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No one expected it. No one expected technology to get so advanced in 2030. It was far-fetched to most, but breakthroughs were definitely made in that year...

Humans have developed new technology and due to the top Scientists, half of the world’s Humans have changed into lethal and abnormal people who are experiments gone wrong. They are named as “B.B.Ds” (Beings By Darkness). But most people call them “Thieves”.

The first thing that goes into your head is “Robber” or “Criminal”. Yes, they are Criminals and do the same things and think like one but they all inherit Free-Running skills and anything that’s to do with power or fitness.

Silvia Grey is a twelve-year old who was an experiment and turned out to be the best and most distinctive... never-mind the most powerful. Long, sharp nails, a robotic, Scorpion tail, see-in-the-dark eyes and a gift with handling guns and driving vehicles makes her a powerful force for winning wars... Except that she has a mind of her own.

She turned against the Humans five days after seeing what she was capable of. The thing is being the ultimate can also mean being the hated.... Humans now struggle to keep these beings under-control... but Thieves also struggle to survive and stay as far away from Humans as possible.

“Good thing is the experiment was a gas and spread all over the galaxies and universes!” - Thieves. View table of contents...


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Chapter Three - Caught Again

19:00, Planet Earth, New York, Daniel's Apartment, Year 2200

While Silvia pretty much knew Daniel very well; Sheriff, annoying, serious, hater of Thieves and other things of-course, the only thing she didn't know was that he had a twelve-year old nephew; Max Polo.

Daniel knew a few things about Silvia; very agile, intelligent, sneaky, Escape Artist and yet other things. Daniel also knew pretty well that if Silvia found out that Max was going to be an Officer too she would probably threaten to kill him and Daniel himself but that wasn't such a surprise; she had already attempted to kill Daniel but this always failed. He is good with a gun and is a hard puncher.

This was shocking to Silvia as she thought all Policemen were useless and she still does. She says this to Daniel and he laughs because of how untrue it is to him but Silvia repeats it to annoy him.

And after that she gets a slap in the face... but she never cares of-course. Silvia had enough on her hands and adding another Policeman to the chase that was a relative to Daniel was a nightmare... which is what Daniel wanted badly.

Daniel had a plan to gain more money for his catch. He wanted to get information off Silvia, such as were her hideout is, by using Max because he knew that Silvia would never admit it to him... NEVER. The only problem was... how was he going to get Silvia and Max to meet? He wanted the two to meet and like each-other to get more and more information about Silvia.

The only way was to catch her and that was going to be hard enough never-mind that the monitors still hadn't picked her up yet. His plan after that was to get rid of Silvia and lie to Max that she had threatened to kill him the whole time. Silvia would like Max, find out his own secrets (details, details, details) then kill him off-guard for fun.

"Okay Max I would like you to meet someone that I know... quite... err... well" said Daniel awkwardly to his nephew.

"Really? Who would that be?" asked Max.

"You want to know? Now? Um... don't you want it to be a surprise?" asked Daniel running out of ideas. Max lowered his head and then looked up; eyes widened.

"Is it someone famous?" he asked excitedly.

"In... famous" said Daniel quickly.

"Daniel... Don't tell me it's a Thief!" groaned Max.

"Well if you're going to help us in future you might as well have experience with one" snapped Daniel.

"Oh and you say its going to be someone Infamous... Who's it going to be? Silvia Grey? Sean Stars? Blanca Strats? Ha-ha!" Joked Max, waving an arm. Daniel went pale and felt a sick feeling in his stomach.

"Silvia" he said quickly. Max stopped laughing and looked at Daniel, eyes widened more.

"W-What?" he stuttered.

"Well... I figured you're both the same age and all so... well... not the same age... but... I-it's complicated" Daniel muttered.

"But... she's wanted all over the galaxy! Why didn't you put her on Trano before!? And there is plenty more Thieves that are... the APPEARENCE of twelve out there!" screeched Max.

