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Runes of Destiny

Novel By: Spyke

The year is 2376 on planet Arlantia. Cole Malik is like any other teenager. He and his mother moved to a town far away from the majority of technology when he was little because his mother wanted him to grow up in the same era she did. Or at least a replica of it. The country they live in, known as Tazado, has a dark history, however. Two ancient civilizations were at war for hundreds of years. One known as the Zerxies, the good and knowledgeable. The other known as the Pulsarians, the violent and forceful. The Zerxies lost the war against the Pulsarians and were wiped out completely. Or so everyone thought. The Zerxies had their own special rune language that's specially tied to every descendant's DNA. Because the Pulsarians killed all of the Zerxies, they can't read the language and are desperate to try anything they can to discover the knowledge that's been hidden from them. Cole isn't interested in the history of his country, and doesn't want to pursue it as something he'd like to study. But to his disbelief, the history of his country comes to him instead, with the intent to use him for something horrible.

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By: Sean "Spyke" B. - Apr 13th, 2014

Runes of Destiny

Chapter 1

Do we really choose what we want? Chances are... you will say yes. Your reason will be free will. When we're faced with a decision, WE choose what we want, right? Wrong. Our lives are like finished movies. The scenes will remain the same, and the script will never change. It's not to say that we don't have free will. We have free will, from our own point of view. We see a choice. But no matter what you choose, it would have happened all the same. Our lives are all pre-determined paths for us to follow. Because we have no choice.

Because it is our destiny.

Sitting on the edge of my bed at three in the morning, unable to sleep, I was awoke by a nightmare. A nightmare of war, and spilled blood. All I remember seeing is... fire. My village ablaze. Standing outside with tears running down my face, I saw my own house engulfed in flames. My mother was on the second floor, slung, dead and burning, over the windowsill. Men in armor were killing innocent people. Striking through some with spears. Spears reflecting the horror of the orange gleam given off by the inferno around me. Only when the spears came out the other side of the person, did the brightness of the shine fade slightly, due to the blood.

The horrifying image of my mother... the deaths of the people I grew up knowing... These things are permanently burned into my brain. Even eight years later, they still haunt me. There was another dream I had that changed me though. This one only happened three years ago... This one was different. This one was... good. Literally all I remember of it is that I saw a face. The face of a girl. She had blonde hair and... I can't remember what her face looks like now, but I know she was beautiful. That was not all though. It's not the visuals that got to me. It was the feeling. I was overcome with the most powerful feeling of... love. I wanted to keep feeling it. I never wanted it to end. It was the best feeling anyone could ever feel.

But as the dream faded and I started to wake up, so too did the feeling. I tried to hold on to it any way I could. To close my eyes again and try to get back to it. But the feeling still continued to fade, and eventually it was gone. Who was that girl I saw? Why did I feel like that about her? How could I feel that way about her? I had never seen her before in my life.

All I could hope for is that these questions would be answered. But even now... I still can't answer any of them. I couldn't help but think of these things, lying in bed now, again unable to drift off to sleep. Around another hour had passed reminiscing about dreams like those. I often had the same dream about being in a jungle... Standing outside ruins of some sort. I was so caught up in my thoughts, I didn't notice when sleep came.

The morning sun broke through my window and cast a slit of light on my eyelids. I opened my eyes and stared at my ceiling. I let out a tired sigh. "Cole, wake up and come downstairs! You don't want to be late for school!" My mother's voice was enough of an alarm to fully wake me up. I wearily leaned out of bed and stood up, still not being able to see properly because of that eye crust stuff. I wiped the gunk from my eyes, got changed and headed downstairs. Breakfast was already on the table. I sat down and started to eat, with very little enthusiasm. "What's wrong Cole? You don't look good today." My mother said as she sat down to eat her breakfast. "Well, I just woke up." I replied with a tired tone. "Makes sense... You should try to be as awake as you can. Remember, you have a test in school today."

The test I'd actually forgotten about. Oh, good. "Crap. I forgot about it..." I finished the rest of my breakfast and put the dishes in the sink. "You have some time before class starts, right? Why don't you ask Adira to help you study quickly? At least then you might get more questions right." "We don't have long... Only about twenty minutes, but I'll see what I can get into my brain for the test."

I went to the bathroom to try and get the rest of that eye stuff out of my eyes, because I just couldn't seem to rub it out. I turned on the tap, cupped my hands and splashed water on my face. My straight black hair was a bit of a mess, but I used my hands to fix it a little, and I looked presentable. Somehow, the fact that I'm 17 and barely have any facial hair annoys the Hell out of me. I walked out of the bathroom and got my shoes on. I put on my jacket and grabbed my house key. I slung my backpack over my shoulder and headed for the door. Adira was outside waiting for me, the sunlight gleaming through the edges of her dirty blonde hair. "Hey Cole, ready for that stupid test?"

I couldn't help but answer her question with another question. "You think I'm ready for a test?" "Oh yeah, good point. You don't give a shit about your grades, unlike me." She started walking. "Come on, or we won't be able to study a little more before the test."

