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No one expected it. No one expected technology to get so advanced in 2030. It was far-fetched to most, but breakthroughs were definitely made in that year...

Humans have developed new technology and due to the top Scientists, half of the world’s Humans have changed into lethal and abnormal people who are experiments gone wrong. They are named as “B.B.Ds” (Beings By Darkness). But most people call them “Thieves”.

The first thing that goes into your head is “Robber” or “Criminal”. Yes, they are Criminals and do the same things and think like one but they all inherit Free-Running skills and anything that’s to do with power or fitness.

Silvia Grey is a twelve-year old who was an experiment and turned out to be the best and most distinctive... never-mind the most powerful. Long, sharp nails, a robotic, Scorpion tail, see-in-the-dark eyes and a gift with handling guns and driving vehicles makes her a powerful force for winning wars... Except that she has a mind of her own.

She turned against the Humans five days after seeing what she was capable of. The thing is being the ultimate can also mean being the hated.... Humans now struggle to keep these beings under-control... but Thieves also struggle to survive and stay as far away from Humans as possible.

“Good thing is the experiment was a gas and spread all over the galaxies and universes!” - Thieves. View table of contents...


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Chapter Two - Leaving Plans

2:00, Planet Earth, New York, Queens, Year 2200

Silvia had made her way over to Queens; the wrecked and dull part of New York which was Thief territory. She was looking for her three friends in the hideout she had found a few years back but she had been stuck in jail for nine months and had been tormented almost every horrid day.

Her vision wasn't good and her memory had seemed to be blurred which wasn't a good sign. She was also hungry and thirsty which made matters worse. The drowsiness was probably exhaustion or, maybe, depression.

She was tired and had driven around the place silently for two hours. The streets were empty and quiet so she wasn't going to be annoyed by fan Thieves.

After a few more minutes of driving she finally stopped at a very narrow and small alleyway and peered down it. This was definitely it.

She drove down the alleyway on the hovering motorbike and parked it up along the graffiti-covered wall. It was a dead end... Above her was two robots looking down at her which almost made her gasp in horror. They were House-Keeping Bots and were no harm so she was safe to be seen by them.

They aren't allowed to report anything to their master unless they are ordered to. These ones seemed to be lost though because no one lived in Queens except Thieves. The only annoying thing about them was that they are very curious robots but... oh well.

She walked up to the wall and tapped it four times with one of her sharp nails. The ground below her suddenly disappeared and showed a black, square hole. She fell a long height but landed perfectly... again.

In the room was a very, very thin TV which had no remote; it was controlled by hand and four white and rounded chairs with soft insides were hovering a few inches above the ground.

There was also a door at the end of the room which leads out to a fridge and a few cupboards. The walls were a dull grey with graffit and it was much warmer than the horrid Cells.

Silvia, however, did not feel at home. Her three friends that shared this place with her were missing. Had they been caught by the Police? Were they dead? What had happened? Questions stabbed Silvia's head.

These three friends had supported her and helped her from when they met which was ten years ago. She still looks the same because the Science that was used on Thieves was very advanced. Once the Thieves were experimented on they NEVER changed their looks which irritated Humans.

Silvia walked through the door on the right side of the room where the cupboards and fridge was but her friends were not there either. She took a sandwich out of the fridge and gulped it down. She started to feel a very sick feeling all over herself and walked through another door at the other side of the room. Inside were four hammocks.

One was on the front left corner, one was on the front right corner, and above the one on the left was another one that was a little high and it was the same with the other corner.

There was a barred window on the ceiling which had a view of the dark sky. They were not in here either which was very disappointing for Silvia. She climbed into the lowest hammock and lay there, praying that they would come back and soon. She already missed them and, after a lot of thinking and nervousness, she slowly but surely closed her eyes and fell to sleep in the hammock...


"Is she okay?"

"Yes... she's just exhausted"

"Can we wake her up? Please? Please?"

"Shut-up and sit down or... or something"

"Why don't you?"

"Shut it Sam... Look guys. She's waking up"

"... Shut-up Barsy..."

Silvia slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room. In front of her were three Boys that looked of Eighteen;

One had tan skin and black, wavy hair, brown eyes, wearing a black, leather jacket, a white T-shirt, jeans and black, leather shoes.

The second had dark, brown hair, green eyes and was wearing a grey hooded jumper, navy jogging trousers and trainers.

The last one had brown hair, blue eyes and had a grey, short-sleeved top on, a sleeveless denim jacket, jeans and grey trainers. They glared down at Silvia. A smile suddenly struck across her and the boys' faces.

She then suddenly leaped out of the hammock and onto the one with the denim jacket. She forgot about being tired and hungry all of a sudden.

"Sean! Barsy! Sam!" she yelled happily. The one with the tan skin was Barsy Cades; a genius and good-looking Thief. The one with the dark brown hair was Sam Cords; a food lover and real gamer. The last and the one that seemed to be Silvia's favourite with the denim jacket was Sean Stars; lover of guns and is very kind towards Silvia. He also loves music.

"Where have you been!? I was so scared that you weren't going to show up!" she yelled excitedly, hugging Sean tightly who was choking.

