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2030 was a year of breakthroughs. Most thought it was too early whilst others took joy in the development.

Galaxies collided with war. Earth decided to stand up.
By force, people were taken as live, Human experiments. The work, money and time paid off… only to become a disaster. B.B.Ds (Beings By Darkness) or Thieves, run wild over the galaxy.

With no memories of being Human, or any obligations to follow laws, Thieves (with their physically fit abilities and eternal life) are the darkness and criminals of the galaxy. One, however, one worked.

A fifteen-year old. Innocent blood, taken. She was to stop the wars of Humans and Thieves, and even one day bring peace to the galaxy.

But, like every other specimen, it failed… and now, she is the Most Wanted in the galaxy.

It is now 2200. With forces rising rapidly and threats become more common, the only objective for her is to escape Earth, but after a few life-changing events, how can this be pulled off? View table of contents...


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Chapter Six - Found

Silvia sped through the streets as people ran in terror all over the place. She managed to ignore their taunts and made her way to Broadway.

Wishing she hadn't of tried to escape through the glass, she sped off through it in misery and sadness. Strangely enough, the thing on her mind was Max and how she had acted toward him.

She also had thoughts about Daniel and what he would do to her now that her crimes were literally becoming countless.

This couldn't get any worse…

She made her trip to Queens, her body being partially covered in glass shards and, after about fifteen minutes, she made it to her destination.

It was quiet and dormant, only litter and bits of paper blew across the place.

She arrived at the alleyway and tapped the wall four times with her nail, falling into the dark hole.

Once landed, she found herself looking up at Sean, Barsy and Sam. They glared at her in shock.

"What?" she snapped miserably and standing up.

"Silvia. It was on the news... you leaping out of that window...? That was mad. If you hadn't landed right, you could have died" Barsy muttered in despair.

"Daniel would have liked that" added Sam casually. Sean elbowed him hard on the shoulder.

"Yeah? So what? It's not like I haven't been on the news before and its not like Daniel hasn't laughed at our misery before either" she sighed, sitting down.

"I know that Daniel... likes our misfortune but... but that? Tell us" Barsy demanded suddenly.

"Tell you what?" asked Silvia, looking away from him.

"Tell us why you're so upset and what Daniel did to you in there" commanded Barsy.

"Okay... if Daniel catches me I'm either dead or locked up in a cage for the rest of my life and that's the worst thing about Thieves; they have eternal life. If you jump off a building you live, if you stay in a cell all your life, you live and... it's just not fair..." she wept, curling up in the chair.

"Silvia... we'll make sure you're not caught... I'll try, they'll try" muttered Sean, putting his hand on her shoulder. Barsy stepped out beside him.

"I know what you're feeling, Silvia, but I need to know what Daniel did in there and what he said, how he acted... tell us everything"

Silvia looked at him and sighed. She was in no state of mind to explain the events. But, she needed to, if she wanted all the help she could get.

A while later, she was finished, leaving the boys in confusion.

"I think he was trying to get you to be like Humans" said Sam thoughtfully and shrugging.

"No..." Barsy muttered, looking down.

"No? What else could it be, Smarties?" asked Sam furiously.

"Don't you see? He was being nice to Silvia, he let her be alone in his living room, he gave her somewhere to sleep, he offered her a drink and when Silvia pretended to cry, he reacted to it! He is obviously trying to get more little details of you!" yelled Barsy, fuming.

"You mean like... what she likes? Like... like what she doesn't like? Like... like... like if she has a boyfriend or something?" Sam asked.

"I'm guessing where we plan everything. He catches other Thieves easily because they sleep in an alleyway or in a dumpster or something. He can't find us and we can't allow him to" Barsy snapped.

The others silently agreed. It went quiet for a while and, after looking at each other mysteriously, they decided to relax in front of the TV.

Meanwhile, Max was out on his red hover-board, ignoring his Uncle's orders. Daniel was at the station and he knew that he would do something very bad to Silvia if she was caught, which was scaring him.

He just had to get away from the apartment... it was shrouded with too many recent memories.

Wherever the path led him, Max went down it and he hadn't realised that he had gotten too far. He passed Central Park and Broadway and had even stopped to look at the Statue of Liberty.

At one point, he found himself on the border of his safety and Queens. He looked ahead of him, seeing a big difference in the way the clean, posh Human side was and the rough, polluted Thief side was.

