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Using my Instincts (Finished)

Novel By: Skaterz
Action and adventure

Chris was always the shy and quiet one around his family and friends,Hell every where he went he barely said a word. Chris's life is pretty messed up after seeing his mother and father get killed right in front of his eyes at age 7. 10 year's later Chris is 17 years old and living with his grandparents and his cousins since his mother and father died. When Chris is at his family's place "everything" has changed so much,He hardly even remember's everyone's name in the family 10 year's ago and has been training with a secret trainer who helped him escape from the people that killed his parents. After all the shit that has happened, Strange things start to happen over the years or months at Chris's Grandparents house, One of his cousin's has a Child and follow's in his father's footsteps from the help of his father and Chris and his best friend Jason's little girl tries to follow in her father's footstep but can't do it but tell's Nina she's going to be okay because he's there View table of contents...


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Chapter 24: It's Done, It's over, I'm Satisified

I help Untie the people, The first people I unti are Jason and Eli and watch them hug there kids with tears, After I unti everyone else I walk out the room and lean up against the building and look up at the dark sky with a full moon and sigh. My life is complete, I'm done, I just wish I could hear my parents voices again, Just once. I hear the door open and people talking, I look to my left and see them walking with Nina in Jason's arm's and Little Chris in his Dad's arms crying. I push myself off the wall when Jason yell's " Chris!!! Wait!!" I look to him and I take off running, I don't want to deal with this right now, I practically turned there kids into...into something like me. I can't bear to look at them any more, Not like I used to, I won't see the same only the new. I all of a sudden trip hard on the ground onto my ball's and I put my hand over them and groan in pain, I look up and see Jason, Eli and my family and Little Chris and Nina. I cough in pain and say " Leave me Alone, I don't belong here" Jason grab's me again and say's " You do belong here, Without your help and the kids I don't think I could ever see my little girl again Chris" I shrug him off and say " Do...Do I care! NO YOUR ALL FUCKING HAPPY BUT ME, I'M FUCKED UP,DEPRESSED,A KILLER WHO'S 20 YEARS OLD,BUNCH OF SCAR'S AND BRUISES OVER ME AND MUCH MORE AND LETS NOT FORGET THAT MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!! I turn around and walk off, Leaving them all there speachless. I don't care anymore about anything, I just want to go home, And so I do.

I throw myself on my bed and cry my eye's out, Why does everyone around me have to be happy but me?? What did I do to deserve this?? I sit up and put my hands on my face and drag them down slowly, I feel like a wreck, I'm all....Alone, Even though I have a family, It's not enough. I get up out of bed and walk down the stairs and see everyone down there, I walk past them and go into the kitchen ignoring them calling my name. But as I was about to open the fridge a voice, That voice, I turn around and see...Oh my god it's Amelia, The girl I love, The one I want to spend my life with. I look at my Family and Jason say's " We've been doing alot of thinking and i've been keeping a good eye on you Chris, Your so easy to figure out even the one you like most." Ameia walks over to me slowly and say's " Chris??" I let out a slow sigh and put my hand across her cheek and cup it and say " Amelia...W...Why are you here??" She put's her hands on top of mine and say's " Because your in pain and misery Chris, You need someone to love you,make you feel better in life. Not depressed or anything else, Let me in your heart Chris, Please" A single tear drop's from my eye and I look up at my family, I pull Amelia into my arm's hugging her and say to my family " T..Thank you" They nod and walk out the house leaving me alone with Amelia.

"Oo...OH Chris!! Faster!!" I thust into her faster, She is Mine! and Only Mine! " CHRIS!!!" I groan and thrust inside her fast and find my release and fill her with my Cum, I collaspe on top of her and bury my face in her neck and say " Mine!" I look up at her and she giggle's and say's " Yes, Your's, Only Yours" I get up out of bed and pull on my boxers and short's and Amelia bend's down and grab's my shirt and put's it on over her, Damn she looks good and she's all mine! She get's up and puts on her underwear and her little short short's and I walk over and Pick her up and she wraps her legs around my waist, I smile at her and say " Mine!" She giggles and leans down and kisses me, I tighten my arm's around her, This girl is ALL MINE!!! I set her back down and she walks out into the bathroom. I rummage through my dresser and pull out a black T-shirt and put it on and then I put on my sock's and shoes. Amelia walks in and takes off my shirt causing me to groan from just looking at her and she puts on her bra and then her shirt and sandals. Just as she was to walk out I wrap my arm's around her from behind and kiss the back of her neck and the top of her head and we walk out my room.

"Hey Guy's" Jason looks at me and give's me a look and I give him a look like Don't-mention-anything look, He smile's and play's around with Nina, His daughter. I see Eli training his son with his Bow and Arrow. I go over to my Grandparents and was about to grab a hot dog when she hits me with the spatula and say's " You can wait till it's all cooked Chris" I put my other hand on it and say " Owww... Since when did you become so violent??" She tried to hit me again for fun and I put my hands up in surrender and say " I get it, I get it, Geez" She rolls her eye's and continues to cook the food. I look around and see Amelia on the deck of the pool talking with my Cousins, I quietly walk up onto the deck and look at my cousins and put my finger to my mouth to be quiet and move my hands apart and they move apart in the water and keep talking to her, I wrap my arm's around Amelia quickly and jump in the pool with her screaming. I come up for air and I see her really mad, OH shit. My cousns are laughing and so is everyone else, I quickly go to the other side of the pool and get out with Amelia right behind me, I turn around and pull her into my arm's and hug her tightly and say " I'm sorry" She stops trying to get free and looks up at me and say's " Now it's my turn" She turns around and her hips start shaking in a way that turn's me on and I say " Two can play at this game"

The END!!!

So what did you all think of the story?? Should I write a new story involving Amelia and Chris and there future or no?? I really had fun writing this and writing certain parts made me want to laugh and smile alot, I hope you enjoyed this story :) Cheers ~Brandon O


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