"That's what I was going to do, put her on Trano... but she escaped while I went to get a car ready for her" said Daniel scratching the back of his neck. Max looked down at his red and white trainers and jeans. He then tugged on the sleeve of his short-sleeved, red T-shirt and gulped hard. Daniel stared at his nervous actions including pulling his brown hair and muttering something.

After a long silence Max finally spoke

"Is... is she... is she dangerous?" he asked not realising it was a stupid question.

"Well... if you don't have her under control" said Daniel frowning.

"Look... when I get her to come here I don't want you telling her you're MY nephew" he added quickly.

"Why?" Max said confused.

"Because" snapped Daniel. Max looked at the ground and then up at Daniel.

"What can I say then? She'll be wondering why I'm here" he asked suspiciously.

"Err... just say I'm a friend of your Dad's and... I have to look after you... for the day" replied Daniel awkwardly. Max looked down sadly.

"My Dad's?" he asked. Daniel looked guilty. Max had no relatives left except Daniel. His parents and sister died in a car crash and he was the only survivor although he was injured badly

. He had no Auntie or Cousins and his Grandfathers and Mothers were also dead. "Sorry Max but... it was hard for me too. He was my brother" said Daniel quietly.

"Just sit and watch TV. There are sweets in the cupboard" he added leaving.

It was raining yet again in New York but, luckily, it was light rain and it wasn't very cold.

Silvia and Sam had headed out to steal themselves, Sean and Barsy, a pizza and some drinks. Like always, they planned it out in an alleyway and we're still arguing over which plan was going to be the one to be used.

"I say we just barge in and take what we can get!" shouted Sam angrily.

"Ssh! There are people still around and no, we have to do this quietly. Knowing Daniel he's probably set up some sort of TRACKING device to find me and when they pick up a robbery at a pizza shop, I think he'll know straight AWAY that it'll be me! He knows I like pizza..." Silvia hissed back.

Suddenly something bleeped in Silvia's pocket. She pulled out a small, triangular shaped hologram panel like Daniel's. It was a call from Barsy. She then touched the middle of it making a ripple-like circle spread out on the screen and then Barsy came up on it, standing there, only he was blurred and a glowing red.

"Sam, I would use Silvia's plan. She's right about the monitors" said Barsy thoughtfully.

"But we could be caught easier! We'll be slow!" yelled Sam angrily. "Not if your quiet" Barsy snapped. He then left from the triangle and Silvia put it back in her pocket.

"Right... lets go" said Silvia quietly. They peered out of the alleyway and ran across the isolated street and over to the glowing Pizza shop. Inside were two brown and tall robots serving at the counter and several customers standing there chatting. Sam and Silvia ran around to the back were a door was opened with the smell of chips and other fast-foods hanging around in the air.

"Right you stay out here and keep watch. I'll get the food" whispered Silvia. Sam nodded and backed up against the slimy and wet wall.

Silvia tip-toed quietly through the door to find herself in a small room with take-away pizzas and a drink machine in it. It was roasting in here... probably to keep the Pizza's warm and strangely the draft through the door didn't change the heat at all. There was a solid, red hologram door which must have lead out to the counter. If it went up she was in trouble.

Daniel had left Max alone in his apartment and was free to take control over everything.

Daniel was going to one of the offices at the Police Station to look at the monitors. He walked in through a door when he entered where three Policemen and Women were looking and typing at flat, complicated looking computers with dots all over it and squares which must have been the buildings all over New York.

"Anything yet?" he asked.

"No... Nothing yet sir" said a Policewoman staring into the computer for any sign of a Crime. Suddenly something started repeatedly bleeping on one of the Policemen's computer and Daniel ran over to it straight away.

"What is it?" he asked quickly.

"Err... we have signs of Silvia just outside of Broadway" the Policeman said nervously.

"Perfect! Let's go now" ordered Daniel.

