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No one expected it. No one expected technology to get so advanced in 2030. It was far-fetched to most, but breakthroughs were definitely made in that year...

Humans have developed new technology and due to the top Scientists, half of the world’s Humans have changed into lethal and abnormal people who are experiments gone wrong. They are named as “B.B.Ds” (Beings By Darkness). But most people call them “Thieves”.

The first thing that goes into your head is “Robber” or “Criminal”. Yes, they are Criminals and do the same things and think like one but they all inherit Free-Running skills and anything that’s to do with power or fitness.

Silvia Grey is a twelve-year old who was an experiment and turned out to be the best and most distinctive... never-mind the most powerful. Long, sharp nails, a robotic, Scorpion tail, see-in-the-dark eyes and a gift with handling guns and driving vehicles makes her a powerful force for winning wars... Except that she has a mind of her own.

She turned against the Humans five days after seeing what she was capable of. The thing is being the ultimate can also mean being the hated.... Humans now struggle to keep these beings under-control... but Thieves also struggle to survive and stay as far away from Humans as possible.

“Good thing is the experiment was a gas and spread all over the galaxies and universes!” - Thieves. View table of contents...


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Chapter Eight - The First Visit

8:00, Planet Earth, New York, Daniel's Apartment, Year 2200

After a good night's sleep Max had woken up for School which started at quarter to nine sharp. He had to think of an excuse for his friends to see Silvia again.

He wondered if his board was fixed and immediately got up, got dressed and went out for breakfast. Daniel was still fast asleep and Max didn't like waking him up; he goes into a really bad mood which would slow him down for School. Daniel may be the Chief of Police and good at his job but he certainly seemed to take some time off.

Max got a bowl of cereal out and was delighted to see that Daniel had gotten his board fixed, flames and all. The Repairs stayed open to nine so he must of did it while Max was asleep. After he had finished his breakfast he went to the bathroom to get washed which was his least favourite part of the day.

After that he sat down on the sofa, made sure the right School hologram books were all there, got his dinner money and walked silently into Daniel's room. It was larger than Max's and it had a huge TV at the wall facing Daniel's double bed. There was also a window that had a drainpipe close beside it. Daniel was lying face-down on the pillow with his arms spread out. He was obviously exhausted.

"Daniel... Daniel..." whispered Max.

"What?" Daniel muffled back.

"I'm heading out now" said Max quietly.

"Are you washed?"


"School Stuff?"


"Dinner Money?"



"Yes and thanks" said Max. Daniel flipped his hand which indicated Max to leave. After leaving the apartment building, he zoomed off on his board for School.

Meanwhile Sean had gotten up early. He was being extremely quiet to not wake Sam up as he went into such a temper when awaken. Sean had sneaked out of the hideout and went to steal some breakfast from the closest cafe.

It was tight as two Policewomen had settled themselves there for a break but Sean managed to swipe some eggs, toast and juice. When he returned from his crime that the Police would never find out about (which Sean laughed at), Silvia and Barsy had awaken from their sleep.

"Got some breakfast" said Sean quietly and shaking the bag.

"Good... I need some food" said Barsy looking at the bag longingly.

"We'll just leave some for Sam... We are certainly not waking him up" he added looking back at the bedroom.

"It was cold tonight and the floor is wet from the rain Barsy... it's really starting to annoy me" said Silvia halfway through their breakfast.

"Oh yeah... that. Here put this beside the bars and press the button. It will but a force-field over it" Barsy said looking at her.

"Built it huh?" said Silvia taking it.

"Yep" said Barsy proudly.

"Think about the poor Thieves... out there sleeping in a dumpster or under one... two Thieves were found sleeping in an alleyway by the Police... they were of-course arrested" groaned Sean.

"You think that's bad? One was found on Christmas in the snow! The Police found her but she had broken something... she obviously didn't die but they took her and gave her a little box of hell to stay in" said Barsy finishing his toast.

Silvia didn't talk at all. The two chatted away until Sam had come in complaining about hunger. The subject changed when Sam had sat down as he started asking about Max and the way he had the secret of their hideout.

"Don't worry Sam. If he told it would be on the news or Daniel would come barging in... He did see you tap the wall didn't he Sean?" said Silvia disappointingly.

"Yes" said Sean quietly, going slightly red.

"Well... we are just going to have to go on... evading the Police, stealing food and drink... you know" said Silvia. The others agreed silently with her.

"What day is it?" asked Sean suddenly.

"Monday" said Silvia looking at him suspiciously.

"Max would be at School" he said looking at her.

"Yes... and?" she said drinking her juice.

"Daniel will be at work soon" said Sean still looking at her.

"And?" said Silvia still looking at him.

