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2030 was a year of breakthroughs. Most thought it was too early whilst others took joy in the development.

Galaxies collided with war. Earth decided to stand up.
By force, people were taken as live, Human experiments. The work, money and time paid off… only to become a disaster. B.B.Ds (Beings By Darkness) or Thieves, run wild over the galaxy.

With no memories of being Human, or any obligations to follow laws, Thieves (with their physically fit abilities and eternal life) are the darkness and criminals of the galaxy. One, however, one worked.

A fifteen-year old. Innocent blood, taken. She was to stop the wars of Humans and Thieves, and even one day bring peace to the galaxy.

But, like every other specimen, it failed… and now, she is the Most Wanted in the galaxy.

It is now 2200. With forces rising rapidly and threats become more common, the only objective for her is to escape Earth, but after a few life-changing events, how can this be pulled off? View table of contents...


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Chapter Five - Change of Plans

What Daniel had not expected was for Max to develop a crush on Silvia. So, maybe, he could say something to get them closer for the plan…

But it was Max who was, quite frankly, a loser at most things. He was having second thoughts about the plan, when a call had come through to his phone.

"What?" he asked lazily to a voice.

"Hey, Daniel. How is this Silvia project coming along?" a man replied.

"Oh my God... Toby? Oh... well... it's getting a little out of"-

"Have you got any details?"

"Um... not yet. No" Daniel replied, biting his lip.

"That doesn't matter... I have a little job for you to do" the man said slyly.

"Oh, really? And what would that be?" Daniel asked, slowly getting irritated.

"Give her C.A.D. I want her here, on this planet with C.A.D. I'm sending you the gun. Don't let me down"

Daniel dropped his jaw, staring into nothingness. He stood up slowly, shaking.

"Y-You're kidding..." he muttered.

"No. You want the money? Give her C.A.D and bring her here" the man snapped.


"Yes. But she's easier to experiment on with C.A.D and she's worth more. Just like Starsa and Snipper are. You know them two, right?"

"Yes... yes, I do. The Thief with the glitter-bounce thing in her hair and that other one with those gloves..." Daniel said nervously, scanning for them on their criminal records.

"Yes, well, I want her like them. I need her. Them two escaped from me before, and Silvia is the handiest. Try and get those details off her, but give her C.A.D, Daniel. You will get extra, I promise. Do we have a deal?" the man asked. Daniel stopped for a second, knowing this was risky.

"Fine... when is the gun coming...?" Daniel asked, sweat running down his head.

"This week. You will give me her by next week or this is off. Nice talking to you. Now, I have some experiments to do on her so... don't let me down, Daniel" the man said happily.

"I won't... Toby...." Daniel said slowly, hanging up. He dropped the phone on the table, slopping on the seat.

Silvia seemed to be content watching the TV in Daniel's apartment. It was like using him, which was a real treat to Silvia.

Max, however, felt extremely uncomfortable. He didn't know what to say. He was more concentrated on her tail, fearing that she might hit him with it if he said something wrong.

"You do know that Daniel wants us to get to know each-other, right?" asked Max finally and looking at her nervously.

"Yes... you said that. But I'd like to know why" Silvia groaned, not taking her eyes off the TV. Now Max was really stuck. What answer in mind could he use to confirm that?

"I'll be right back" he muttered awkwardly and leaving the room.

Daniel immediately lifted his head up and stopped typing on a panel. Max leant on the wall of the kitchen coolly.

"Sup?" he said, breathing heavily.

"What do you want, Max?" asked Daniel.

"Silvia isn't exactly the talkative type, is she?" Max asked with a look of concern.

"What? She doesn't shut that trap of hers when she's with me" snapped Daniel.

"Hm... well, she basically just asked; why does Daniel want us to know each-other well? What the heck do you say to that!?" whispered Max awkwardly.

"Experience. That's what this is about. Just ask her questions" replied Daniel, smiling. Max groaned, forgetting the "plan" all together.

He walked back into the living room and sat down beside Silvia, who frowned at him.

"So... give me an answer" she demanded.

"Experience. For experience. You know, cuz' you're a Thief" said Max quickly. Silvia finally looked away from the TV.

"Ah... I see" said Silvia, unconvinced. Suddenly, something bleeped from her pocket; the transmitter.

"What is that?" asked Max, glaring at her. Silvia clutched his shoulders immediately as it bleeped again.

