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No one expected it. No one expected technology to get so advanced in 2030. It was far-fetched to most, but breakthroughs were definitely made in that year...

Humans have developed new technology and due to the top Scientists, half of the world’s Humans have changed into lethal and abnormal people who are experiments gone wrong. They are named as “B.B.Ds” (Beings By Darkness). But most people call them “Thieves”.

The first thing that goes into your head is “Robber” or “Criminal”. Yes, they are Criminals and do the same things and think like one but they all inherit Free-Running skills and anything that’s to do with power or fitness.

Silvia Grey is a twelve-year old who was an experiment and turned out to be the best and most distinctive... never-mind the most powerful. Long, sharp nails, a robotic, Scorpion tail, see-in-the-dark eyes and a gift with handling guns and driving vehicles makes her a powerful force for winning wars... Except that she has a mind of her own.

She turned against the Humans five days after seeing what she was capable of. The thing is being the ultimate can also mean being the hated.... Humans now struggle to keep these beings under-control... but Thieves also struggle to survive and stay as far away from Humans as possible.

“Good thing is the experiment was a gas and spread all over the galaxies and universes!” - Thieves. View table of contents...


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Chapter Seven - Max's Diary

18:45, Planet Earth, New York, Daniel's Apartment, Year 2200

After being dropped off in front of the apartment building, Max had forced his way into the glass elevator and finally came to Daniel's door. He entered through it miserably and looked up at Daniel, who was standing in the corridor arms crossed.

"Max... why where you in Queens?" asked Daniel angrily looking into Max's slightly bloodshot eyes. Max shrugged and looked as though he was about to cry; he was extremely tired and starving. Daniel sighed and said

"I bought a Chinese for us... Come and have some. You look hungry" he said gently.

"Thanks Daniel..." said Max passing him and entering the Kitchen. Daniel followed him and they sat down and started eating silently.

Once they had finished Daniel abruptly asked

"Why were you in Queens?" Max looked at him nervously and stayed silent for a while. After gathering up his courage, he finally said

"I'm sorry... I left the apartment because I didn't want to stay here and do... do NOTHING... I broke my board on the way though... do you think I could get it fixed?" asked Max sadly and started shaking that Daniel might scold him.

Max was wrong though; Daniel had said that he would take it to the repairs, that he could watch TV for an hour and then to go and get some rest. Max, this time, obeyed him and went to the Living-Room, slouched onto the couch and turned on the TV, straining to catch every word of the show while Daniel began to sort out files.

After an hour of watching the TV it was a quarter to eight and Max knew it was time to get some rest. He went to his room which was beside the entrance of the apartment.

It was quite small with a red and cosy-looking single bed on the right beside the window, there was a desk with a flat laptop, hologram panels and a hovering red chair, the light red walls were covered in pictures and posters of Max's favourite bands, cars and sports.

There was also a red, comfy gaming chair with a 75 inch, flat TV on a stand with a blue and yellow thin box that said GameZone-320 with a wireless controller which was flat and square with buttons on each side. Beside it were several games for it. Max sighed and closed the door behind him.

He sat on his desk chair and pulled out a red dairy which was hexagon shaped and solid with a transparent and square lock on it.

He then whispered a password into the hole and it opened. It was a red hologram and the usual typing panel was at the bottom of it. It was time to put this thing to use. He had not written anything into it before but he now decided to keep his deepest secrets in it. He felt silly but... to pass the time... he started typing;

First Entry... Daniel never told me what Silvia Grey looked like. She was beautiful to me, tail and all. Daniel wanted me to get info off her; that failed but I did manage to find out where her hideout was... it was an accident. I am going to keep her secrets in this diary for safety from now on. In case she forgets, her friends or maybe even me. Afraid that it might fall into the wrong hands though... but no one knows the password.

Secret One - Silvia's hideout. Narrow Alleyway, about near the middle of Queens, hard to see, shining silver motorbike down it, Tap wall four times, fall down hole and you are there. Pretty cool inside.

Secret Two - I really love Silvia. I can't help it though. The law is that Humans and Thieves are not allowed to bond but I don't care... Sorry Daniel.

Secret Three - Humans are proud to be Humans... but I'm not. I have only met her twice but I would love to join her and get married to her... *sigh?*...I admit that I really want to be like her.

Secret Four - I am going to visit Silvia again whether the Police like it or not... After School. Need an excuse for Cindy, Mark and Henna though.

Secret Five - Still haven't told Daniel about Silvia's transmitter. Never am and never will.

Max then decided to keep his School timetable in his diary just in case he lost his sheet which had done several times before. He had even went to the wrong class once because he couldn't remember what was next. That was one of the biggest embrassments of his life.

Max stopped typing. It was the only secrets he really had so far and of-course the time-table. He locked the diary, put it beside the laptop and fell into his bed, full of exhaustion.

After a look up at the twinkling stars in the night sky and wondering what Silvia was doing right now, he fell asleep from the rough day knowing that Daniel had Silvia on this bed once... when he had to do an awful thing just so Daniel could get more money off her.


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