"To pass the time we could... sneak into his apartment..." said Sean quietly and smiling.

"Pff... you don't even know where it is!" said Silvia loudly.

"Yes... but you do" said Sean and looking at her, his smile broader.

"Maybe... but I already stole his watch... look. We don't need to steal anymore from it" said Silvia handing over the silver watch from her pocket.

"Ah... your afraid of being caught aren't you?" said Sean his smile even broader and handing it back.

"Why do you even want to go into his apartment?" asked Silvia.

"To pass the time, for fun and, most importantly, to ANNOY him" said Sam suddenly.

It was a few minutes until Silvia finally decided. She agreed and the others were delighted except Barsy.

"No, no, no. We can get caught and the last time I was caught I was put in the Interview Room first, then the office to do Daniel's work for him and then I was put into my stupid Cell. I escaped five days later though because of an interview" said Barsy.

"So? You still escaped. Now let's go" said Sam pointing at the space. Barsy shook his head angrily.

"Silvia, you can lead us there" said Sean.

"Sean! We can't just go out into public" said Barsy through gritted teeth.

"We'll take the alleyways on the motorbike" said Sean.

"We won't all fit on the motorbike" said Barsy shaking his head.

"There is the Police one too" said Sean.

"Oh yeah... Forgot to burn that" muttered Barsy to himself.

"Right lets go" said Sean getting up and heading to the space. The rest of them got up and followed.

After zooming up and into the alleyway, Barsy and Sam mounted the Police motorbike while Sean and Silvia went onto the silver one.

"I call driving!" shouted Sam pushing Barsy off it.

"No, I'm driving!" yelled Barsy getting up and shoving Sam off it.

"Let Sam drive Barsy" sighed Silvia as she clung on to Sean who had already proclaimed himself the driver of the silver bike. Reluctantly, Barsy let Sam drive and the four went out of Queens and into the alleyways.


After a drive of bumping, yelling and almost getting caught, the four managed to make it to the right Apartment Building. They took the back were a strong smell of cigarette smoke and laundry was lingering through the air. House-Keeping Bots were rushing here and there with laundry so it was safe to be seen by them.

Instead of going in though, they took the fire exit and started climbing up the long flight of creaking, metal steps. They stopped outside a window above them.

"We'll have to use the drain-pipe" said Silvia disappointingly and looking up.

"I'll go first" said Sean. He climbed up the drain-pipe very quickly and peered through the window.

"Coast is clear" said Sean down to them. Silvia clambered up the pipe and lifted the window up.

"Typical and Pathetic. He forgot to lock the window" said Barsy shaking his head disapprovingly and looking up at them.

After Barsy and Sam had got in, they found themselves in Daniel's bedroom and looked around in amazement.

"Wow! Look at the size of that TV! Can we take it?" asked Sam looking at it.

"No Sam! Its way too big!" hissed Barsy looking at Sean investigate Daniel's desk.

"Hey look! He has a 2000-Maxine monitor! Barsy you could make this thing let us know if Police are around right?" said Sean holding up a thin grey square with an antenna sticking out of it.

"Of-Course I could. That's all that I'm taking" said Barsy taking the Transmitter and putting it in his jean pocket.

"Right Barsy got the Transmitter. We only get one thing each and then we leave" said Silvia sternly. Barsy strongly agreed to this of-course.

Sean peered out through the bedroom door and down the corridor.

"Yeah... he's definitely gone" said Sean.

"Prove it. Go and see if the door is locked" said Barsy. Reluctantly, Sean tip-toed down the corridor and tried to open the door; it was locked.

"Okay. We are safe to take what we want" called Sean down the corridor. The others walked out and started searching. Barsy stood waiting at the foot of Daniel's bedroom door while the others searched for something to take.

Sam had found Max's bedroom and decided to take his GameZone-320 with the controller and a game along with him. Unfortunately, he had tipped the games over and they made a loud bashing noise.

With an expression of worry, he closed the door behind him and waited with Barsy. Sean had found one of his favourite movies on DVD and took it, hurrying Silvia on so he could watch it.

Silvia had noticed Max's Diary but she couldn't open it and left it there. She wondered who owned this room. Daniel didn't have a son... it must have been some sort of relative. Max said that his Dad was only friends with Daniel. Ignoring the room she, instead, took three cans of cokes and biscuits from the Kitchen.

"Right we're all set" said Silvia. They all were about to climb out the window until Sam stopped them.

"What?" said Sean irritably.

"Doesn't Daniel have monitors and we've been here for, what, fifteen minutes... and I sort of dropped... games" said Sam trembling. The others looked at him in horror.

