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In every ending comes a new beginning, but whether you’ll survive that change is uncertain. A new generation who posses more speed and different powers must choose their side, to protect the remnants of humanity or join the movement of ‘evolution’. View table of contents...


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Authors Note: This is the Prologue and 'Time Line' leading up to the story. If you'd rather just read the story and not know any of the future events you can by all means skip this, but if you're confused later it would probably be a good idea to come back for it. This is meant to come off a bit dry because it simply lays down the 'facts' of what has happened leading up to the story and its main characters. Comments on the story line are appreciated.

The Last Days of Humanity: A Time Line

In the year 2023, earth which was inhabited over 57 billion lives dropped to 17 million in under three days. Bio War Fare, WWIII, claimed lives of ever nationality in an outbreak long feared. In the following 10 years millions continued to die from the after effects until an antidote was finally found.

In the year 2034 after effects continued to take place. Exposed subject began experiencing painful migraines that began to one by one push them into a coma. Any human under the age of thirteen with these symptoms died within 24 hours. The condition became known as TSS, the silent sleepers.

In the year 2035 the remaining animals on earth showed significant altercations due to exposure. Plant life became mostly toxic, as did the rivers and oceans. Water became a scarcity and immediate concern as did food.

In the year 2035, late summer, a group of individuals took control of what had once been know as Europe and created a new government, New Britainna, NB. Other colonies of survivors created their own means of self organization.

In the year 2036 winter came and mercilessly claimed 2 million more lives, its grip did not break for a year and three months. Many died of starvation and sickness. The TSS remained asleep.

In the year 2037 it became evident that humanity was suffering a genetic distortion. Not a single baby had been born alive since 2023. It was also noted that despite minimal care the TSS did not seem to have aged a day since their coma began.

In the year 2040, the first successfully born human child brought hope to humanity in what had once been Japan. More births followed and by 2041 1,000 babies had successfully been born. The altered wild life also began reproducing; its offspring seemed to have grown larger and more violent in nature. In particular among domestic cats, a new breed emerged with white short, long hair with patches of scarlet red. Even more interesting was the creature's ability to hypnotize anyone who gazed into its eyes to long.

In the year 2041, over night out of 800,000 sleepers across the world 743,220 disappeared in the dead of night with no explanation. Several months later they were discovered living in caves and basements and showed extreme panic, rage, and anguish when exposed to sunlight.

The remaining 20,000 were securely locked and tested. It was confirmed that despite the years they had been sleeping they had not aged a day, their skin however reacted when exposed to sunlight or UV light. Although they were referred to as vampires they showed no desire what so ever to drink blood. Exhibiting no signs of violence they were left to themselves but under constant watch. It was noted that they did not reproduce, nor did they seem to have any memories of their previous. Photos showed that at night their eyes exhibited a red color.

In the year 2043 the TSS now known as the Condemned walked out in the middle of the night under a full moon and stormed through a nearby town killing everyone in sight except the children which they dragged back into their caves. When the cave was stormed a few days later by a small army they found only one child in the entire cave and a tunnel leading down deep into the earth. The boy was taken back and examined, he had been bitten along the arms several times deeply enough to draw blood. Within a week he fell into a coma. 14,000 died in random attacks by the sleepers and many children were abducted. It was believe that all the taken children were reverted to Condemned through infected bites.

NB which had spread over most of the remaining countries pulled all its resources into looking for a cure while funneling the remaining survivors into secured cities. Special Units were formed to seek and kill all Condemned on sight capturing a few for further testing. A strict night curfew was enforced as well as a well protected school for the children to attend during the day.

In 2045 it was observed that most children born after WWIII exhibited superior intellect, strength, speed, agility, and alertness. They were however not as strong as the Condemned who continued to survive despite the steady kills that continued at the hands of the Eliminators.

In 2047 the continued war between Condemned and UNB, United New Britainna, continued. A cure had been found for the infection but had a limit of 48 hours before it was irreversible. The Condemned numbers continued to grow feeding off of stranglers, renegades, and anyone who dared walk out at night alone.

In the year 2048 the Condemned came for the boy now 18 years of age who still slept in a coma. The boy known as the Sleeper.

* * *

The Sleeper

The female scientist, Dr. Harriet Blancher, hesitated glancing through the glass walls at the boy's sleeping form. For a moment she had imagined she had seen his eyes open looking at her.

'Don't be silly,' she laughed inwardly wiping the sweat that had appeared on her forehead at the thought. She slid her card through the security door and stepped outside where she removed her mask, boots, gloves, and jacket in front of a 'Bio-hazard' trash can. Fear of contamination held over scientific curiosity, camera's watched her every move to ensure she and all others who came in contact with the Sleeper observed all these 'safety' rules.

The moderator continued to show a steady pulse, the guard watching it sighed and continued to flip through the UNB newspaper. For years the boy had done nothing but sleep, even during all the tests his keepers had taken the liberty of running on him. The clock on the wall ticked away in the silence. In the adjoining room two other guards stared blankly at monitors from security cameras. Three blurs passed unnoticed on their screens as they continued to talk about some nurses on the floors below.

Dr. Harriet Blancher passed through the fifth locked door and moved towards the employee room where her personal affects waited in her locker. She laid her lab coat on a chair at one of the tables checking the time on her wrist watch before opening her locker. A few minutes later she turned around and blinked to find her jacket seemed to have moved two chairs down.

The Sleeper continued to sleep steadily, dark black hair around a pale face that had not seen sunlight in years. A shadow had begun to form along his lips and chin late sings of puberty. His limbs were frail and sickly giving him the appearance of a child far too tall for his age. The heart monitor increased slightly, and his eye lids stirred.

The fourth door closed soundlessly as the light for the third door flashed green.

The beeping on the monitor increased rapidly.

The guard looked up at it startled, and then shocked. He jolted out of his seat to look at the sleeping boy who lay unmoving. Frowning he glanced back at the monitor then picked up the phone dialing a number written out on it next to the word 'emergency'.

The last door opened and the three blurs rushed towards the glass walls around the bed. The glass shattered and the alarms in the building instantly went off casting the room into the flash of red lights as the four guards jolted dropping their hot tea to rush to the window.

Three figures stood around the bed steadily detaching the wires, tubes, and restraints from the sleeping boy. Each figure was tall, lean to well built, and dressed in black armor that covered their entire body except for sun glasses that covered their eyes.

"Code Red," one of the guards yelled into the speaker.

Gently and carefully two of the three slowly raised the boy in a sitting position, the third turned towards the guard room and raised a gun and fired four rounds. Four bodies hit the floor and the guard in the second room dropped to the ground shaking.

Slowly the Sleeper opened his eyes gazing blankly around him, not a word was spoken but the largest of the three lifted the boy effortlessly into his arms. The Sleeper rested his head on the others shoulder his piercing blue eyes traveling along the walls seeming to see through them.

"Sleep," he whispered in a voice barely above a whisper. The sirens and lights all ceased and the locked doors opened as one leaving a clear passageway out. The three quickly leapt back through the broken window and blurred past the cameras again until they disappeared entirely from sight.

In the monitor room the guard lay still on the ground, the phone beside him in his hand.

"What is going on over there?" a voice asked sharply through the receiver. A snore rose from the guards form before a dial tone echoed through the phone.


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