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2030 was a year of breakthroughs. Most thought it was too early whilst others took joy in the development.

Galaxies collided with war. Earth decided to stand up.
By force, people were taken as live, Human experiments. The work, money and time paid off… only to become a disaster. B.B.Ds (Beings By Darkness) or Thieves, run wild over the galaxy.

With no memories of being Human, or any obligations to follow laws, Thieves (with their physically fit abilities and eternal life) are the darkness and criminals of the galaxy. One, however, one worked.

A fifteen-year old. Innocent blood, taken. She was to stop the wars of Humans and Thieves, and even one day bring peace to the galaxy.

But, like every other specimen, it failed… and now, she is the Most Wanted in the galaxy.

It is now 2200. With forces rising rapidly and threats become more common, the only objective for her is to escape Earth, but after a few life-changing events, how can this be pulled off? View table of contents...


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Chapter Eleven - Food, Flirting and Friendship

Max eventually got home, going up the stairs in exhaustion and, to his shock, finding Cindy outside his apartment. She also looked quite tired, her eyes drooping.

"Cindy? What... what are you doing here?" Max asked with a slight tremble.

"My Dad is busy tonight... he's doing the weather and some other news reports... you know? Oh and my Mum... she is on a plane to England... Science research" she replied lazily. Max nodded slightly, wanting more info.

"My Dad told me to stay with one of my friends but Mark was away to his Aunt's house. Henna wasn't there. So here was the only option" Cindy added nervously.

"Um... okay. Well... I'll just have to phone Daniel up" Max muttered in annoyance.

He dialled Daniel, noticing that Cindy was staring at him in a flirty way.

"Daniel... is it okay if Cindy stays over? Her Dad's busy and her Mum is in England"

"That's fine" came Daniel's tired voice.

"Okay. Bye" Max said shortly, hanging up. He turned to Cindy, who was trying to flex her bust at him.

"Um... well...come on in" Max said nervously, opening the door. They entered Max's room, Max looking at Cindy attempting to show her figure.

Max put aside his board and pulled out a small role of red from under his bed. Once he had positioned it, it bounced out into comfy-looking, soft, red bed.

"Well... what do you want to do now?" asked Max as they left the room.

"Maybe we could... make out on that bed?" Cindy asked, putting her arms around Max's neck.

"How about homework? It's ah... well... come on" Max said, shoving Cindy away gently and power-walking away into the living room.

What felt like hours later, Max and Cindy had finally finished their homework and had settled down with the TV.

Cindy had insisted of going to the Cinema to see the latest movie but Max had refused (he would rather go with a random Thief at this point).

"Hey, Max, do you have a thermometer?" Cindy asked suddenly while in the middle of typing on a panel.

"Why a thermometer?" asked Max.

"Because I forgot about my double Maths!" she snapped angrily.

"Thermometers are so old... what did he give you?" asked Max, glancing at Cindy's panel.

"The Arts of Old Mathematics! Boring, as usual!" cried Cindy loudly.

"Well, I think there's one in my room under the TV set" Max muttered.

With a smile, Cindy got up and left the room. She went into Max's bedroom and her eyes immediately noticed the diary. She took a glance behind her, her eyes glinting with curiosity.

"Whispering password" she muttered angrily to herself as she inspected it.

Meanwhile, Sean had kept leaving the hideout and coming back again. He paced nervously, looking at the ground and sweat dripping from his head.

"How about we all go out and watch a movie tonight?" asked Silvia, disliking his actions.

"HELLO!? PUBLIC IS NOT AN OPTION!" yelled Barsy from the Kitchen.

"I know! But there is an outside Cinema today. Behind the Metroplix" Silvia called back.

"Oh... fair enough... but where do we sit without being seen?" asked Barsy, popping his head from the Kitchen.

"At the back. Remember that little garden and the bush? We can sit behind it or in that tree..." Silvia said simply.

"Oh yeah... I remember that! That's where Sam lost the GODDAMN CAR!" yelled Sean furiously.

"Don't bring that up" groaned Sam.

"What time does it start at?" asked Sean.