"Promise me you won't tell Daniel" she whispered. Max nodded rapidly.

Silvia took it out and tapped the middle of it, making the ripple go across the screen. Suddenly, Barsy appeared on it, red and blurry like always.

"Barsy! Oh thank God!" gasped Silvia.

"Where are you?" asked Barsy, breathing heavily.

"In Daniel's apartment..." replied Silvia quickly.

"What!? Get out of there!" shouted Barsy.

"Ssh! Barsy, be quiet!" whispered Silvia. Max watched them with curiosity.

"Get out of there as soon as possible" whispered Barsy. Max looked behind him, hoping Daniel hadn't heard any of this.

"Meet us at the hideout. We'll be waiting" he added and disappearing.

Max knew that the "hideout" was one of Daniel's many goals straight away. Silvia put it back in her pocket and looked as though she was about to faint.

"Please don't tell" she gasped to Max.

"I won't" he said slowly, only realising that his hand was on hers.

"I promise" he then added quietly. Silvia looked at her hand and then at him as the door swung open.

"Max, I..."-

Daniel glared at them in shock.

"I told you not to propose!" he yelled furiously.

"I'm not proposing!" cried Max. Silvia looked at Daniel as if saying; help me.

Daniel looked at her wide-eyed. Max instantly put his hand back to his lap.

"So... does anyone want a drink or something?" Daniel asked awkwardly.

"Yes. Coke" replied Silvia sternly. Daniel threw Silvia a dirty look.

"Fine. Coke for Miss Primadonna" he snapped irritably.

"Hey! You were being very nice to me and now you're just the same as usual" Silvia whimpered sadly. Daniel raised an eyebrow.

Small tears came from Silvia's eyes as she looked up at Daniel, who was panicking. He then walked over to her and moved her onto the seat after she only stood up. He was about to say something until Silvia spoke;

"And you are-are a P-Policeman. Y-You aren't s-supposed to make a-anyone cry!" she wept.

"If it's the way the thing goes, I sort of have to..." Daniel muttered suddenly and then face-palming. He then sat down beside her and looked at her suspiciously. Max looked at them in amazement.

"Um... Daniel that's... that's my spot" he said with jealousy.

"I want to talk to Silvia alone. Go to your room" ordered Daniel. Max left and slammed the door behind him.

"I WANT MY DRINK, YOU KNOW!" he yelled as he slammed another door. Daniel shook his head and turned to Silvia, who was smiling.

"You little FAKER!" he yelled in anger.

Knowing that his guard wasn't as high, Silvia then wacked him off the seat with her tail and smashed a part of the glass wall.

After a few seconds, Daniel got up and grabbed her tail just before she could leap out to freedom.

He then pulled her over and grabbed her by the neck, holding her tightly against the wall.

"What-are-you-doing?" she choked.

"You are going to tell me... all your little secrets, missy! And you are also going to include your little hiding spot or I swear I'll kill right now!" he yelled with anger, his eyes glinting maliciously.

"Let me down first!" she screamed, struggling.

"Not until you tell me where it is!" he shouted. Silvia couldn't bear this anymore.

She dug her nails deep into Daniel's hand and he let go, screaming with pain. Silvia then ran and leapt out the broken glass wall.

Daniel got up and looked down the head-wrecking height to see her falling.

She fell along with the glass of the window and landed perfectly on the ground. If she was a Human, she would have been stone-dead.

"Damn Thieves! Jumping of any goddamn building and living!" Daniel yelled furiously. Max then came flying into the room, looking at the wall in horror.

"Max... stay here. I'm going to get the Police ready" Daniel ordered, holding one of his bleeding hands with the other one.

Max glared at the blood staining the floor. He then looked at Daniel, who had already exited.

Everyone around Silvia glared at her and fled in terror. She didn't care about them or if they phoned the Police.

She saw a teenager on a tidy and silver motorbike hovering past and she leapt for him, knocking him off it.

She zoomed off, leaving a furious teenager behind her. Max looked down from the broken glass, seeing that the Officers had gathered around in a group.

Daniel was amongst them and he certainly seemed to be raging. Max sighed, sitting down on the couch in misery.

He felt as if he could have admitted anything to her right now. She was the most wanted Thief in the galaxy but he never knew she looked or even acted like what she did.

Daniel never showed him any pictures or recordings of her. And he certainly wasn't one for the news.

He gave a glance to the window, wondering if he could sneak out somehow...


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