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No one expected it. No one expected technology to get so advanced in 2030. It was far-fetched to most, but breakthroughs were definitely made in that year...

Humans have developed new technology and due to the top Scientists, half of the world’s Humans have changed into lethal and abnormal people who are experiments gone wrong. They are named as “B.B.Ds” (Beings By Darkness). But most people call them “Thieves”.

The first thing that goes into your head is “Robber” or “Criminal”. Yes, they are Criminals and do the same things and think like one but they all inherit Free-Running skills and anything that’s to do with power or fitness.

Silvia Grey is a twelve-year old who was an experiment and turned out to be the best and most distinctive... never-mind the most powerful. Long, sharp nails, a robotic, Scorpion tail, see-in-the-dark eyes and a gift with handling guns and driving vehicles makes her a powerful force for winning wars... Except that she has a mind of her own.

She turned against the Humans five days after seeing what she was capable of. The thing is being the ultimate can also mean being the hated.... Humans now struggle to keep these beings under-control... but Thieves also struggle to survive and stay as far away from Humans as possible.

“Good thing is the experiment was a gas and spread all over the galaxies and universes!” - Thieves. View table of contents...


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Chapter Six - Found But Not Dangerous

17:00, Planet Earth, New York, Broadway, Year 2200

Silvia sped through the streets as people ran in terror all over the place. She had almost knocked down several people and if they managed to get up they would scream and shout at her in fury but she never cared.

She then found herself at Broadway. She stopped to look at the signs of the Cola advert on the building and a few adverts at new movies coming out soon.

Wishing she hadn't of tried to escape through the window, she sped off again in misery and sadness. Strangely enough the thing on her mind was Max and how she had acted toward him.

She also had thoughts about Daniel and what he would do to her now that this was her one-hundredth and second crime... wait... she had broke a Policeman's window and stole a motorbike; one hundredth and fourth.

This couldn't get any worse. She made her trip to Queens and after about fifteen minutes she got there. It was quiet and empty so it was yet again safe to pass through without fan Thieves.

She arrived at the alleyway and tapped the wall four times with her nail, looking at the silver motorbike and the Police one. She fell into the dark hole and landed on the ground looking up at Sean, Barsy and Sam. They glared at her and she looked sadly back.

"What?" she said miserably and standing up.

"Silvia. It was on the news... you leaping out of that window...? That was mad. If you hadn't landed right you could have died" said Barsy looking at her in despair.

"Daniel would have liked that" added Sam casually. Sean elbowed him hard on the shoulder.

"Yeah? So what? It's not like I haven't been on the news before and its not like Daniel hasn't laughed at our misery before either" she said sitting down.

"How did he even find you? How did he even know that you were committing a crime?" asked Barsy.

"I... sort of... dropped a load of pizzas... maybe those robots phoned them by surprise but came in when SAM yelled" said Silvia quietly.

"That's wrong. I left the hideout earlier. Ellie Macks had just escaped and came back to Queens. She said something about new equipment... monitors... if any loud noises are made by Thieves during a sinning action, it would pick it up straight away" said Sean thoughtfully.

"Anyway... I know that Daniel... likes our misfortune but... but that? Tell us" said Barsy suddenly.

"Tell you what?" asked Silvia looking away from him.

"Tell us why you're so upset and what Daniel did to you in there" commanded Barsy.

"Okay... I'm worried because... I have committed one-hundred and three crimes... so if Daniel catches me I'm either dead or locked up in a cage for the rest of my life and that's the worst thing about Thieves; they have eternal life. If you jump off a building you live, if you stay in a Cell all your life you live and... It's just not fair... why did I have to be experimented on? Why?" she wept curling up in the chair.

Sam glared at her and Barsy couldn't think of anything to say. "Silvia... we'll make sure you're not caught... I'll try, they'll try" said Sean putting his hand on her shoulder. Barsy stepped out and said

"I know what your feeling Silvia but I need to know what Daniel did in there and what he said, how he acted... tell us everything" Silvia looked at him and started explaining from that horrid night at an attempt for something to eat.

A while later, she had finished and the boys were in complete shock and worry.

"I think he was trying to get you to be like Humans" said Sam importantly.

"No..." said Barsy looking down.

"No? What else could it be Smarties?" asked Sam furiously.

"Don't you see? He was being nice to Silvia, he let her be alone in his Living Room, he gave her somewhere to sleep, he offered her a drink and when Silvia pretended to cry he reacted to it! He is obviously looking information or something off her!" yelled Barsy fuming.

"You mean like... what she likes? Like... like what she doesn't like? Like... like... like if she has a boyfriend or something?" said Sam.

"What could kill her... and I'm guessing where we plan everything. He catches other Thieves easily because they sleep in an alleyway or in a dumpster or something. He can't find us and we can't allow him to" said Barsy thoughtfully. The others agreed. It went quiet for a while and, after looking at each other mysteriously, they just went in to lie on their seats and watch TV.

Meanwhile Max was out on his hovering, red board ignoring his Uncle's orders. He had brought a phone with him in case something happened, which for some reason, he highly doubted. Max knew Daniel was at the station and he knew that he would do something very bad to Silvia if she was caught.

Max was out for no particular reason. He just had to get away from the apartment. Daniel had locked the door but he went through Daniel's bedroom window and climbed down the pipe and onto the balcony, almost killing himself on the way down.