"How To Be Human starts at nine. It's a comedy" replied Silvia.

"Um, newp. That's the most racist film ever. Have you seen the language used towards Thieves? It's absolutely appauling!" Barsy yelled.

"Ok... what about Castles in the Sky?"

"I don't like Fantasy" Barsy snapped.

"How about Night Soldiers? It starts at nine as well" Silvia called out.

"Seems appropriate. Okay then" Barsy finally answered.

"Well... what do you want to do till then?" asked Sam.

"Pizza?" Sean asked.

Silvia nodded, heading out with Sean.

Max and Cindy had had enough of the TV and, eventually Cindy had convinced Max to see a movie.

"There's an outside one, you know" Max murmured as they counted their money.

"No... I would rather have an inside one" Cindy said worriedly, biting her lip.

"Um... okay" Max breathed.

Cindy looked at Max counting. She started twirling her hair again and loosening her yellow cardigan.

"Max, do you like me?" she asked quickly. Max looked at her, confused.

"As a friend of-course" he replied quietly, looking at the money again. Cindy gave a grunt and shuffled in her seat.

"Is there anything wrong?" asked Max, noticing her expression.

"No, no. Not at all, Max" she said, forcing a smile.

Silvia and Sean stood in an alley, looking longingly at the shop ahead of them.

"Right, Sean... monitors. Daniel has monitors. This needs to be quick, quiet and, above all, STEALTHY" explained Silvia.

"I know, I know" Sean groaned irritably and looking at the restaurant.

"There's quite a lot of a people in..." he muttered after a glance.

"Take the back. There'll be a hologram door and a dumpster" Silvia whispered, running out.

"Watch out!" hissed Sean, grabbing Silvia back.

"Damn it. What are they doing here?" groaned Silvia, looking at two Officers walking towards the restaurant.

"This is going to be hard" Sean sighed, putting his hands on his hips.

"Right, I'll stay here and keep an eye on these two, you get over that road and into the back. There'll be a counter with a small fridge" ordered Silvia.

Sean agreed silently, sprinting over the road and into the alleyway. He thumbed up and disappeared through the back door.

Silvia watched the Officers chat away. She wished Sean would hurry up because, by the looks of them, they would be going back for a break any minute.

Without thinking, she pulled out a transmitter and contacted Sean. He appeared on the triangle, looking furious.

"What!?" he hissed.

"Hurry up, set your transmitter on the counter and I'll tell you if those Police are near you" she whispered.

There was a slight click and Sean then disappeared from the triangle.

The Officers stayed were they were, but Sean was struggling. He had four pizzas under one arm and four drinks in the other.

Surely he would drop something and be caught red-handed? Panic struck him violently. He had only one option; He set down the drinks and ran rapidly across the road with the pizzas.

"Are you okay?" asked Silvia, snatching them off him.

"Yes. I just need to get the drinks and my transmitter" he said looking at the Officers, who were still chatting.

"Just be careful" whispered Silvia. Sean nodded and ran back across the road.

He hurried into the back, put the transmitter in his jean pocket and grabbed the drinks.

Silvia leant against the wall, wondering what the Officers could be talking about. C.A.D... This was stuck in her head so much. Was it dangerous? What would it do to her? And what was that cloud thing she had read about? She came back to alert so suddenly when she saw the Officers move down the street towards Sean.

Sean had only stepped out of the door when Silvia indicated with her hands to go back into the room.

Sean saw this and backed off. The Officers were getting closer to him.

Thinking that they would walk past Sean, Silvia saw they instead went into the back... they must have heard him.

Scared out of her wits, Silvia rapidly sprinted over and jumped onto an Officers back, seeing a terrified Sean in the back room.

The other one pulled his gun out, but Sean threw him to the wall, knocking him out. Silvia was thrown to the wall by the Officer, who was then knocked out by a punch of Sean's tightly clenched fist.

"Let's get out of here" hissed Sean.

With their pizza, drinks and transmitter, they zoomed off on the silver motorbike and to the hideout, hearing the sirens in the distance.


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