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"It's my honor to give you the next Ruler of serene ladies and gentlemen king Jason the fifth"

Everyone turned as king Jason the fifth walked down the aisle. Everyone bowed down to there new king as he walked up to his throne, his daughter and princess rose was jealous, she wanted the prince that wasn't family to be exiled out of the country forever but the mother Janis stopped her

"Move mom!" she said in a very harsh manner as Janis looked at her

"Oh come on dear he just picked him over your brother josh that's all" Janis said rose got mad

" Mom you can't let him pick a prince that's not family that's ageist the family ruler ship law" rose said

"But that's his decision I can't change his mind" Janis said.

Rose got upset "I can't believe you would go thru with this, this is not what I had in mind. I wanted my brother to be the prince not some stranger who we don't know about. who knows he might try to get in a relationship with me" rose said.

"This person will not go that far I assure you over my dead body he won't" Janis said. Rose looked at mom

"It's just not fair, I want my brother to be prince then I would be happy. but I guess I have to deal with this," she said.

Then her father Twain came in " no you don't not on my watch u don't" Twain said.

Rose looked at her father " your going to exile him out of the country?" rose said.

" Yes I am how dare he pick somebody that's not family Josh is going to be prince I assure you he is" Twain said

So as the father left, he took two of his best men as he barged thru the throne room that was filled with guest as he yelled

"Stop this instant king Jason you can't have this traitor as your prince, only family can be your prince and josh is family so he deserve to be prince, not this nobody that you call family" Twain said.

Jason laughed with a smirk on his face "do you think this peasant should be prince, my brother josh be prince ha! He doesn't know how to respect himself. if anything he should be like the other peasants and go hungry for all I care" king Jason said.

The father wasn't pleased with his remark

" You think this is how u treat your brother, by making him the lowly one. You should have more respect for yourself," Twain said.

King Jason looked back at his father "you're the one that crowned me king remember, so I say what goes and I say he should go with the peasants for all I care, he not a prince in my book he a disgusting little liar, just look at him. He doesn't know what he thinks of me" king Jason said.

Then his brother spook "I know what I think of you, I think you're selfish and need to be put on notice. That you're not a good king, maybe I should be king and treat u differently and send you to the dungeon were you truly belong" josh said.

King Jason snarled, " How dare you disrespect me, I demand you to go on your knees, and show me the respect I deserve?" he said.

Josh didn't do as he was told, as he just stood there "no I won't do it" he said.

King Jason got angry and snarled even more " then the dungeon you shall go Guards! Arrest this phony prince and lock him up forever or till he shows some respect for me and my guests," he said.

So as the guards took josh away and threw him into the dungeon, he got up as he got scared "no you can't do this to me I'm your prince. I deserve the utmost respect around here" josh said

Then he jumped as he seen rats and rodents and bugs and he had bug and rodent afobia as he shakes the cell doors. "please let me out please!!! Please listen to your prince please!!!" he said.

But nobody listens to him, as he sat on the dirty floor with his head down sobbing. then his sister rose got thrown in the dungeon with his brother

" This is not how a princess should be treated, I demand you let me outta here this instant" she said.

Josh looked at her " it's no use sis, he has us locked up in here till we give him respect he deserves," he said.

Rose looked at his brother " I wish our father never crowned him king, he's a selfish brother and shows no respect for you and I. besides I hope he gets what he deserves" she said.

Meanwhile the prince that nobody knew walked up to the king as he bowed down on one knee.

"I wish to marry princess rose my king" he said. King Jason rose up from his throne as he grabbed the prince and dragged him behind closed doors

"You will not marry my sister nobody will marry my sister or bride to be, for I will ban every last prince to never marry my sister, you can have all the other woman to marry, but you can't have her" he said.

The prince got upset "but I must have her, she the one I must marry her eyes are like the start of spring, her lips are like cherries. I must marry her and make her my bride to be" he said.

King Jason looked at him "LOOK! You're not marrying her allright. now just let go of her and pick one of these fine women here," king Jason said.

