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This is the story of a boy named Tom. View table of contents...



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-T S-

"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes."
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh


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2:57 A.M

A sigh of dissapointment and the low sound of crinkled paper is all that is heard from a boy standing, almost infront, of a line of over 100 people. The line is silent and still, there is no commotion, only the sounds of breathing and low gusts of wind. The boy wears a Red striped Flannel, accompanied by a White cotton-like T-Shirt. His remarkable sense of fasion is what distinctively sets him apart from everybody else who also follow the same path he takes. The boy appears outside of a long strip of highway, behind him giant snow peaked mountains, closeby sloping mountain-like hills and a never ending road surpass the line of people, who appear souless and despaired at first glance.

In front a building, the size of a house and the length of a train, blocks the boy from a daunting crossfade of a bright glowing light that shines over the shadowing building, daunting the him and the people in the mile long line . The front face of the building is a doorway fit next to 2 LED lights giving off only two colors, Red and Blue. It's meaning contains a mystery to the boy, who within himself is exhausted, drowsy, and mellow in appearence. Just before the light of the mysterious shine begins to repeat its cycle, a crashing and deep boat-like horn begins to crash into the ears of the wanderers who wait to reach even closer to the bright glowing lights that daunt over the shadows of the complex. Captured in a dismal state of nervousness and fear, the LED's that are stuck next to the big metallic entrance begin to let out a another a buzz of their own. Like a ghost passing through objects, the LED stacked on top of the other right below itself fades from unswitched bulb to a bright blue that blocks the visions of anything within a mile radius. The sound of hydrolics are lightly heard as the deep penetrating hum fades along with the flashed, blue LED light. The impenetrable metallic door jolts the bolts that blanket the sides of itself. The sounds of mechanics and cogs surround the door that slowly opens. The boy is filled with a feeling that underestimates him. The boy eyes refocus on the object, light surrounds him.

The line is silent and still, there is no commotion, only the sound of breathing and footsteps, the figures walk towards the metallic door, envisioning the dreams of what was once a part of themselves. A life promised by their own beliefs, false hope for something more than what they're expecting. The boy puts his hand over his face, blinded by brightness, by fate.

-This is the Story of a Boy Named Tom-


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