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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

By: Silgorious

Chapter 2,

The Night Walker

In a dark misty forest, there was a strange tree, one of it's kind, present in the deepest and the darkest part, where nobody dared to go, neither common men, nor beasts. The tree was the only one which had made it's way into the history books, which the children were made to study. This was the only tree that had been able to do something other than those innocent dull trees around it.

What had the tree done? No one knew the exact thing, but it was commonly believed that this tree had somehow managed to move, all by itself, from it's place in the backyard of the Sawyer family's ancient house, right in the middle of the night, when everybody was sound asleep. It was a cool, dark night, with a slight shower. Those who discovered the tracks left by the moving tree in the morning found a strange note left on the ground, as follows:

My dear people, I'm going to the place I rightly call my home, and am really sorry for the inconveniance caused by my deed I had been asked to do by one of you. I'll advise you, my dears, that trying to replant in the backyard will be a futile effort. I'm really unable to stay in the backyard with sleepy lazy trees. I don't want to hurt you, so, please don't force me. I'm offering my rescuer a rare honour, he will be free to come to the place I really belong, and will be offered a special secret gift for his deed...

The note had been signed with a strange name, under which 'The Night Walker' had been written in sparkling dark green ink. All those present in the place were tempted, and finally unable to resist, followed the strange tracks left by the tree, and found themselves in a strange forest. The forest seemed alive, with strange sounds, and when the ones after the ancient tree finally found it, right in the middle of the forest, they almost fainted as the tree yelled, "Go away! Don't dare to touch me!" The tree ran away, making the group dumbly stare at the spot the tree had been, just moments ago.

Finally, all of them returned, and soon the tree became famous. The forest was searched, but it was a futile effort, as the tree had probably disappeared, leaving no trace behind. But, after some days, when the issue had almost died down, it again erupted like a volcano, spreading like wildfire, as the tree was seen strolling in the backyard of the Sawyer house, on a cold, dark night. Tom's father had been feeling ill for the past few days, mainly due to heavy duty and lack of rest, and when he saw the tree from a window, he rushed out of the house to 'capture' the walking tree. He only made it to the steps of the rear balcony, when he collapsed and fell on the ground, unconscious. Next morning, a note was found on his lap, saying:

I had warned him, but he didn't heed the warnings. I'm sorry. I'm back in the backyard, but don't dare to cross the red line marked around me. You'll regret your decision if you don't abide by the thing said in this note.

Those who had got the news of the tree's return hurried to the Sawyers' and soon the backyard was full, overflowing with people wishing to get a look at the famous tree. Newspapers and news channels were full of the pictures of this tree named The Night Walker, or The Walking Tree, and just when the people were getting tired of watching the tree, a boy crossed the red line, and disappeared with a pop, and no one dared to defy the order displayed on the signboard just near the red line. Slowly, the crowd began thinning, till only the Sawyers were left. Soon, all the elders departed, leaving Tom with his group.

"Where did the boy go?" asked Tom, smiling widely. "I am sure it'll be very good to see what happens next!" The others in his group agreed, and patted Tom, saying in unison: "Keep your heads cool!"

"Now, study well! No more fun till the Grand Day, fine? We'll have plenty of time to see what more the book I had found has to offer. Rest assured, It'll really be fun! Wasn't it so today?" Tom asked his friends, beaming with joy.

"Why not? You really are a genious!" replied his sister, who was in Tom's group.

"So, prepare well for exams till we meet again!"

"You too! Bye!"


~Hope you like it!~

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