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*AUTHOR'S NOTE 10/8/15 - Ignore the comments below. This is the new version of SG and those comments no longer relate. Enjoy!*

The year is 2200.

Thieves, a race of once-human people who host many prevailing abilities, are the terror of the galaxy. They do not remember their past life as Human. All they remember is waking up on a table and having one instinct; commit crimes to live. They are the darkness in the world.

Silvia Grey, a forever seventeen-year old Boss Thief with a rather distinct feature, is threatened to be put on the most horrific prison in the galaxy. She knows she must escape the perilous city of Arcadia to lead herself away. The only option?

Escape planet Earth.

However, when the money on her head gets increasingly jeopardous and a Human boy falls hopelessly into an illegal love with her, the grand escape to a better life becomes a pitfall of loss. View table of contents...


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Chapter Three - The Capturing

While Silvia pretty much knew Daniel's basic traits; sheriff, annoying, serious, hater of Thieves, doughnut-lover, annoying, tall, annoying, physically strong, annoying and other things of-course, the only thing she didn't know was that he had a seventeen-year old nephew named Max Polo, who had nothing better to do but to laze around and watch TV. This little secret, however, had made Daniel conduct a rather ridiculous plan to gain more money for his catch. He ambled down his luxurious apartment, heading into the living room. Max was on a fancy couch, staring emotionlessly with his emerald eyes to the TV. His emo-like hair was ruffled and brown, and his red shirt was quite bright.

"Ok, Max, I would like you to meet someone that I know quite, err, well. I think you should socialise more come to think of it." Daniel said awkwardly to his nephew, while sorting out his files in his arms.

"Really? Who would that be, Daniel?" asked Max, slurping lazily on a coke.

"You want to know? Now? Um... don't you want it to be a surprise? I don't think it would be a good surprise if you ask me. Better keep quiet." Daniel muttered, already starting to run out of ideas.

Max threw a look over at him, setting the coke down and glancing up at his uncle, who had an anxious look.

"I'm not a child anymore. I wish you would stop treating me like one. But, if it is a cool surprise… are you telling me it's someone famous coming over?" Max asked with a raise of an eyebrow.

"In... famous." Daniel muttered slowly.

"Daniel... Don't tell me it's a Thief or something you hate, cuz' that's all I ever hear about! I study Thieves at school for crying out loud! One of my friends hates their guts and condemns them to hell, like you. I can't be bothered with it anymore!" groaned Max, slurping more of the coke.

"Well, if you're going to help the A.P.D in future you might as well have experience with one. Look at you, Max! You never study, you laze around in school and all you do is watch TV and eat and drink! You're a fine-built boy… you're fit to be an officer, and we need more helping on killing those creatures." snapped Daniel.

Max lowered his eyelids. "They weren't always B.B.Ds, Daniel. They were once Humans like you and me-"

"Would you stop with this peace-making and happy stuff? They're not Humans and they never will be anymore. They need to be put down immediately." Daniel jeered.

Max rolled his eyes. "Oh, and you say it's going to be someone infamous... so… a notorious Thief will be coming to our apartment. Hm, how good of an officer to do that. Employee of the year. Who's it going to be? Silvia Grey? Sean Stars? Starsa Nights? Haha, as if!" joked Max, waving an arm.

Daniel went pale. "You'll be meeting Silvia Grey." he muttered.

Max stopped his laughing and looked up at Daniel, his green eyes widened. "W-What?" he stuttered.

"Well... I figured you're both the same age and all so... well... not the same age... but... i-it's complicated for me to explain… you should know." Daniel muttered.

"But... she's wanted all over the galaxy! Why didn't you put her on Trano before!? And there is plenty more Thieves that are... the APPEARENCE of seventeen out there! What's going on in your head now!?" screeched Max.

"That's what I was going to do, put her on Trano... but she escaped while I went to get a car ready for her. You should know how she is. You learn about her in school. She's a sly little snake. And I'm not crazy, it's the only way for me to get money off her. I need more money, or else I'll not be able to pay your college funds. Conrad has promised me, too." Daniel murmured irritably, scratching the back of his neck.

"Being Arcadia's Chief of Police isn't enough, eh?" Max scoffed.

"It is certainly for life, but not for college and adding you onto it." Daniel snapped, quite ashamed.

Max glared down at his trainers and scruffy jeans. He then tugged on his shirt, gulping hard. Daniel stared at his nervous actions, including pulling his own hair and muttering something. After a long silence, Max finally spoke;

"Is... is she... is she really that dangerous?" he asked, not realising it was a stupid question.

"Well... if you don't have her under control," Daniel snapped, frowning. "Look... when I get her to come here I don't want you telling her you're my nephew." he added quickly.

"Why? Why do you even want her to meet me like this? It's sudden, it's stupid and it only proves you're as greedy as anything." Max snapped.

