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2030 was a year of breakthroughs. Most thought it was too early whilst others took joy in the development.

Galaxies collided with war. Earth decided to stand up.
By force, people were taken as live, Human experiments. The work, money and time paid off… only to become a disaster. B.B.Ds (Beings By Darkness) or Thieves, run wild over the galaxy.

With no memories of being Human, or any obligations to follow laws, Thieves (with their physically fit abilities and eternal life) are the darkness and criminals of the galaxy. One, however, one worked.

A fifteen-year old. Innocent blood, taken. She was to stop the wars of Humans and Thieves, and even one day bring peace to the galaxy.

But, like every other specimen, it failed… and now, she is the Most Wanted in the galaxy.

It is now 2200. With forces rising rapidly and threats become more common, the only objective for her is to escape Earth, but after a few life-changing events, how can this be pulled off? View table of contents...


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Chapter Seven - The Diary

"I don't trust that Human, Silvia" Sean snapped, still shocked at seeing a Human in their apartment.

"I trust him" said Silvia sternly.

"Why!?" asked Sean furiously.

"Because he never told about the transmitter" she added, looking at Sean angrily.

"Maybe he didn't... maybe he DID... but this is HUGE. Not even another THIEF knows where our hideout is" Sean groaned angrily.

"Sean... just calm down... we are all Escape-Artists... we'll find a way out of it if we get caught" she said casually and looking at the TV, smiling slightly.

"And what happens if there is too many of them?" asked Barsy irritably, who had just entered the Living Room from the kitchen.

"Err..." Silvia started.

"See? And if Daniel finds us we are so dead" Barsy warned, sitting down with a can of coke.

Silvia sighed and ignored them all. But, at the same time, she was in deep thought about how the secret of their precious home was in the hands of a Human; the enemy.

After being dropped off in front of the apartment building, Max had forced his way into the glass elevator and finally came to Daniel's door.

He stopped outside of it, fear striking through him. His hand slowly grabbed the handle, sweat running down him.

He entered through it miserably and looked up at Daniel, who was standing in the corridor with his arms crossed.

"Max... why where you in Queens?" asked Daniel angrily, looking into Max's slightly bloodshot eyes.

Max shrugged and looked as though he was about to cry; he was extremely tired and starving. Daniel sighed.

"I bought a Chinese for us... Come and have some. You look hungry" he said gently.

"Thanks..." Max muttered, passing him and entering the Kitchen. Daniel followed him, giving a glance at the broken hover-board.

Sitting down, they started the meal, an awkward silence between the two. Max ate sloppily, his eyes drooping. Daniel watched him, almost ignoring the food at points.

Once they had finished Daniel abruptly asked;

"So... why were you in Queens?"

Max looked at him nervously and stayed silent for a while. After gathering up his courage, he finally spoke;

"I'm sorry... I left the apartment because I didn't want to stay here and do... do NOTHING... I broke my board on the way though... do you think I could get it fixed?" asked Max sadly and started shaking.

"Yes. Certainly. Um... while you were there... did you see any Thieves?" Daniel asked.

"No... no... I didn't" Max lied. Daniel nodded slowly.

"Um... well... about those details I told you to get... ah... well... you don't have to worry anymore. I have a little surprise for Silvia"

Max didn't like the sound of that.

"What's the surprise?" he asked.

"Oh... well, Max. I'm going to get a huge deal of money for this and, we will spend it however you like. A holiday, a new console for you, anything"-

"Daniel. Tell me... what is this surprise?" Max asked, getting more serious. Daniel looked at him, fearing at the reaction his nephew might give him.

"I'm... for more money... I'm going to give her C.A.D"

It went silent. Fury spread over Max's face. He stopped eating and stared at Daniel, who was shaking slightly.


"Max, please"-

"No! NO! You can't do that! How stupid can you get!? She... she'll"-

Daniel gripped Max's shoulders as he stood up.

"I know, Max! I know... but... the money. I want the money and she is a nuiscance! Do you hear me? You can't fall in love with a Thief. You can't. Okay? You can't be with her" Daniel muttered angrily, staring straight into Max's eyes.

"I... I know but... that... C.A.D is... oh... nevermind..." Max muttered sadly, as Daniel let go of him.

He walked slowly into the living-room and settled at the TV. Daniel stared at him, telling him his maximum was an hour. And so, after that hour, Max knew it meant "bed". He went to his room sluggishly, almost collapsing from tiredness.

It was quite a small room with a red and cosy-looking single bed on the right beside the window.

There was a desk with a flat laptop, hologram panels and a hovering red chair. The red walls were covered in pictures and posters of Max's favourite bands, cars and sports.

There was also a red, comfy gaming chair with a flat TV, games, DVDs and holo-mags littering the stand.

Max staggered over to his chair, grabbing a flat, hologram panel with a transparent lock on it.

He looked at the door and behind him nervously, then turning to the lock. He whispered a word into it, making it fly open.

It was a diary. It had a type-panel at the bottom of it and hologram lines filled it.

It was time to put this thing to use. Max had not written anything into it before; it lay on his desk to gather dust.

But he now decided to keep his deepest secrets in it. He felt silly but... to pass the time... he started typing;

Daniel never told me what Silvia looked like. She was beautiful to me, tail and all. Daniel wanted me to get info off her; that failed but I did manage to find out where her hideout was... it was an accident... and now this. C.A.D? What the hell? Doesn't he know what that stuff does to Thieves? It's unnatural. Weird. Amazing but it changes a lot in their ways of performing.

Silvia's hideout is cool. Narrow Alleyway, about near the middle of Queens, hard to see. I hope I don't forget it's exact whereabots so... hopefully this will stay a reminder.

I really love Silvia. I can't help it though. The law is that Humans and Thieves are not allowed to bond but I don't care... Sorry Daniel. As he would say, Humans are proud to be Humans... but I'm not. I have only met her twice but I would love to join her... *sigh?*...I admit that I really want to be like her.

I am going to visit Silvia again whether the Police like it or not... after School. Need an excuse for Cindy, Mark and Henna though. Boy, if Cindy found out about this she would absolutely die of hatred to me. She must never know.

After putting his School time-table into it, Max stopped typing.

He locked the diary, put it beside the laptop and fell into his bed, full of exhaustion.

After a look up at the twinkling stars littering the sky and wondering what Silvia was doing right now, he fell asleep, heading into his dreams that would have been "against the law".


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