I looked out into the village and saw the school and everyone walking in. "Yeah..." We made our way along the path to the school. The village was made up of houses with straw roofs, white walls, and dark wooden frames. The bright green grass covered the ground by the dirt path that lead past the houses to the school. Our village is small. Only twenty to thirty kids go to our school. It's one of those schools that's only one classroom. As you can imagine, there's not many houses in the town, excluding all the ancient stone ruin houses. We like to keep old buildings rather than tear them down. We like to keep remnants of our town's history, mainly because they're the only things that keep this damn place interesting.

We were in front of the school when I suddenly stopped walking, worried about the test, wanting to just go home and go back to sleep. Adira noticed quickly and turned around, raising an eyebrow for an explanation. "I really don't think I can do this." I started to back away. "Oh, gimme a break." Adira walked up close to me. "With me helping you study the first twenty minutes before school starts, you'll do well." I started to turn away. "No I won't, I'll fail." "You won't fail; I'll make sure of it. Now let's go!" She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the open door.

She let go as we headed in, and only when she did let go did I realize how much I didn't want her to let go. I mean, of course being close friends with a girl for two years is bound to stir some feelings, right? I'll admit I have those feelings for her, but this was different. It didn't just feel like it made my face turn red. The physical contact... it felt like it was supposed to happen, in a way. So yeah, I've had a crush on her for quite a while. Since the moment I first saw her, to be accurate. But it was pointless to tell her because I knew she'd never want to be with someone like me, although I was still having a hard time accepting that.

We sat down in our usual spots right beside each other and got our notes out. Adira helped me study as long as she could. I felt like I got enough information to at least pass the test. Then the teacher told everyone to put their notes away, and handed out the tests.

It was a history test, on the two ancient civilizations in our large country that fought each other a few thousand years ago. The Zerxies, which were basically the knowledgeable and peace loving ones, and the Pulsarians which relied on threat and force to get what they wanted. Both civilizations were at war with each other for an unknown reason, for hundreds of years. Every generation of each side took part in the war, until somehow, the Zerxies were wiped out. It's a shame too. They were pretty much the 'good guys', but the Pulsarians killed them all. None were spared. Descendants of the Pulsarians still exist today, no doubt. But people have still been spreading rumors that there's no way all of the Zerxies were lost. There must be some left somewhere. I never believed those rumors though.

Adira finished her test way before me as usual, and handed it in to our teacher with visible confidence. I was actually able to answer a decent number of the questions, but whether or not my answers were right is something I would have to wait to find out. I was still worked up about the test, even after school, as Adira and I were walking home. "I really don't think I did well on that test... But you did help me, so I know I at least passed it." Adira gave me a weird look. "You're a lot smarter than you think. You're just really lazy is all." About me being smart, I think she was wrong, but lazy? Yeah, that's me alright. "I don't know... I guess."

We continued walking as the sun started to set. School started at 11 AM, and ended at 5:30 PM. We were about halfway to my house when we noticed a tall, suspicious looking man up ahead. And I say he's suspicious because our town is small and we rarely get visitors. So the fact that I had never seen this guy before seemed like a bad sign. He was jerking his head in different directions, as if he was looking for somebody. He slightly changed to where he was going to go and came up to us. "Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to know where I could find someone named Nora Winters, would you?" The innocent question came as a bit of a shock to me.

The name he mentioned was the name of our teacher. Why would this guy be looking for our teacher? But of course, since I'm not a creep, I don't actually know where the teacher lives. Even if I did, I still wouldn't tell this guy.

"Uh, no, sorry... We don't know." We resumed walking while the man stood there with a blank expression on his face. "Thanks anyway." We heard him say, in an annoyed tone. I turned around and saw that he was already back to walking in the direction we came from, still looking around. Adira looked over at me, worried. "What the Hell could that guy want with Mrs. Winters?" "I don't know." I replied. "But maybe their kid didn't come home or something." "I doubt that." Adira turned back around to look at the man again, who was almost out of view. I had a bad feeling though, something I didn't want to admit to Adira. The guy that passed us gave off a bad vibe or something. But I didn't tell her because I didn't want to seem crazy.

After a few more minutes of walking and small talk about school and such, we finally reached my house. Adira walked up to the door with me. "Well, goodnight I guess." I said lazily as I fumbled for my house key. I got the door open when Adira stopped me. "Wait." She put her hand on my shoulder. I turned around, confused. Without any warning, she put her arms around me and hugged me. I started to hug back, but then she pulled away, embarrassed. "I'm sorry, it's just that... that guy was kinda scary." I was a bit confused, but I guess I understood. "Yeah, I... I guess he was, wasn't he?" She'd hugged me before, but not many times, and usually not in this manner or as tightly. "Um... anyways, goodnight Cole." She turned and walked away down the dirt path that lead to her house. I fully opened the door and stepped inside.

Each night was the same. I'd come home, eat dinner, and try to do whatever homework I thought was easy enough. Then I'd have a shower and go to bed. My mother and I moved here to get away from all the advanced technology in the rest of the country, because according to her, it didn't feel right, and she wanted me to grow up in the same type of era she did; or at least a replica of it.

I lay down in bed wondering about that strange man. Who was he? Why was he looking for my teacher? I was hoping these questions would be answered soon. But even so, something inside me told me... I really didn't want them answered at all.


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