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2030 was a year of breakthroughs. Most thought it was too early whilst others took joy in the development.

Galaxies collided with war. Earth decided to stand up.
By force, people were taken as live, Human experiments. The work, money and time paid off… only to become a disaster. B.B.Ds (Beings By Darkness) or Thieves, run wild over the galaxy.

With no memories of being Human, or any obligations to follow laws, Thieves (with their physically fit abilities and eternal life) are the darkness and criminals of the galaxy. One, however, one worked.

A fifteen-year old. Innocent blood, taken. She was to stop the wars of Humans and Thieves, and even one day bring peace to the galaxy.

But, like every other specimen, it failed… and now, she is the Most Wanted in the galaxy.

It is now 2200. With forces rising rapidly and threats become more common, the only objective for her is to escape Earth, but after a few life-changing events, how can this be pulled off? View table of contents...


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Chapter Nine - Deep Secrets

After a drive of bumping, yelling and almost getting caught, the four managed to make it to the right apartment building.

They took the back, were a strong smell of cigarette smoke and laundry was lingering through the air. House-Keeping Bots were rushing here and there with laundry, so it was safe enough.

Instead of going in though, they took the fire exit and started climbing up the long flight of creaking, metal steps. They stopped outside a window above them.

"We'll have to use the drainpipe" Silvia whispered disappointingly and looking up.

"I'll go first" Sean sighed. He clambered up the drainpipe quickly and peered through the window.

"Coast is clear" Sean hissed down to them. Silvia clambered up the pipe and lifted the window up.

"Typical and pathetic. He forgot to lock the window" Barsy groaned, shaking his head disapprovingly and looking up at them.

After Barsy and Sam had got in, they found themselves in Daniel's bedroom and looked around in amazement.

"Wow! Look at the size of that TV! Can we take it?" asked Sam, looking at it with eyes of hope and amazement.

"No, Sam! It's way too big!" hissed Barsy, looking at Sean investigate Daniel's desk.

"Hey look! He has a 2000-Maxine monitor! Barsy, you could do your little experiments on this, right?" Sean exclaimed, holding up a thin, grey square.

"Of-course I could. That's all that I'm taking" Barsy snapped, snatching the transmitter and putting it in his jean pocket.

"Right, Barsy got the Transmitter. We only get one thing each and then we leave" Silvia commanded sternly.

Sean peered out through the bedroom door and down the corridor.

"Yeah... he's definitely gone" Sean muttered to them.

"Prove it. Go and see if the door is locked" Barsy ordered.

Reluctantly, Sean tip-toed down the corridor and tried to open the door; it was locked.

"Okay. We're safe to take what we want" called Sean down the corridor.

The others walked out and started searching. Barsy stood waiting at the foot of Daniel's bedroom door, his arms crossed and tapping an imaginary watch at Sam.

Ignoring him, Sam had found Max's bedroom and decided to take his GameZone-320. Unfortunately, he had tipped the games over, making a loud bashing noise.

With an expression of worry, he closed the door behind him and waited with Barsy.

Sean had found one of his favourite movies on DVD and took it, hurrying Silvia on so he could watch it.

Silvia had noticed Max's Diary, not knowing that Max was the owner. She wondered who owned this room. Daniel didn't have a child... it must have been some sort of relative.

She then went to investigate the kitchen, seeing all the food and luxurious counters. She crept around, opening drawers and looking through cupboards. She even found a cookie jar, stuffing some into her mouth.

She went to the iddle counter, opening it and seeing loads of holo-panels.

"Notes and Criminal records..." Silvia muttered to herself, pulling them out. She looked through them, reading other Thieve's stats and records. She chuckled at a few and then moved on to the notes.

Most were boring, just details and recent Police activity. As she was about to put them away, one caught her eye. Top Secret... was inscripted on it.

She gave a glance around, and then accessed the files. What was this about? She looked at pictures of things that shocked her. A headline was in it, making her whimper;

Cloud Constructed to be Destroyer of Thief Race...

John Trotts, Inventor of the "Weapons of the Universe" a.k.a Thieves or B.B.Bs, has made a new "thing" to destory the mistake he has created. Tests have gone well, the Scientists says, but havoc has reahced it, making it dangerous towards Humans as well. No more reports has been on this, and the subject of the cloud has been locked away in a vile, not to be touched. Will this ever be used to wipe out Thieves? More on the line soon.

Silvia looked at it in shock. Was this made up? It happened quite a while ago, in 2035, to be exact. But who is John Trotts? The Inventor of Thieves? Silvia knew him... she had even met him once, if she could remember. Ignoring the feeling, she looked on.

Another thing caught her eye; a voice message left in the panel. It was from, who was that, Toby Brown? Silvia looked around, seeing that Barsy had decided to take a look around the living room.

She then pressed the voice recording, putting her feet on the table and listening closely;

"Hey, Daniel, whenever you get this, I just want to say that I have the C.A.D gun ready. You know, the Power of the Night, if that messed up head of yours can remember? Well, it will arrive tomorrow, and remember to bring her to me with C.A.D and make sure her tail isn't damaged at all. I want her in good condition! Well, bye for now, old friend"

Silvia didn't move. She had almost frozen. A wave of fear had hit her painfully. This man, Toby, was obviously talking about her. What was this C.A.D? What does this man want with Silvia? She stood up, stuffing the panels into the drawer.

She stumbled backwards, still shocked at what she had read. Suddenly, Barsy walked in, snapping her out of her trance.

"Silvia? Are you okay?" he asked.

"Um... yes... yeah. Right, we're all set" Silvia said, a little unsure. She walked by Barsy, and back onto the bedroom. Sean and Sam were ready, waiting on her impatiently.

Silvia put her foot on the window, about to jump out until-

"Ssh! Listen!" Barsy hissed. They glanced around, straining to hear any source of a noise.

Something then went off; Police Sirens. Sean span around, clutching his movie and screaming;


The four then furiously turned towards the window. Behind them, there was a bash.

Suddenly, the door had burst open and Daniel and several Officers came in, their guns held up.

Sean and Silvia leapt out of the window and landed perfectly on the platform below them. Barsy and Sam followed them while Daniel and the other Officers shot down at them.

"Run!" yelled Sean.

"No time!" yelled Silvia back and pushing them all off the ledge. The three then leapt off the platform and fell.

Daniel ran over to the window, jumping down to the platform and slightly hurting his leg.

The four landed on the hard concrete ground and ran for their lives towards their motorbikes.

Daniel repeatedly shot at them, his fury over the limit. The Thieves had clambered onto the motorbike, driving away.

As Daniel took the last fire, his gun locked up. He banged at it furiously, glaring at Sam who had stuck out his tongue at him.

"I WILL FIND YOU!" Daniel screamed at him, as Sam showed him the finger. After that, Daniel threw his gun to the ground in fury, smashing the handle.

With a few pants, Daniel made his way back into the apartment, locking every window, door and anything that could be a possible way in.

"GREAT! They saw us! Are you happy Sean!?" yelled Barsy furiously when they got back to the hideout.

"Well... at least we weren't arrested..." Sean muttered, shrugging. Everyone went silent.

Silvia put a hand on her shoulder, not believing what she had done and seen in the apartment.

"Right... let's... just sit and watch some TV and forget all about it, right? He still can't find us…" she suggested.

Silently, the others agreed.


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