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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Novel By: Silgorious
Action and adventure

Tom, an adventure loving, really naughty teen, gets a chance to either prove his boasting, or run away and hide under the bed, as an unknown force, the power of magic, makes Tom decide the way in life...

The biggest question he has to answer- "Will he remain a simple human, or will he turn into a wizard? What'll happen if he becomes a Silgorian?"

Find out how he feels about his big choice, and get to know a few things about the mysterious land of Silgorious... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 6, 2013    Reads: 15    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

~Keep your heads COOL!~

The exams were finally over... And most importantly, the day had arrived. The day all had been informed of. The day all hell was to break loose. The day no one knew what was going to happen exactly. The day when a lot of events combined together in the invisible dimension of time, creating quite unexpected results. Not only the events planned by all the parents and all the people in general were affected, but it seemed that the nature too had chosen this particular day for a change.

It seemed that the nature itself had it's own plans for the day, and accordingly, the morning turned out bright and beautiful, with a cool enchanting breeze, inviting people to the big old park to spend some happy time strolling in its unique beauty, the beauty of nature, which only a person having a keen, watchful eye can observe.

Tom had very little sleep after the exams. The book he had found in the attic the day he was forced to stay hidden from his victims' fury to save himself, was really something worth the whole treasure of the royal family of his land, and Tom wondered how did it end up in the dusty attic, packed securely and safely in a box. It was strange. Yes, it should have been in a library, or some old bookstore. But, what was it doing here, in a box thrown among useless broken down things? Tom had a strange feeling that this book had something special, something the writer wanted to hide, and felt that it was not possible for everyone to open the box.

So, it might have ended up in the smelly dusty attic, flung into a corner. You might want to know how Tom ended up befriending the book, yes, you heard it right. He became a close friend of the strange book. He was really excited, and began learning from the book, and getting wiser and wiser. The book will tell it's story in due time. Exactly at midnight, after the exams, Tom silently crept out of the house, and made his way to the old park, where his friends waited for him. The exams had finally gone out of the way, and now the real fun was to begin, today...

"Well, Tom! All things have to be set!" said one boy sitting under a tree in the park among a chattering group. The things were finally arranged by dawn. All the parents were still asleep, probably a strange coincidence? No, it was only part of the plan.

The parents stirred lazily on their beds, and finally rubbing their eyes, got up. Everything was normal, no problems yet. The sun had risen completely, filling the skies with bright light. The children were woken up from their beds, and finally breakfast was being served in most of the homes. Just around eight in the morning, a strange smile appeared on the children's lips, on hearing a strange song just outside their homes. It was really good, but it made the elders laugh it off as a silly joke, and made the children restless, as they were eagerly waiting for the promised fun. The song was somewhat a mixture of a few lines of poetry, a really good ending suiting the events after it very well. The song was quite long, lasting more than fifteen minutes, but I want you to know a few lines I liked a lot. Some words from the beginning, some nearly in the middle and a few words sung in the end should do. It was as follows:-

The fun has begun, the elders will be on the run,

The day has come, the day has come, the day we'll have some fun!

The elders are the only ones, that'll remain in the sun, today we'll have all the fun!

So it went on, till finally as these words were sung ...

Today they come to us all jumpy and excited, time to get the lamps of temper on their heads lighted... Lets see how they keep their heads cool!! Bong a bong bong a bong here they come to the tune of the song...

You really should've seen the people's faces at the end of the song, as just as it ended, ... Well, the children had a hearty laugh as their parents started bouncing like fat rubber balls, heading straight for the well decorated brightly lit hall near the park. Yeah, they just stopped bouncing on reaching the fabulous hall, all of them quite red faced and confused, as well as surprised. Yeah, the looks on their faces was priceless!

Hope you like it! The fun just begins here!


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