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A (k)Night in the Jungle

Novel By: Shinjutsu Kage
Action and adventure

This is the story of a child who lived in a society like ours, but was destroyed by an extremist group of hippies (and this is not all hippies, one, and two the group is known as Pan Inc., or panic.) The child then loses his whole town, and is transformed into a demon. In the end, or for now, he is locked up in jail for the things he has done and the mayhem caused by Pan Inc. But with promise of more trouble from Pan Inc., He must brace up for what is to come, for he is our only hope for tomorrow to come. View table of contents...


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"Just relax, and tell me what happened."

Well, it happened something like this, the Doc wanted to go through another day of testing, and Jane told me to relax. To just be calm for it was all about to end, this pain, this misery.

They proceeded to strap me down into one of those chairs that you would see in those old horror movies of the insane asylum. But everyone is sane here; we are here to be rid of a disease. One that ruined my life, ending everything I worked so hard for.

The process was painless, but as the needle was inserted into me, everything went fuzzy. I tried to stop it, to control myself using the exercises that they both taught me, to no avail though. I soon blacked out.

When I came to, there she was, dying in my arms. Doc was already dead on the chair that I was sitting in. She was looking at me with sad eyes. I promised her that everything would be okay for her, that I would get help. I dialed the emergency number into the phone hidden in her lab coat. They arrived in time to save her.

I was stunned by the amount of blood she had lost. She should have not survived. But more than that, I knew I couldn't get rid of what was inside. So I decided to beg the judge to send me to jail, to lock me in so I couldn't hurt anyone else. And my lawyer wanted me to sue the pants off of Pan Inc., the company that did this to me. The company that transformed me into a monster and killed my entire family, but I didn't want to. I already knew that they would win. You see, they have infiltrated the entire country. if I where to take this to court, I would just lose for the judges behind the scene would be bought off with money, or threatened with blackmail.

I just don't want to hurt anyone else. So they sent me to see you. Now I am here, the demon of the last liberated city of modern jungles.

"So what happened to get you to killing this friend, this 'Doc'?'

Well that is an entirely different story, one that is long and very exciting, but one that sooner or later will be told, I am sure.

Suddenly the siren goes off.

"Oh, well. Time is up. Maybe next time we can go deeper into this story of how you got to this laboratory in the first place. Till then, behave yourself and do not hurt anyone else."

Yes mam', will do.

I then walked out and headed back to my secluded corner in the jail, where I cannot hear any of the other prisoners. They aren't allowed around me because they do not understand the danger of angering me will bring onto them. So they tried and five of them died, another fifteen were wounded. That was the last time I was able to see anyone until today. That therapist was a dull one, dry even. She didn't say much, and helps me tell my story. That is good, for the truth must come forth, and Pan Inc. can meet its end finally.


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