"But sir... She appears to be with someone" said the Policeman looking at the computer confused. Daniel looked back into the computer, smiled and said

"Sam Cords... The little brat brought a friend with her! She thinks she can hold up against us".

"She's escaped us many times before on her own sir and we have had Sam arrested here sixty-eight times. He's a REAL escape-artist" said the Policeman raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah and so is Silvia. We've had her here NINETY-NINE TIMES! Now GO!" yelled Daniel furiously "Although she has one-hundred crimes" added Daniel irritably.

Sam was still keeping watch behind the wall and he heard Silvia moaning about dropping a load of pizzas and calling to him.

"Do you want the pepperoni or the margarita?" she whispered.

"Take them both and three other types" he whispered back.

"Okay... what drinks?" she asked sticking her head out from the door.

"All of them!" he snapped greedily. Silvia grabbed five pizzas but the drinks were a problem; she couldn't carry everything by herself. She set the pizzas down and looked at the drink machine.

How could she possibly do this without making any noise? She would have to smash the machine, take handful by handful of the remaining drinks, run out and give them to Sam, run back in and grab the pizzas and then run for her life. There was a LOT of noise involved in that. She thought for a few seconds and decided she wouldn't take any at all

"Hey... Hey Sam I"- She was stopped by the sirens of about three Police cars which were getting louder. Sam ran in and skidded on the floor. "Come on Silvia! We gotta get outta here!" he yelled.

The two robots then burst through the door. "Um... Hi" said Silvia awkwardly and waving nervously.

"PHONE THE POLICE" said one.

"We don't need any more trouble!" said Sam jumping on one and kicking it over the counter. Silvia leaped on it and sliced its metal head off with her tail.

"RIGHT LET'S GO!" yelled Sam as the customers screamed and ran out in horror. Sam ran out the back door and climbed up the drainpipe rapidly then did a leap off it and landed on the top of the Pizza Shop.

He then sprinted across it and did a massive jump onto another building's ledge and pulled himself up. After she had sliced the head off the other robot, Silvia ran out and climbed up the drainpipe furiously "Sam! Sam wait!" she called. Sam managed to hear her and turned on his heel and leaped back across the building. Silvia climbed to the top but... she felt something being shot into her neck.

She fell off the building and managed to grab the drainpipe. She felt extremely tired and sick all of a sudden. She clutched onto the drainpipe but started to slide down it slowly.

She tried to climb back up it but she was way too tired. Her nails made a horrible screeching sound and then she fell flat on the ground, knocked out.

Sam ran over and peered down the building "Silvia!" he called. Suddenly a bullet just missed his arm and he looked at the aimer in horror; Daniel. He went to shoot again but Sam ducked and turned the other way and then ran off the building, landed on the ground and sprinted off into the darkness.

Daniel had sedated Silvia.

"Shall I take her back to the station sir?" asked a Policeman that had walked up to Daniel.

"No... You go back and tell my nephew Max that I'll be at my apartment with Silvia in the morning... oh and tell him he has to get to bed early" said Daniel slowly.

"Where is he?" asked the Policeman looking down at Silvia.

"At my apartment, obviously! Now go" ordered Daniel. The Policeman ran off to the car and left with the other car. The rain had got heavier and thumped down on Daniel as he gently lifted Silvia up and took her to the Police car as the other two drove off into the distance. He set her in the back seat and looked around at an alleyway across the road. He saw a glimpse of Sam looking round at him and shot at him but again missed.

"I'll get you and your two friends! You just wait!" yelled Daniel at him.

"YEAH RIGHT!" screamed Sam at him with a tremble in his voice. Daniel smiled and ignored him. Sam started to breathe heavily and climbed over a barbed fence and disappeared into a dark alleyway to get to the Police motorbike Silvia stole and head back to Queens.

Daniel then climbed into the car and hovered off with a successful and magnificent catch in the back to rip information off.


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