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In this novel, three boys from broken homes, ruined pasts, and never ending violence come together to form a brotherhood so strong, they would become the whispers in every school. These three will pull stunts, scam, and fight their way through school to survive. After pulling a huge humiliation to some punks, that will not only make them famous, but will get them kicked out of school. Sent to one of the worst schools in the country, these three boys will take on trials and emotions they have never seen or have experienced before. Betrayal, love, failure, destruction, empathy, and despair. To conquer this new environment, they will have to form a bond closer than ever, and watch their backs, because the whole school wants a piece of them. View table of contents...


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"Go man go!" Shouted Luke, practically dragging Clitus down the hallway at sprinting speeds. Behind them was a whole crew of junkies and punks that have constatly given them hell ever since they stepped on campus of Worthington Acadamy. These punks have embarrased them, trashed their dorm rooms, and made them a laughing stock of the school, and we had a plan to humiliate them forever. Clitus had a plan that would make us famous, and if anyone could come up with such a plan, it would be him. His plans, even though reckless and sometimes completely insane, always found a way of prevailing, and this was one of those plans. We were gonna get these guys in a planned spot, humiliate them publically, and at the same time become kings of the school... the three badasses. But of course to get these punks in a certain spot, we had to piss them off, and Clitus thought the best way was to launch mini fireworks into the bathroom they hang in and have little drug sessions. It sure did the trick, because they were pissed, and catching up to Luke and Clitus.

"For a bunch of lazy potheads, these guys sure are fast!" said Clitus

"Just keep moving your feet man! We are almost to the gymnasium! Benjamin is aching for some action!"

Clitus and Luke came bashing through the doors into a darkened gymnasium, with the punks close behind. They stayed back by the doors, hesitant to charge into the darkness where Clitus and Luke have disappeared. A few seconds went by, pure silence and darkness swept the gym.

"Stop hiding ya brats! Just come out and let us kick your asses already!"

The lights came on, and it truly was a glorious sight.

The gym was packed with students, phones out ready to film, and some even brought chips and popcorn. Set up in the corners of the room were cameras to record what was about to happen. The doors behind the punks were shut and locked for no escape. And three guys stood in the middle of the gym.

"The hell is this?!" Shouted one of the punks

"This, my dear children, is the beginning and the end. This is the end of your tyranny, and the beginning of us."

Clitus always had a way with making things sound poetic and glorious.

"You did all of this BS just to fight us?"

"Well atleast you know what's about to happen. You see, kicking your asses secretly would bring nothing but hatred and vengance, and our differences would never be settled. But now, with the world watching on a webcam, and the whole school here to watch, we are going to publicly make you, quote and quote, our little bitches. And after we do so, you will be so humiliated you will be the laughing stock of Worthington Acadamy, and you will never have a place of heiarchy here again. So, gents, are you gonna stand there and watch us verbally make you look stupid, or are you potheads gonna do something about it?"

"Alright boys, lets beat the hell outta these kids!"

Honestly, it didn't look good for the three. They were outnumbered, three of them, and 18 of these punks. The three looked like they could handle themselves in a small fight, but this was suicide. Even though this was suicide, the three had a certain...look to them that made you think they had a chance.

Clitus was scrawny, weak looking, but by a glance you knew he was a natural born leader and planner. Luke was dark, handsome, rugged...and down right stunning. Benjamin was big, rock solid, and looked badass to the core.

Benjamin took a couple steps forward while the enemy charged, and the first guy that came close to Benjamin was knocked out in one brutal punch to his chin. Two more guys rushed him, and started swinging like wildmen, but Benjamin blocked all of their attacks, and elbowed one of the punks in the face and swung around to strike and struck the punks throat, causing him to fall to his knees, where his face was met with a devasting knee blow.

That pretty much set the tone for the fight. Benjamin took most of the fight to them, while Luke and Clitus took out straglers from the main group. Luke not only was handsome, but could fight like he was possessed. Flying from punk to punk kicking and punching wildly, but had complete control of how he fought. He took a few punches and hits to his body, but as soon as he was hit in the face, he seemed to go even crazier. The poor soul who hit his face was met with a devasting kick to the stomach and was choke slammed. Luke didn't nearly look as strong as Benjamin, but showed he wasn't a weakling.

Clitus, surprisingly, looked calm. He could handle a one-on-one fight with ease. He didn't swing wildly, he hit points that crippled his foe, anything he did was for putting him into position to win. He could plan out how his fight was gonna go, and bring a counter attack. He could read his enemies in split seconds, and determine the best way to harm them without recieving harm to himself. He was brilliant in the art of war.

After just a couple of minutes, the biggest public fight this school has ever seen was over, and the three guys were still standing. Benjamin fought with dicipline and strength, and was brutal. Half of the punks laid all around where he stood, either knocked out or wishing they were unconcious, and Benjamin wasn't even breathing hard. Clitus and Luke fought the other half, and were thourough and tough. They had taken blows and were winded, but had the posture of champions.

The students in the stands were flipping out, screaming and looking in disbelief. Some were even handing money to other students because they lost their bets. Kids were already uploading their video of the fight to the web. The three guys met up in the middle of the gym and slapped high fives, because they did it.

"Clitus, your one crazy bastard, but this plan of yours worked! We are now, infact, famous."

"Of course it worked Luke, when have my plans failed us? As long as we have big guy here to steal most of the fight, we will never lose!"

They had a good laugh, Benjamin didn't laughed but gave a little grin to show that he thought it was amusing too.

"What is the meaning of this?! A fight in my gymnasium? You three, to my office, now! Mr. Berkings, check up on these morons moaning on the floor!"

Clitus forgot about the aftermath of this stunt. Principal Cook must hast saw the fight streamed on the web, and probably knew that he and his friends were the ones that started it.


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