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Tales of Leron: Night Soldier Pt 2

Novel By: TalesofLeron
Action and adventure

Part 2 of season 1- Tales of Leron Night Soldier! We rejoin our heroes as they flee the city and make their way into the woods. What will happen next?! View table of contents...


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Chaos Rains Down! The Eye is Online!

Noah- Mary, fire at will!

Mary- Roger sir, drill missile away!

*Mary launches the drill missile. A large blast ricochets through the valley. The missile screams over the heads of the outlaws and towards the Alpha control tower. The missile continues, until it crashes into the tower. The missile drills through the thick steel, making a huge spark storm. The impact stuns numerous guards below, who react in chaos. The alarm sounds, and sends other soldiers into panic.

A soldier- Command post this is unit C do you copy?! Someone is attacking!

*Suddenly, the tower starts to buckle as the missile drills toward the center. After a huge spark storm, the tower falls over. The explosion is large, killing several soldiers around the area. Several Alpha soldiers prepare for battle.

A Officer- We have lost outward communication, sir! Our tower has been destroyed. All drones are on standby!

A Commander- What the hell is going on out there?! I need a status report! Get all available units on the scene, and prepare the tanks! Get all soldiers out of their beds now!

*The halls of Alpha's base come to life. Hundreds of soldiers run up and down the living corridors, gearing up and preparing for battle. Outside, a huge underground ramp surfaces. 50 tanks emerge, and numerous soldiers take their positions. Snipers, anti vehicle units, and infantry all run into their positions.

*Back at the drone hangar, Maxi stays hidden as the inexperienced staff try to figure out how to handle the situation.

Guard 1- Why aren't the drones responding! We need to get them online!

Guard 2. Maybe they need a manual startup or something. I'm going down to look.

*The guard goes down to the drone Maxi is hiding under.

Maxi- Looks like I get to shed some blood early.

Suddenly, the drone comes to life and rises up from its position.

Maxi- Guah, what the hell!

*He runs under the walkway, leaving a stunned guard surrounded by the drones rising one by one.

Guard 2- Uh, see. I told you that it would take some time, there's nothing to worry about!

*Suddenly an explosion destroys the front of the hangar. One by one, the drones come out. One of the drones looks up towards the control tower and prepares to fire.

Guard 1- What the hell? No!

*The drone fires its cannon on the control station. Outside, the Alpha soldiers are confused as to what they are seeing.

A soldier- What the hell was that?!

Stewart- Well, it looks like its time for me to have some fun.

*The spider drones start firing rounds on the surrounding Alpha units. Several soldiers are killed, and many more run behind cover trying to understand the situation. Explosions rock the base.

A soldier- What the hell is going on!? Command this is Red Squad! We are being attacked by our own spider drones! Permission to fight back!

Commander- All units in the area, focus firepower on those spider drones! Stop them with everything you got!

As the spider drones line up in formation, Noah makes his way towards the base.

Noah- Stewart, I need an entrance.

Stewart- You got it sir.

*Stewart commands one of the drones to fire a round into the wall. The round blasts through, creating a huge hole in the 30 ft defense. Noah walks through the flames, his right eye glowing through the darkness.

Noah- It's time to commence the main assault. Outlaws, prepare for war!

*He begins analyzing the battlefield.

Noah- Stewart, the eye is online and scanning!

Stewart- I got it sir, just keep scanning the field! I will follow your lead with the drones!

*Noah's eye goes to work scanning and locking on to targets all around the base. The eye has the ability to see people as far as a half mile away, and can send visual data to other machines. In this case, Noah's 2 turrets are in synch with what he sees; as Noah's eyes create new targets, the turrets prioritize their attack.

Noah- Ok, I have 500 enemies acquired. I'm going in. Keep the spider drones behind me. Mary, fire a volley of rounds on those incoming tanks.

*Noah rushes into battle. His turrets begin firing in line with their targets. Several soldiers on the ground are decimated. Even soldiers hiding behind cover are found by the river of bullets. While Noah runs at 50 mph into the field of enemies, his turret rounds tare through the base. His turret pack also has short range scatter missiles, which he uses to wipe out any armored enemies, and even some tanks that may be in his way. Mary's artillery shots take out several more tanks, causing a large cloud of smoke under the nights sky. The spider drones follow Noah, taking out packs of Alpha units. So far, the assault is taking Alpha by storm.

A Sergeant- Sniping squad, we must take out the main target. He is advancing towards headquarters. Stop him!

*Suddenly, a line of bullets rips through the sniping squad. All 8 soldiers on the roof are killed. Noah, realizing the rooftop fire, calls Maxi.

Noah- Maxi, are you in watchtower 1 yet?

Maxi- Yes sir, I have, taken care of the soldiers in here. (He kicks over a dead body) Your orders?

Noah- I want you to take out as many soldiers on the rooftops as possible, You think you can do that on your way to the target?

Maxi- No problem sir! It would be my pleasure.

Noah- Also, I want your final destination to be on the rooftop of headquarters where you will wait for my instructions. Also, wait for Leron when you get there, I'm sending him the coordinates now. Leron, are you there?

Leron- Yes sir, what is it.

Noah- Gear up, and take the rooftops route as shown in your heads up display! I want you to meet Maxi at this marked rooftop location, understood? (Noah sends Leron the coordinates).

Leron- Got it! On my way!

*Leron gets up from his seat and picks up his rifle. He then heads for the door. Stewart interrupts him.

Stewart- Hey Leron! Don't do anything to rash. We'll be here backing you up. Just call us if you need any support!

Sara- Be careful, Leron!

Leron- Thanks guys, I think I'll be fine.

*Leron exits the Vehicle. He puts on his helmet and checks his gear. With one click, his rifle scope illuminates. The boy looks through the woods with a clear-cut determination, his target lies only 2 miles away.

Leron- It's time to bring Alpha hell!

Part 2 END


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