"We were out... getting ourselves a meal" said Barsy.

"We arrived probably a few minutes after you fell asleep and we just wanted to see you... err... wake up...? Welcome back anyways" he added awkwardly. Silvia smiled as Sam grinned and held up a bag of stolen Chinese. Silvia bit her lip and smiled.

They sat and ate their meal on their chairs. Barsy then suddenly started an outburst of chat.

"So... what was Daniel like this time?" he asked.

"He said he was going to put me on Trano but I managed to escape though the interview room's window" she said sadly but starting to feel anger boiling up in her. Sean then started to say

"Oh... so he was being a real di"-

"Ahem!" coughed Barsy. Sean looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact with Barsy and muttered something under his breath. Barsy did not tolerate with rudeness although he was a Thief.

He was polite and very well-mannered but he is like others; fit and very agile so he is not to be judged straight away. There was a long silence but Sam broke it.

"Silvia... you know what Trano's like. It's horrible so you're going to have to avoid being caught and put there. It's literally a nightmare come true" he said.

"Hmm. Sam actually used the word literally right... well done" said Barsy. Sam smiled. Everyone looked at each other and there was another silence.

"Hey Sam... Did you get the car back that had nothing to do with Sil?-" asked Sean happily but then was interrupted.

"Oh... the one we were meant to rescue Silvia with yesterday? Oh... Daniel took it. I got away just in time. He wasn't happy with it. Sorry Silvia. I called them but they wouldn't answer. I heard them say I was silly and undignified. Oh and they laughed" Sam finished to Silvia casually.

Sean looked at him in disgust and went red. Barsy frowned and clenched his fists. Silvia looked furious. Sam looked at them and went pale then ran out of the room and into the bedroom.


"We're sorry! Okay!? We sort of forgot that we sent Sam because we were hungry!" yelled Sean panicking.

"I was in Jail for NINE months! NINE!" she screamed angrily.

"Accept our apology!" demanded Barsy. Silvia sighed and after a few seconds silence...

"Fine. I forgive you... but say sorry to Sam" ordered Silvia. Sean and Barsy nodded looking at Silvia's tail swishing frantically. They finally finished up their food and went into their bedroom and lay down on their hammocks. Sean and Barsy apologized to Sam. Sam had not seemed to forgive them but he acted like he did.

"So... when can we leave Earth?" asked Silvia looking at the blue sky through the barred window in the ceiling.

"Leave?" said Barsy looking very puzzled.

"Well... you can't expect us to stay here all our lives" she said back.

"What planet do you expect us to go to? They ALL have Police on it and they ALL have danger on it" said Barsy thinking that there was no possible place to go to.

"Except Solarous" said Silvia.

"Ah... the planet of lights... no Police at all... just a massive city... overrun by Thieves" sighed Barsy.

"Yeah but how do you expect we get there?" asked Sean looking down at Silvia from his hammock which was above hers.

"Well... we'll steal a car" she said awkwardly and looking away.

"We can't just steal a CAR. We need the version of the car that can travel from planet to planet in a matter of minutes" said Barsy thoughtfully. "It WILL be quite a challenge" he added.

"Why? Why will WE not be able to handle it?" Silvia asked.

"Because it's heavily guarded, the place to get it isn't in America and everyone knows who you are" Barsy said quickly.

"Well you're the smart one so figure it out" said Sean pulling out an MP10 Player (A very advanced MP3 player).

"I already have. Go to England using a stolen plane from the military base fifteen miles from here, get to the warehouse where its placed,knock-out everyone in sight and leave with the car" groaned Barsy.

"So why don't we do it?" asked Sean just about to press the play button.

"BECAUSE WE ARE NOT LEAVING!" yelled Barsy furiously.

"Calm it Barsy, we could at least give it a try" said Sam shrugging. Silvia felt left out now. She had a different plan altogether but Sam and Barsy seemed to be quarrelling with each-other over something stupid.

"BARSY!" Silvia yelled.

"What?" he said frowning.

"We could sneak in using the roof or something. We don't have to butt in and be noticed so easily" she said.

"Yes..." started Barsy.

"And?" said Silvia looking at him.

"... But we AREN'T leaving! Plus we can't use a rope like that one-hundred year old movie Mission-Impossible Sam watches! The car would way a ton!" he shouted. Silvia groaned and gave up.

"That is a very good movie" said Sam innocently. Silvia very badly wanted to leave but Barsy had seemed to take over at this point and it looked as if Sam had given up arguing too. Sean, however, could not hear any of the quarrels because of his beloved MP10 Player.

Barsy seemed to be tired from arguing so Silvia kept quiet for a while and after about fifteen minutes; she fell asleep along with her friends. Her plan to leave once she had escaped from prison was going to be a dream for her, but it had seemed to be postponed which was a huge disappointment.

I will go to England, I will get that car and I will leave this horrid place, she thought... but how would she do it smoothly? That was a mystery, especially when Barsy was around which was an annoyance.

Well, the good thing was she was out of jail and she was free to do what she wants again but Daniel would be looking for her and that was a huge problem. If she was caught she would be in a Cell for literally her whole life unless a Policeman took the notion to free her... which was highly doubtful.


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