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Using my Instincts (Finished)

Novel By: Skaterz
Action and adventure

Chris was always the shy and quiet one around his family and friends,Hell every where he went he barely said a word. Chris's life is pretty messed up after seeing his mother and father get killed right in front of his eyes at age 7. 10 year's later Chris is 17 years old and living with his grandparents and his cousins since his mother and father died. When Chris is at his family's place "everything" has changed so much,He hardly even remember's everyone's name in the family 10 year's ago and has been training with a secret trainer who helped him escape from the people that killed his parents. After all the shit that has happened, Strange things start to happen over the years or months at Chris's Grandparents house, One of his cousin's has a Child and follow's in his father's footsteps from the help of his father and Chris and his best friend Jason's little girl tries to follow in her father's footstep but can't do it but tell's Nina she's going to be okay because he's there View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: A Mistake???

10 years ago at age 7

I don't know how long i've been here, I'm starving,cold,angry,sad and weak. So many emotions are going through me I just can't think straight. I shuffle myself a bit in my cell and lay down on the cold hard stone floor in the dark room with a bit of dim light from the moon. Just as I lay down a door opens and come the guy and a girl who beat me and killed my parents. The guy walks in and kicks me in the stomach hard casuing me to me cough,choke and groan. He bends down and picks me up by the collar of my shirt and say's " Let's go Bitch,It's your turn to die" I swallow hard trying not the cry,I get dragged out my cell and up some stairs, Entering a brightly lit hallway, I close my eyes and open them up back slowly to adjust to the brightness, Looking around at everything before I die, I think in my head " Mom,Dad I'll be with you soon, I love you" Turning a corner in the hallway a guy comes up to us and say's " Logan, If would be my pleasure to escort the boy and kill him myself, if you wouldn't mind, Sir?" The guy that was dragging me by the collar of my shirt say's " Take him away and kill him, I have to go and do something private with Marissa" He throws me to the guy and I land at his feet, He pulls me up and looks behind him and whispers in my ear " My planned worked, I'm getting you out of here Chris" he said in a whisper,I look at him swallow hard and nod my head. He pulls me up and say' " Thank you Logan for giving me the honor, I won't let you down Sir"

The other guys turns around and walks around the corner disappearing leaving me with this other guy. He say's in a low whisper " I'm Jason, I'm going to get you out of her Chris" I can barely speak and say " Wha...Why??" We walk down the hallway to some double doors that lead outside I guess and he say's " Because, I want you to get older and kill the man that killed your parents, He was suppose to kill some one else's parents but he spotted yours and captured you and killed them when it was suppose to be someone else" My eyes start to water and I shake my head no saying " Mom...Dad" Jason say's " Come on we gotta go and get out of here before he thinks I'm supicious for being gone too long" I nod my head and we walk outside well him helping me walk since I can't walk. He helps me get into a jeep and grab's a T-shirt and hands it to me and say's " Here Change your shirt" I nod my head and slowly take my dirty torn and bloddy shirt off and put it in my lap and put on the clean shirt. Jason get's in the driver seat and say's " I need you to lay dow on the floor with a blanket over your head so I can get out of the security border" I slowly get on the car floor and Jason put's a black blanket over me and whisper's " Don't worry, Your safe now, I promise" As soon as we start moving I fall asleep in a deep deep sleep....

*Jason's Pov*

Driving along the road at night to the security border to get Chris out of here, I see lights coming up ahead, Yes the Security border. I drive slow and a guy stops me and say's " Where are you going Jason??" I look at him and say " Logan wants me to go out and take a vacation for a few months" He looks at me and say's " Alright, I hope you have a good Vacation you Lucky bastard" I laugh and say " I hope so too" A guard hits a button and the gate opens and I drive through it slowly, I look to my right and left for other car's and I turn right and drive down the road to a store to get some Clothes,Food,Medicine and other things Chris might like, I'm pretty sure he's starving. About and hour or two of driving I come up to a store, I get out and open the back door and take the blanket off Chris and say "Chris...Hey wake up"

*Chris Pov*

I hear someone saying my name " Chris...Hey wake up" I groan and move slowly and say " Huh??Where are we??" Jason looks at me and say's " The store, I need to get you clothes,Food and other things, Come on I need you to come with me" I nod my head and Jason helps me get out the truck and shuts the door. I stop in my tracks and say " Ja..Jason?? I...can't go in....there like...this, Peo...people will think you did this to me" Jason turn's around and say's "Fuck, I forgot, Wait there is a jacket in my bag you can put on and put the hood over your head to cover your cuts,scars and bruises." I nod my head and he walks to the truck and pulls out a big black hoodie jacket, He hands it to me and say's " Here" I take it from him and put it on and zip it up all the way and put on the hoodie and walk with Jason to only stop in my tracks....


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