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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Novel By: Silgorious
Action and adventure

Tom, an adventure loving, really naughty teen, gets a chance to either prove his boasting, or run away and hide under the bed, as an unknown force, the power of magic, makes Tom decide the way in life...

The biggest question he has to answer- "Will he remain a simple human, or will he turn into a wizard? What'll happen if he becomes a Silgorian?"

Find out how he feels about his big choice, and get to know a few things about the mysterious land of Silgorious... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 13, 2012    Reads: 123    Comments: 19    Likes: 6   

What's going on?

Welcome, dear readers, to the exciting world filled with action and mystery... The land filled with good and evil... The land where dragons can be pets, the people can vanish right before your eyes... And much much more....

Once upon a time, a young, well built, healthy, and extremely intelligent boy, was strolling leisurely in a park, with some of his closest friends, passing some time before the summer holidays officially began, discussing his plans for summer. Various ideas had been discussed, most of them rejected as being too silly or useless, while some were too wild to be practically possible. Finally, all the friends sat down on a bench near a very old tree in the park, taking out some snacks to share. The boy who had proposed the most terrific, exciting as well as challenging idea, was the boy named Tom Sawyer, the one considered as the leader of this pack.

Finishing their snacks, they got up, ready to put their plan they had finally agreed upon for the coming 'grand day' in action. The five of them hurried to their homes, deciding to meet at midnight, and have some fun, some real fun!


A cool, heavenly breeze was blowing, as the sun just peeked over the dazzling green tree coated mountains, shedding the first beams of pure golden light accross the sky. The day had finally arrived. The day everyone present in the land had been waiting for. The day the children waited eagerly for, to push the limits of fun to greater heights. The day the adults had been warned about, though indirectly, about some real problems, trying to keep everything under control, as their children became really unnaturally excited. Parents feared their children might fool them right under their big fat noses... Yes, really. Not at all a lie, and neither a joke. Simply the day was really going to be strange. That's what everyone agreed upon.

Really, the children became unpredictable...

But, why? Why just on this particular day? Well, as some rumors that had been floating around for quite some time, specifying that a strange force would make the things go all wrong on that day, a force neither old ones knew, nor the young. So, what was it going to be? Morever, would it be evil, or good?

The mystery had just cropped up this year, just a few weeks before the finals, and it was initially no big deal. Just some paper was found on the bedroom floor, telling parents to keep their heads cool, warning of some unusual force that would be affecting one and all, on the first day of the summer vacations. No sign, no name, or address. This simple piece of paper had been found in everyone's house, and surprisingly, no one knew how it had come there during the night... Not just one night, every single night since the exam shedules had been announced...

It might be a silly trick played by a naughty group of students, but when suddenly half of the population just disappeared, yes, Just disappeared, the only ones that remained being the astonished adults, the old and the frail ones, the parents were horrified. Where had all the children gone? The day the parents were joking about, making merry by teasing their friends, the first day of the Summer Vacations... The day they were supposed to keep their heads cool...

What was going on?


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