He knew this was Thief territory but maybe this was a good risk of seeing Silvia again. Without any more thoughts, he hovered in to it, driving quickly around, searching the place.

There were many alleyways that he wanted to go and explore in, but one caught his attention; it was very narrow and small. He kept his eyes on it, almost finding it hard to make out.

It was so unnoticeable unless you were glaring at the same spot for ages. Max felt a curious urge. Slowly, he walked down the alley. He noticed a silve bike, running his hand along it. I wanted one like this... he thought.

Max looked at it suspiciously then at the wall ahead of him. He noticed the Police motorbike. His suspicion only got higher. Could this be some secret Police thing or something...?

Silvia was looking at Sean lazily, his ranting about hunger annoying her.

"Right... I'm hungry. I'm going to steal some pizza" he said strictly, pressing a red button on the side of the wall and zooming up towards the surface.

"Whatever" muttered Barsy, continuing to read a mag-panel.

Max got a real shock when the ground disappeared right beside him. It was even more terrifying when Sean appeared in front of him.

Max screamed at him, stumbling backwards onto the hard ground. Sean screamed back, tapping the wall four times again, falling.

Max was taken with him, making his board drop and hearing the bottom of it smash.

Sean landed perfectly as Max landed on his stomach, letting out a groan if pain.

"WHO IS THAT!?" screeched Sam, almost knocking over the TV.

"I DON'T KNOW BUT WHOEVER IT IS... IT'S A HUMAN!" screeched Sean, staring at Max in horror.

"Calm down, calm down... it's just a Human that somehow found our hideout" Barsy sighed, staring at Sean furiously.

"I know that Boy... I've seen him somewhere before..." Silvia said slowly.

That voice rung in Max's head, making him look up to see the speaker. Once he saw the love of his life standing there, he stood up immediately, wiping dirt off him.

"Max... has any Police... followed you?" Silvia asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Max? He's the one from the apartment! Silvia he'll tell!" Sean hissed in fear.

"Don't worry... I haven't even told him about your transmitter" Max panted.

Silvia was in shock.

"What? You... you didn't?" Silvia breathed, as if about to laugh.

"Yes. A promise is a promise" he said seriously but with a small smile.

"Well, now... Can you keep another one?" she asked nervously.

"Yeah... what is it?" he asked.

"Don't tell anyone about this place... please" she whispered nervously.

Max nodded slowly, looking at the three boys who were still on alert in the background.

"Would you like to stay for some pizza?" Silvia asked politely.

Before Max could answer, Sean cut in;

"No. No, he doesn't. He doesn't want any of our free pizza. Like, come on. He doesn't. Why doesn't he just leave?"

Silvia shot a glare at Sean, but then looked back at Max.

"No... I understand. It's fine. Noww... how do I get out of here?" asked Max, looking around the place, wondering how they ever managed to get a hideout like this.

"Over here" Silvia said, walking past him.

She stopped at the red button and pointed at the space beside her.

Max walked where she indicated, glaring at Silvia as she pressed the button.

Silvia gave a small wave and, with a depressed look, Max then found himself at the surface.

He stood in the same stance for a few minutes, kicking the ground gently in sadness.

He then looked at his broken hover-board in anger and started making his way home, scared at the reaction Daniel might give him.

Daniel had already got new glass in his wall and watched as the two worker-bots finally leave miserably through the door.

"Talk about un-enthusiasm" muttered Daniel to himself.

He then heard the phone ring and immediately picked it up.

"Yes? Have you found Max?" he asked worriedly.

"Yes, he is just walking out of Queens"

"Queens? What is he doing there? Have you got any earlier recordings?" asked Daniel.

"No, Sir. Nothing"

"Go and collect him and bring him to my apartment" Daniel snapped quickly, hanging up.

Max was still walking around the desolated streets, exhaustion washing over him.

He had no idea where he was going. Queens seemed to never end at that pace that he trudged at...

As his eyes drooped, a beep was heard, making him wake up in shock. A Police car was driving towards him.

Max ran over to it, clutching his broken board more tightly.

"Max, Daniel told us to bring you home" an Officer said, parking alongside of him.

Max nodded slowly and got into the back, thinking of an excuse to give to Daniel.


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