Max just went wherever the path led him and he hadn't realised that he had gotten too far. He passed Central Park and Broadway and had stopped at the coast to admire the Statue of Liberty which had been there for hundreds of years with a few sweets bought with his pocket money.

After that he had actually gotten into Queens and had driven round it several times for a while. Little did he know that it was Thief territory and no Humans lived there. He didn't even notice that some Thieves had been staring at him.

There were many alleyways that he wanted to go and explore in but one caught his attention; it was very narrow and small and down it he could see something silver. He never knew this was here. In fact it was only luck he saw it.

It was so unnoticeable unless you were glaring at the same spot for ages. How he found it he'll never know. He straight away thought the silver thing was something valuable and he lifted is hover-board and started walking down it to retrieve it.

When he reached the end the silver thing was not what he expected; it was a motorbike and it had been used recently as the engine was still warm. The hovering device below it was hot as well.

Max looked at it suspiciously then at the wall. It was a dead end and there were no doors are entrances anywhere except two windows high above him. He noticed the Police motorbike. Now he defiantly felt suspicious. Could this be some secret Police thing or something...? He thought.

At the hideout Sean was complaining about hunger but the rest weren't at all feeling peckish.

"Right... I'm hungry. I'm going to steal some pizza for us all" he said strictly, pressing a red button on the side of the wall and zooming up towards the surface as the rest stared.

"Whatever" muttered Barsy.

Max got a real shock when the ground disappeared right beside him. It was even more terrifying when Sean appeared in front of him.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Max screamed. Sean screamed back as he tapped the wall four times rapidly and fell back down. Max lost his balance, dropped his board and fell down with him hearing the hovering device smash. Sean landed perfectly as Max landed on his stomach and groaned in pain "WHO IS THAT!?" screeched Sam almost knocking over the TV.

"I DON'T KNOW BUT WHOEVER IT IS... IT'S A HUMAN!" screeched Sean staring at Max in horror.

"Calm down, calm down... it's just a Human that somehow found our hideout" said Barsy staring at Sean furiously.

"I know that Boy... I've seen him somewhere before..." said Silvia slowly. Max recognised that voice and looked up to see the speaker. His thoughts were right and he stood up immediately.

"Max... has any Policemen... followed you?" Silvia asked raising an eyebrow.

"Max? He's the one from the apartment! Silvia he'll tell!" Sean hissed in fear.

"Don't worry... I haven't even told him about your transmitter" said Max panting. Silvia and the Boys were in shock.

"What? You... you didn't?" said Silvia as if about to laugh. "Yes. A promise is a promise" he said seriously but with a small smile.

"Well now... Can you keep another one?" she asked nervously.

"Yeah... what is it?" he asked.

"Don't tell anyone about this place... please" she said nervously. Max nodded slowly looking at the three Boys still on alert in the background.

"Now... how do I get out of here?" asked Max looking around "Over here" said Silvia walking past him.

She stopped at the red button and pointed at the space beside her. Max walked there and looked at Silvia as she pressed the button. Silvia gave a small wave and, with a depressed look, Max then found himself at the surface and looked in shock at his broken hover-board. Phoning Daniel wasn't an option so Max decided to walk home.

Daniel had already got a new window in and watched as the two worker-bots finally left miserably through the door. "Talk about un-enthusiasm" muttered Daniel to himself. He then heard the phone ring and immediately picked it up "Yes? Have you found Max?" he asked worriedly.

"Yes he is just walking out of Queens" replied which must have been a Policeman.

"Queens? What is he doing there?" asked Daniel.

"Don't know sir" replied the Policeman.

"Go and collect him and bring him to my apartment" Daniel said quickly. The Policeman hung up. Daniel then dialled the Chinese phone number and started ordering.

Max was still walking and he was extremely tired. He had no idea where he was going. He had gone too far and now regretted disobeying his Uncle badly. He then heard a loud honk a few metres in front of him and looked up curiously; a Police car was driving towards him. Max ran over to it clutching his broken board tightly.

He decided to take it with him so he could get it fixed. He had this for three years and he wouldn't let Daniel get him another one. It was red, slim and had glimmering fire painted on the hover device which was now shattered. The car stopped beside him.

"Max, Daniel told us to bring you home" said the Policeman in the driver's seat. Max nodded and got into the back thinking of an excuse to give to Daniel. He was going to be in big trouble.

"I don't trust that Human, Silvia" said Sean still shocked at seeing a Human in their apartment.

"I trust him" said Silvia sternly.

"Why!?" asked Sean.

"Because he never told about the transmitter" she added looking at Sean angrily.

"Maybe he didn't... maybe he DID... but this is HUGE. Not even another THIEF knows where our hideout is" said Sean angrily.

"Sean... just calm down... we are ALL Escape Artists... we'll find a way out of it if we get caught" she said casually and looking at the TV smiling slightly.

"And what happens if there is too many of them?" asked Barsy irritably who had just entered the Living Room from the Kitchen.

"Err..." Silvia started.

"See? And if Daniel finds us we are so dead" said Barsy sitting down with a can of Coke. Silvia sighed and ignored them all but at the same time she did think how they were going to evade Daniel and that the give-away of their whole hideout lay in the hands of a Human.


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