The prince looked back at him "I don't want any of these fine looking women, I want rose to marry me. And if I don't get what I want, I will have the council seek into this and have you removed from power, none of these citizens want you in power, your scaring us and your being selfish" he said

King Jason stood there as he walked down the steps and away from his throne as he approach the prince "you will not tell the council anything, for I will have you thrown in the dungeon forever is that clear?" he said.

The prince looked at him "you know, I'm not from here I'm in another country, a country you hate I'm Iranian and I'm from Iran" he said.

The people looked in shock as king Jason the fifth got angrier "I trusted you with everything, and now you let your secret out. now I have no other choice but to banish you from this country" king Jason said.

So as the prince walked out of the castle, king Jason had to find another prince and a war was coming towards his doorstep, and he had 24 hours to assemble men for battle. Then one of his men came in. He fell to the floor as king Jason saw arrows in his back, then he looked at his guards "what are you waiting for? go after whoever done this" he said.

Then as the guards went after the enemy, they too got shot with arrows as the citizens ran looking for cover as two black horses barged into the castle they reared up there horses and charged at king Jason, then all his men came with arrow guns as they shoot there arrows at the two men. They fell off there horses as more men came in. a war went on in his castle, then the queen of all Russia came in as she showed the most heinous look of all as she pointed at king Jason the fifth.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time." she said as she points at him.

"Fire at will" she said as king Jason looked back at her.

"No it can't be," he said.

The guards looked at him "who sire?" he said.

"Black dragon the queen of Russia" king Jason said.

Then all of king Jason men 500 strong was being killed by black arrows as her 1500 men were getting killed too, but not enough to defeat her army. Then king Jason the fifth looked at his army as he yelled.

"Retreat!!!" he said as all his men fell back, the queen snarled

"Don't let them escape, seal the doors to their castle make them fight!!!!" she said as her men blocked every last exit as he and her men surrounded his army. The queen led her horse towards king Jason, as she looked down on him

"How pathetic 10 years I've tried to take over this castle now I'm succeeding as it were, now I can safely say this castle is ours for the taking" she said as her men cheered on but king Jason laughed

"Not quite as long as I hold power here and still living you will have to kill me to take it," he said.

The queen looked at him. "very well then KILL THEM ALL!!!" the queen yelled.

As black arrows rained down on them, king Jason men was killed on contact including him.

"Sire please! don't die on us we want to die for you" one of his men said.

"I'm not going to die, I'm going to rise up and fight like as if is my last" he said.

Then king Jason rose up as her men kept firing arrows at him he fell on one knee as the arrows were all over his armor, he screamed "AHHHHHH!!!!"

Then one of her men fired an arrow at his head as it penetrates, then he fell face first to the floor below him. then in the dungeon the messenger had to send the horrible news

" King Jason the 5th is dead," he said

Rose stated sobbing as she hugged her brother Josh as her brother comforted her

" Thanks" josh said

Then as the messenger left. Prince Josh looked at his father

"Now what should we do? We can't let the queen of Russia take over our castle like this" Prince Josh said.

The father looked back at him "it's out of my hands she won we can't get it back" Twan said.

Josh was outraged "yes we can I know we can, I just don't want to be here in this filthy dungeon anymore. I never felt this humiliated in my entire life, it's like I just want to end my life. This is not where I'm suppose to be, I'm suppose to be on the throne pleasing my fellow guest including guests of honor," he said.

The father looked at him "and you will be king I assure u, but if we do try to fight the queen of Russia we'll never survive, well be dead just like your brother" he said.

Rose started thinking "how about this? I go and have the queen capture me so you can hurry and get the crown on his head?" she said.

Josh and Twan looked at her then at each other. " Are you crazy! She'll kill you then she'll kill us both," he said.

Rose looked at him as the father backed up "why are you looking at me like that?" he said.

"This is our castle, we fight to get what's ours right? So we never give up right?" she said.

" Right but how are we going to defeat her? Were outnumbered," he said.


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