"SON OF A-!" yelled Sean. Police sirens went off. The four then furiously turned towards the window. Suddenly the door had burst open and Daniel and several Police Officers came in with guns held up.

Sean and Silvia leapt out of the window and landed perfectly on the platform below them. Barsy and Sam followed them while Daniel and the other Officers shot down at them.

"Run!" yelled Sean.

"No time!" yelled Silvia back and grabbing Sean, Barsy and Sam's hand and dropping the coke and biscuits. The three then leapt off the platform and fell. Sam clutching his steal for his life and Sean squeezing the DVD.

Daniel kept shooting at them but watched them in complete amazement while he did. The four landed on the hard concrete ground and ran for their lives towards their motorbikes. They clambered onto the bikes and drove off.

Daniel stopped shooting and stared at them. Sam stuck out his tongue at him. Daniel then furiously ordered to a Policeman "Add it to their record". After Daniel had locked every window and the door, he and the Police Officers left the apartment.

"GREAT! They saw us! Are you happy Sean!? That's my SEVENTY-SIXTH CRIME, YOUR EIGHTY-EIGHTH, SAM'S SEVENTYTH AND SILVIA'S ONE-HUNDERTH AND... AND FIFTH!" yelled Barsy furiously when they got back to the hideout.

"Well... at least we weren't arrested..." said Sean shrugging. Everyone went silent and stared at each-other for a while until Silvia finally said

"Right... let's... just sit and watch some TV and forget all about it right?" The others agreed.


Max had just left School with his three friends; Mark Thomas, Cindy Sparks and Henna Williams. Mark Thomas was a pale skinned, black-haired boy with a white streak down his hair. He had a black T-Shirt on, jeans, black leather jacket and black and white trainers. He is self-obsessed and ... well... cool. His Father is a Soldier and his Mother is a Receptionist.

Cindy Sparks was blonde with a yellow cardigan, white top with a denim skirt, long, black leggings and yellow flat shoes. She was a real-make up lover and shopper but loved the use of weaponry and had her own mini models of guns at home.

She is also quite bossy and demanding. Her Father is a Weather Man which means she is rich and her apartment is luxurious and fancy. Her Mum is a Scientist and works at the top Science Labs from around the world.

Henna is dark-skinned with curly black hair. She wore a blue T-Shirt, skinny jeans and blue trainers. She was a somewhat Tomboy and very kind but shy. Like Max, they are all twelve-year olds and had been friends from the start of first-year.

"Guys... I can't come to the Ice-Cream parlour today" said Max as they walked through the gates.

"Why not? We always go every Monday... why, do you have a little surprise for me and don't want to show it?" asked Cindy winking.

"Err... no... But I can't come because... I have to pick something up at a shop for... Daniel" said Max awkwardly.

"Ah... I see. Just make sure you don't run into any Thieves on the way" warned Mark. Henna nodded her head rapidly.

"Okay... I'll see you guys on Wednesday. Staff Day tomorrow, remember?" said Max walking backwards away from them. "Okay bye!" called Cindy cheerfully as the three walked the opposite direction. Max got on his board and hovered away towards Queens.

Sean, Barsy and Sam had left the hideout to find some lunch without having their records go higher in numbers. Silvia stayed and watched the TV and was still a little bit shocked that Daniel had found them in his apartment and worst of all, that she had OVER a hundred crimes.

Max had arrived and had finally managed to find the Hideout; it took him a while to find it again. Max saw that both motorbikes were gone. Max knew that someone was away but hoped Silvia was still there. He tapped the wall four times nervously and then dropped down, screaming on the way.

Again, he landed on his stomach and groaned in pain.

"Need to work on the landings" muttered Max to himself. Silvia immediately stood up and looked at him in shock.

"M-Max!? What... what are you doing here? How did you find the Hideout again? I didn't expect you to... to remember where this place was" she said nervously as Max got up.

"I'm sorry for barging in... but I just had to... to see you again" said Max rubbing dirt off his T-Shirt.

"Why?" asked Silvia.

"Because I like you... I mean! Ah! I don't mean... like, like. I mean... you know... just like... like friends? Um... this... this is complicated" said Max awkwardly and seeing that his board had not broken but did drop down with him.

"Friends? Wait a minute... you must abide by the Human and Thief laws... and you... your a Human and your just completely ignoring them?" said Silvia in awe.

"Um... yeah that's pretty much it" said Max rubbing the back of his head nervously.

"I like your style" said Silvia biting her lip and smiling.

"Ha-ha... really?" said Max.

"Yeah... a Human that is breaking the law... that's meant to be weird to Humans but for me, being a Thief of-course, is great" said Silvia quietly.

"Yeah... are the other three here?" Max asked looking around him.

