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The Seven Deadly Sins

Novel By: silhouette
Action and adventure

Inspired by the Lord of the flies
this tells the murder and fights after plane crash on an island which mirror the seven deadly sins View table of contents...



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The Seven Deadly Mistakes

It was a cold December morning; I awoke on the cold sandy beach. I looked left, and then I looked right. There were six other children, three girls, and three other boys. Parts of the plane litter the island, which I can only assume must have not seen human interaction is a period of time. The others gather around the main cabin of the plane, we managed to get a few rations such as water and the little food the plane had. The other children's names were Jack who from what I have seen only lusts to have power among the group, Rick who refused to share his food which he found by himself, Kim who had acted like she owned the place and had a bit of a pride problem, Roger who hasn't had sentence without an expletive come out of his mouth and had a rage issue, John who keeps attacking Roger the obvious leader, from what I can only assume is out of envy, and Peggy who was largely concerned with the food supply and clearly over consumes. I tried to keep to myself, since clearly after only about two hours on this island they had elected foul mouthed teenager to be their complete ruler, for the soul reason that he is loud, and one year older. We had all received orders of what to do, although I didn't believe in his choices or the dictatorship everyone feel in line with, but I did as I was told. My orders were to collect fire wood, which I did.

Kim and Rick ignored their orders, sharpened a stick to the best of their ability and went into the woods; we never saw them again. I later returned with enough wood for a fire, so I earned my food for that night. Peggy was not so fortunate and did not finish her work, so she did not eat, and this trend went on for four days.

The fifth night Peggy tried to steal some food, she started running when suddenly a blast of pink mist came out and she fell over, Roger had built a bow, without telling us. Roger only said a single sentence. Roger said, "She was a traitor, and deserved such death."

It was the middle of the night when I heard shouting where the rest were camping, I had recently moved due to increasing dis trust throughout the entire camp towards me. I ran over, I saw john dead in his tent, and his jugular severed. Roger gone, and his bow and knife gone, it was obvious he had been the murderer. The group had no leader, and it was only jack and I left.

After three nights we presumed Roger dead but just in case I kept my knife handy.The fourth night I heard rustling again, so I ran to jacks tent, Jack had stabbed roger in the leg and when jack looked at me running towards him Roger finished him off, then he started coming for me. I heard him muttering "pink mist, pink mist, pink mist." My knife was tucked into the back of my pants, so I let him get close, and when he got close enough I did it. He fell to the cold sand, and laid there motionless, Roger was dead, and everyone was gone.

I looked down as my shirt turned crimson red and fell. I was suddenly very tired. I decided to sleep, just for an hour and then look for some food. It was a cold December night, I looked left, and then I looked right. There was no one there.


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