubbing Sean's hand. She gave a glare around, but it was too quiet. Barsy and Sam were not even in the room.

"Where's Barsy… and Sam?" Silvia yawned, stretching her arms.

"Probably away stealing something or Sam could have just been pissed off about Barsy... or… somehow it could have been the other way round." Sean drowsed after, kissing her cheek.

Silvia awkwardly sat there as he did, letting it fall silent for a while. After some minutes of discreetness, Sean spoke about a topic that Silvia simply shivered at.

"We definitely can't let Daniel find you now." he had muttered.

Silvia nodded, the thought of entering Trano making her feel small and weak. She never wanted to end up there, but the way she was acting was just getting her steps and steps closer. Soon, Barsy and Sam arrived, a bag of steaming food with them. After they had ate and watched some television, they started discussing the cinema soon after.

"I say we distract the guy at the bar and then take what we can." suggested Sean.

Sam nodded but Barsy, obviously, disagreed. "We are only after a Chinese! We don't need any more food!" he yelled angrily.

"Food is life." Sam chanted, punching the air.

"Barsy, are you a Thief or not?" asked Sean irritably.

"Of-course I am! If I were a Human, I wouldn't even be here, Stars." Barsy groaned.

"THEN ACT LIKE ONE!" screeched Sean.

"I can't help it if my personality stayed the same." Barsy muttered.

There was a small silence. Silvia glared at Barsy, thinking that she knew everything about him. How could his personality not have been changed during experimentation? Every Thief knew that they were completely different as a Human, but didn't know how they were different. Barsy, strangely, had remembered something.

"What? Your personality stayed the same?" Silvia gasped in shock.

"Yes. I'm not sure why, but I remember that when I woke up, they muttered things like… half toxic and stuff. Guessed I was one last to turn, eh? I'm not half Human, though or anything. I am full Thief. It's just that I have the same personality. That's all." Barsy muttered inadequately.

"Disappointingly." muttered Sean so Barsy couldn't hear.

"Right... well let's head over now. We can get the stuff while it's still fresh." Sam said irritably.

With a press of the button, they were again in the alleyway with Barsy complaining about everything. They clambered on their bikes, zooming out of Suburbia and to the outskirts of Neonia. Soon, once outside the massive Metroplix, Barsy had managed to distract the barman (by throwing a coin across the room) and then swiped a large box of popcorn. The garden they had spoken of was quite high above where the cars would hover, in- fact; it was on a small hill. They silently made their path over a metal fence and onto the grass, creeping up it. There was a large bush and a single tree, which held a security camera. Silvia easily took care of it swiping it with her tail, where Sean caught it and flung it away. Once nodding at each-other, Silvia made herself comfortable in the tree with Barsy, and Sean and Sam sat close to the bush.

More and more Cars had hovered in with couples and families. Silvia had once wondered what it would be like to have a brother or sister, or someone to even love. But, Sean and the boys had fulfilled that for her. Sean was like a brother to her, except her wanted a lot more than to hug Silvia. Barsy was like the know-at-all part of her family and Sam was like an irritating little brother due to his childish personality. This brought her to the topic of being a Human. But Thieves' memories of being a Human were wiped in experimentation.

"You ok?" Barsy asked, rubbing her shoulder.

Silvia hadn't realised her gaze disappeared into mid-air. "Um, fine. Thanks, Barsy."

Barsy smiled, kissing her hand as he offered popcorn. Once taking some, they watched the film intently, Silvia being completely unaware that Max was inside the Metroplix.


Cindy had rushed Max out once the film was over, not wanting to be stuck in the massive crowds. When they did get home, they spent half an hour at the TV. Max wondered how Cindy could keep her attention on films so much. Soon enough (after flicking through every channel aimlessly), the two grew tired and ambled to the bedroom, where Max knew Cindy wanted more than sleep. As she settled down on the sleeping bag, Max took a quick text down in his diary, hoping Cindy wouldn't notice.

Haha! - Met Silvia. Used some of those neofittis things and it was so awesome. Can't wait to see her again. I think I'm getting somewhere with her at this point.

Suddenly the door knocked, making Max rush immediately to answer it. Cindy had turned around too, but noticed the diary lying wide open.

"Surely Max wouldn't mind if I had a look." she muttered to herself and she started reading.

She noticed the first page, her eyes squinting. Surely it wasn't what it really said. Soon, she was almost crying with fury. She noticed another secret; the location of Silvia's hideout. She read it over repeatedly, almost smashing it in fury. How could Max keep something like this!? she screamed in her head. As she heard Max pacing back, she immediately sneaked away from the diary and slumped down onto the gaming chair. She watched as Daniel trudged past with black shadows under his eyes. He was almost like a zombie. Max was following him on quick feet, his hands together. They had walked into the kitchen and started talking, Cindy listening eagerly.

"What happened?" asked Max in horror.

"There was a major break out in the Cell Room… thirty Thieves managed to get out… damn, I'm just so exhausted…" Daniel said in a hoarse voice.

"How'd they escape?" asked Max curiously, yet quite happy about it.

"No one knows. Some people say a Thief sneaked in and freed them. Impossible if you ask me. I was told to go home and get rest by the... the president and... well... he put my second-in-command in charge." he replied, while rubbing his forehead.

"You were fired!? And the president came over!?" gasped Max in shock.

"Of-course the President came over... Thieves are a very dangerous matter, Max! It was a like a conspiracy! And no, no! Of-course I wasn't fired! I just needed some rest that's all. Tomorrow I'll be on from twelve A.M to three in the morning, so I need sleep. You hit bed too, Max. Oh and how was the cinema?" he asked quickly.

"Oh it was great. Pretty good movie." Max replied, wanting to leave.

Daniel nodded as he stood up, watching him walk over to the door.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Max added as he reached the door.

"Yes, yes. Now, go on Max, you and Cindy need sleep and so do I." Daniel jeered, giving Max a hug and then strolling away into his bedroom.

With a sigh, Max walked into his own bedroom, seeing that Cindy was asleep. But, he noticed that she was shaking. Maybes she was just cold? Max ignored her, desperate for some sleep instead of a conversation. He closed his diary over, setting it on the window sill and gazing out to the stars, hoping to the highest that Silvia may come to him someday.


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