"Because." Daniel jeered simply.

Max scowled. "What can I say then? She'll be wondering why I'm here. She's not stupid." he said in suspicion.

"Err... just say I'm a friend of your dad's and... I have to look after you for the day." replied Daniel awkwardly.

Max peered down, depression being worn over his face. "My dad's?" he asked.

Daniel felt a guilt-ridden lurch at bringing such thing up. "Sorry, Max, but... it was hard for me, too. He was my brother… my only brother." Daniel muttered, glaring at a picture on a counter.

It showed two young men holding beer cans, seemingly having a good time at a party. Daniel covered up his snivel with a cough, turning to Max.

"Just sit and watch TV. There are sweets in the cupboard if you want some." he said, leaving with his huge hologram files.


Once night had nestled in, it was raining yet again in Arcadia. Like usual, half of the traffic-filled streets were flooded, forcing some cars to take the travel-tubes on the high regions of the city. Silvia and Sam had headed out to steal themselves, as well as Sean and Barsy, a pizza and some drinks. It was the usual routine for such night. They backed up against a wall near an old building, glaring across the street.

"I say we just barge in and take what we can get! No harm on getting another crime for robbery!" shouted Sam irately.

"Ssh! There are people still around and no, we have to do this quietly! I'm already on one-thousand crimes. Probably one-thousand and one since my escape! The price on my head will be higher if we don't watch it!" Silvia hissed back.

Suddenly something bleeped in Silvia's pocket. She pulled out a small, triangular shaped hologram panel. Barsy Cades flickered along the outside of it.

"It's a call from Barsy." Silvia muttered, touching the middle of it, making a ripple-like circle spread out on the screen.

Barsy's face and torso appeared above it, only he was blurred and a glowing red. "Sam, I would use Silvia's plan. We don't need any more attention than what we've got." he said thoughtfully.

"But, we could be caught easier! We'll be so slow!" Sam hissed angrily, waving his arm.

"Not if you're quiet, Cords!" Barsy snapped with a clench of his teeth.

He then left from the triangle, making Silvia put it back in her pocket. "Right... let's go now." she ordered quietly.

They peered out of the alleyway and jogged across the isolated street over to the glowing pizza shop. Inside were two bronze and tall robots serving at the counter with several customers standing about, chatting mindlessly. Silvia glared at their cheeks, seeing their scar-less skin. She hated their freedom. Sam tugged on her, making the two sprint around to the back, where a door lay ajar. The glorious smell of chips and other fast-foods were lingering around in the cold air, sending a smile across Sam's desperate face.

"Right, you stay out here and keep watch. I'll get the food. Tell me if the sirens come." whispered Silvia.

Sam nodded reluctantly, backing up against the slimy, wet wall. With another weary stare, Silvia tip-toed quietly through the door to find herself in a small, polished room. Take-away pizzas stacked the many shelves and a drink machine stood nearby. It was roasting in the place, almost suffocating, which was probably to keep the precious pizzas warm. There was a solid, red hologram door just a metre away, which must have lead out to the counter. If it went up, Silvia knew she was in trouble.

Momentarily, Silvia had no idea that Daniel was going to one of the offices at the station to take a look at the monitors; the devices which tracked all crimes and scanned the metallic scars on cameras. When he entered, three officers were gawking and typing at flat, complicated-looking computers, most drinking coffee and nibbling on sandwiches. Dots, squares and other symbols indicated that all of the screens harboured some sort of map.

"Anything yet?" Daniel asked jadedly with scanning eyes, his arms behind his back.

"No... Nothing yet, sir." an officer replied nervously, staring into the computer for any sign of a crime.

Daniel waited a while, snatching someone's coffee off the counter and sipping on it slowly. Suddenly, something started repeatedly bleeping on a different computer, making Daniel rush over to it straight away.

"What is it?" he asked quickly.

"Err... oh, bingo! We have signs of Silvia Grey just on the outskirts of Neonia." the officer said nervously.

"Neonia is just outside the city's center… right, perfect! Excellent! Let's go now!" Daniel snapped.

"But, sir... She appears to be with someone. Yes, I have sightings on another Thief with her." the officer added, glaring at the computer in confusion.

Daniel glanced back into the computer, smiling suddenly. "Sam Cords... little brat brought a friend with her! She thinks she can hold up against us, as she always does." he sniggered.

"She's escaped us many times before on her own, sir… and I think we have had Sam arrested many times before, too. These Thieves aren't really a laughing matter. You seem to forget." the officer warned, raising an eyebrow.

Daniel rolled his eyes through his yellow sunglasses. "Yeah? So what? We've handled the worst! We've had Silvia here loads of times, and she's the most wanted in the entire goddamn galaxy. I have money on that little bitch! Now go!" he yelped furiously.