"No. They went to get some lunch. They'll be back in about fifteen minutes. So why ARE you here? Really" asked Silvia suspiciously and crossing her arms.

"I had to see you again. I think we can be friends. I really want to know you. This crap about Human and Thieves... it's a bit sudden but I think that Humans and Thieves should live in... In peace.

I used to want to be a part of the Police force but... That used to be my dream job but... I want to be like you" said Max getting slightly closer to Silvia.

Silvia did not move but looked at him in amazement.

"This is strange. A HUMAN that wants to be a THIEF. Wow. You know you can't do that though Max. I remember that you would have to breathe the toxic and then you would become one and you certainly can't go into a Science Lab and do it" said Silvia. Max agreed disappointingly.

"So what do you wanna do?" asked Silvia.

"I don't know. TV? Walk?" suggested Max.

"TV it is then" said Silvia as they sat down on the hovering seats and turned on the TV.

Sean, Barsy and Sam had managed to not get caught while committing their crime and had just entered Queens.

"We were quicker than we thought" said Sam happily as Barsy nearly fell off the bike. "Yeah" said Barsy irritably.

Once they reached the dead end they clambered off the bike and tapped the wall, falling and landing perfectly on the ground. Sam then tapped Barsy on the shoulder.

"What?" he groaned.

"Where did that come from?" he asked pointing at Max's hover board.

"I don't know... Silvia probably stole it or something while we were away" said Barsy walking away.

"No... That looks familiar... hey... that's Max's!" gasped Sean and going pale. The three boys looked around them but Silvia and Max were not in the Living Room (Well... not anymore). They walked into the bedroom and almost screamed at the sight. In a hammock each, Max and Silvia were fast asleep. Silvia's tail was hanging lazily off her hammock.

"Should we wake them up?" whispered Sam.

"No. Let's leave them there... they look happy enough. You know how Silvia hates Humans. She wouldn't do this if he wasn't trustworthy" hissed Barsy.

"Well for some reason, I STILL don't trust him. THIS RIGHT HERE has GOT to be a hologram" hissed Sean back.

"Aw... now the eggs and bread are going to go to waste" said Sam looking at the bag longingly that he was holding.

Suddenly something started ringing from Max's pocket. The three Boys hurried out of the room and hid in the Kitchen.

"Huh? Oh no!" groaned Max pulling out the phone and leaning up which awoken Silvia.

"What's wrong?" asked Silvia.

"It's Daniel... he's wondering were I am" groaned Max answering the phone.

"Hello" he then said timidly.

"Max! Where are you!? You certainly aren't at the Ice-Cream Parlour anyway!" came Daniel's angry voice.

"Oh... I'm at... Central Park. Just decided to go for a walk... the Ice-Cream I had was pretty big" he lied awkwardly.

"Oh... well stay aware of Thieves okay? I'll be home at twelve at night. There is food in the fridge and the key is with the receptionist. Do your homework! See you Max... Arresting this little, OW!" said Daniel hanging up.

"Well... I'm safe for now" said Max. Silvia giggled and got up "Those pills were cool. Barsy should use things like that more often" Max followed her and screeched when he saw Barsy running out from the Kitchen.

"YOU USED MY PILLS!?" yelled Barsy angrily. Sam came out next. Max saw him glance over at the TV and noticed that his GameZone-320 was sitting there with his game and the controller.

"Hey! They're mine! I want it back!" shouted Max angrily. Sam nodded irritably and sat down. Sean had tutted loudly and walked into the room handing Max the movie he had stolen.

"Thank you" snapped Max.

"Max they're not going to harm you" said Silvia smiling. "Great! You have a boyfriend!" yelled Sean angrily.

"No! He's just a friend Sean. He promised to keep our secret remember?" said Silvia waving her hands.

"Yeah... well he better leave" said Sean eyeing Max suspiciously. Max smiled up at him.

"Sean's right... you should go. You can see us again tomorrow though" said Silvia. Max nodded and walked over to the space, grabbing his hover-board. Before he could press the button, Silvia had ran over and hugged him tightly and whispered

"Thank you for not telling" Max smiled at her and then, when Silvia had let him go, he pressed the button and zoomed off, finding himself in the alleyway once more and having to carry the Game-Zone, controller, game and DVD.

Silvia turned round to see Sean open-mouthed. Silvia sighed walked over and hugged him too.

"You're still my friend right?" she said as a single tear drew from her eye.

"Of-course I am" said Sean quietly and hugged her back tightly. A friend was a friend even if you disagree on many things... right?

Barsy stared at them sadly. Sam turned to him "You're still my friend too right?" he asked. Barsy threw him a dirty look. Sam smiled.


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