Sam was still keeping watch behind the wall. He started sweating, glancing around in the darkness for any signs of danger. He heard Silvia moaning about dropping a load of pizzas, followed by a complaint of having to bend down.

"Do you want the pepperoni or the margarita? There's lot's here." she whispered.

"Both." Sam hissed back.

"Ok... what drinks? There's a whole machine here." Silvia mumbled, sticking her head out from the door.

"Any! Just do it! I'm starving!" Sam snapped greedily, giving a click of his fingers.

Silvia gave an irriated nod, turning around to clutch five pizzas. She gazed over at the machine, but the drinks were a problem; she couldn't carry everything by herself. She set the pizzas down on the counter, looking at the drink machine with a raised eyebrow. How could she possibly do it without making any noise? She would have to smash the machine, take handful by handful of the remaining drinks, run out and give them to an annoying Sam, run back in and grab the pizzas, and then sprint for her life. She certainly knew there was a lot of noise involved in that. Coming to her senses, she knew she'd have to leave it.

"Hey... Hey, Sam I-"

She was stopped by the blaring sirens in the distance. They started getting gaudier, sending her into panic. Sam sprinted in and skidded on the floor, making a horrible screeching sound.

"Come on! We gotta get outta here! The sirens are coming! Obviously them damn mechanical stuffs they have!" he yelled.

The two bronze robots then burst through the hologram door on their wheels, staring at the two Thieves blankly with their sunglass-like eyes.

"Um... hi." Silvia muttered awkwardly, giving a nervous wave.

"PHONE THE POLICE." ordered one of the robots in its emotionless tone.

"We don't need any more trouble!" exclaimed Sam, jumping on one and kicking it over the counter through the door.

Silvia followed him, leaping on it and slicing its metal head off with her tail. The place fell into an uproar; all of the glasses and cutlery on the bar went skidding away with horrible loudness.

"Right! Let's get the hell outta here!" Sam yelled, as the customers screamed and sprinted out in horror.

Sam turned on his heel, dashing out through the back door. He climbed up a damp drainpipe rapidly, breathing heavily. Once he reached the soaking concrete of the roof, he sprinted across it on furious feet, followed by a massive jump onto another building's ledge, pulling himself up with a grunt. After she had sliced the head off the other robot, Silvia desperately sprinted out and clambered up the drainpipe furiously after a panting Sam.

"Sam! Sam, wait! The food, you idiot!" she called.

Sam managed to hear her. He dropped the pizzas on the ground and turned on his heel, leaping back across the building. Silvia managed to get to the top, her claws rasping the concrete like some frightened cat. Once she was about to pull herself up, she froze. She stared mindlessly at a blurry Sam in the distance, until she let out a groan of agony.

Her hand then slipped, forcing her to fall off the building limply. With all the strength she could find, she managed to grab the slimy pipe when she managed to see it. She felt extremely drained and bizarre all of a sudden. She clutched onto the drainpipe more tightly, but started to slide down it slowly. Exhaustion fell over her like a bag of bricks. She tried to climb back up, but the waves of drowsiness caught her more quickly. Her nails made an atrocious shrieking sound as she slid down, until finally, she slammed flat on the drizzly ground, knocked out. Sam had sprinted over, peering down the building with widened eyes.

"Silvia! Silvia! Can you hear me!?" he called desperately, glowering at her limp body in horror.

Suddenly, a hot laser just skimmed his arm. With a yelp of shock, he glanced over to see the shooter; Daniel. He went to shoot again, but Sam from leaped from the furious light. Before any more shots could be fired, he then turned on his heel and sprinted off the other direction. With a jump, he landed perfectly on the ground, racing off into the darkness.

"Shall I take her back to the station, sir?" asked an officer that had walked up to Daniel, who had followed Sam with his eyes.

"No... Go back and tell my nephew that I'll be at my apartment in the morning... he knows what I'm talking about." commanded Daniel slowly.

With a nervous glance, the officer jogged off to the car and left with the rest of the group. The rain leisurely got thicker, thumping down on Daniel as he gently picked Silvia up, bridal style. He set her in the back seat of a car, rubbing his hands in disgust.

"Ewww... Thieves... don't want to touch that toxic off of you." he muttered, peering around at an alleyway across the road.

He saw a glimpse of Sam gazing round at him, not hesitating to fire another laser at the Thief. He, again, missed. Sam had flipped himself back onto the wall, his hand to his chest.

"I'll get you and your two friends! You just wait! You can't hide forever!" Daniel screamed at him, his gun in the air.

"You and your sirens won't ever get us!" Sam yelled back with a tremble in his voice.

Daniel simply smiled with a shake of his head, snubbing him completely. Breathing heavily, Sam clambered over a barbed fence at the back of the darkened alley, disappearing into a narrower gap to flee. At the same time, Daniel then sat himself into the car, hovering off with a successful and magnificent catch to rip information off.


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