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At a young age Her father was killed and her mother was taken. Bow she will have to fight for her right to live in two worlds. One in the burning sun and another in the light of the cold moon. View table of contents...


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I ran into my parent's room to find that my dad was dead and the men who had killed him were trying to take Mom. "Mommy!" I screamed and tried to run to her.
One of the men grabbed my arm and said with an evil smile, "Boss looks like we have another five year old for the slave market. Looks strong to. She'll be good for the market." I tried to pull out of his strong hands. "Ha! What are you going to do kid? Bite me?" To their surprise I did. My teeth cut through his skin and I could taste his blood in my mouth. It tasted bad. Poisoned with evil. No cure. He let go. He yelled, "Grab her!"
I herd my mother scream, "Run daughter! Run!" I did just that. I ran out the door and through the hallway and through the front door. I ran all day and night in the woods. My white hair flying behind me and my purple eyes watching where my feet were going. I ran till I came to a cave where some of my friends lived. They were wolves. When I was born my mother had me here and we lived with the wolves long enough for me to learn their language.
They weren't there so I sat down, leaned on the cave wall and fell asleep. I dreamed of all that had happened. When I woke I was crying. The pack was back and had let me sleep. A gray cub, named Itch, came up to me and said "What wrong pack sister."
I got on my hands and knees and with a few movements I said, "Bad people come to home. Pa dead. Ma gone. I'm sad pack brother Itch." Wolves didn't talk in past tense so it was hard to tell them things sometimes.
The leader's wife, White Moon, came to me and said "You stay with us for now. We are your new family." She looked back at the leader and he agreed. "Sleep daughter. Tomorrow we hunt." I laid down and some of the cubs came to lay beside me. They knew that I needed warmth to survive.
9 Years Later
"Come on pack sister Namar!" Itch called down after me. We were going on a big hunt for a herd of deer that were in the field it was the largest hunt of the year. I was determined to kill one on my own. I ran up after Itch. I had a dagger in my right.
I climbed up a hill to Itch "How many are there?" I said as I looked out into the field and saw that it was packed with deer. I wanted to go out now but I had to wait for the leader to say when to go. I herd the pack leader howl "Run!" but it was cut off. I was scared he never cut off in the middle of a word like that. I ran to where I had herd him.
When I got there I saw a man standing beside our pack leader. I hid behind a bush. I looked behind me and saw that the rest of the pack had followed. I looked at Itch. Him knowing what I meant walked back to the cave the pack following him.
The mans sword was between leaders head and body indicating that he had cut off his head. I growled with anger and sadness. He looked up and started toward the bush. I stood up quickly so that he didn't come closer. I stepped out from behind the bush and walked up to him.
He took a step back. He was probably confused that not only was I a young woman I also had white hair and purple eyes. I asked him, "Who are you and why did you kill my pack leader?" He was shocked. I didn't know if it was because my English was good or because I called the wolf my pack leader.
"He looked like a wolf that had come into our village and killed some of the animals and children. My name is Camer" He bowed. We herd a growl behind me. I didn't need to look back to know it was White Moon.
She came to stand beside me and said, "He killed our pack leader now you must kill him." She was furious.
I got on my hands and knees and said in wolf. "It was a mistake he thought it was another wolf that had killed his cubs." I whimpered. "I can't kill him. He is of my kind."
She growled showing her teeth at me "You can only be of one pack daughter. We took you in when your own kind killed your father and took your mother." She looked at the man and said "If you won't I will." She leaped at him.
I jumped on top of her and pinned her down. I looked toward the man and yelled, "Run!" But he just looked at me face masked with shock. "Run you fool."
White Moon stopped struggling and said "You have chosen your pack now go with him to your kind." I let her go and she walked away. I watched her go until I couldn't see her any more.
Then Itch came and said, "I saw and heard everything pack sister. I will come with you." He came up to me and licked the tears away from my face. I put my hand there and realized that I hadn't cried sense I left my mother.
The man came up to me and said, "You are a brave girl. I am a mage. I could understand what they said." I stood up and looked at him. "Is your friend here going to come with us?" I looked at Itch and nodded. Itch barked with glee, his tail wagging. "Good then lets go." I followed him to the edge of the forest. Itch and me stopped. We saw people waiting for the man but were confused when they saw us with him.
I looked down at Itch and said with a few yaps, "This is our new pack I think." I looked back at the people. They were obviously shocked about my looks and talking to Itch in wolf talk.
He looked up at me and said, "Well lets go then. We don't want to keep them waiting." He started to walk. I followed him looking down so not to make any eye contact. I really didn't want to go but I was no longer part of the wolf pack. Now because of me neither was Itch. I had no other place to go but my own kind.
We stopped at a carriage and the man said to a woman near by, "Find her some fitting clothes." She nodded.
She walked over to me and said very slowly. "Can. You. Understand me?"
I rolled my eyes and said very fluently. "Why yes I can and I even know how to change and be proper and read and write." I smiled at her. Very proud of myself. She motioned me to follow. We went to the back of the cart where a trunk sat full of clothes. She went through the girl's clothes but none would fit me. So I had to wear boy's clothes. Some of the young girls snickered at me and pointed to my clothes. I asked if I could bath in one of the nearby ponds. Camer asked me why. I just stared at him till he said yes.
Itch fallowed me to the pond. I took off the deerskin cloth and jumped in the pond. I sat there till I herd some boys laughing and hushing each other. I knew that they were at the age of wanting to see a girl naked. I got far into the water so that only my head was showing and grabbed two frogs. I told Itch to hide till I told him to come out. And that when I call him to look rabid. He knew why and did so happily. I hid my deerskin cloths under a bush near the pond on the other side so that they couldn't get them.
I waited for the boys to come out. The oldest one shouted to me from the shore while waving my boy clothes in the air. "Hay why don't you come out and get your clothes." They all started to laugh.
"I bet you don't know what powers I have." These made them stop laughing and stare wide eyed. "I can summon up a demon wolf from the dead." I closed my eyes started to hum and squished the frogs under the water. Their blood rose to the top. I herd the boy's gasp. I howled for Itch to come out. He came out with ruffled fur and droll coming out of his mouth. He looked scary enough for them to run. After I was done laughing I noticed that they had taken the clothes with them. I grabbed the deerskin clothes and put them on again.
I walked back to the carriages to see that the women had my clothes and was holding the oldest boy by the ears. When I saw him I couldn't help but giggle. Those made the women smile. That soon went away when she looked at the boy and said, "I believe you need to apologize to the gal for taking her clothes and being very rude to her by trying to see her naked."
One of the young girls overheard us and came over to my side and shouted at the boy, "Fredrick! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Fredrick looked scared of her. More then he did with the women. She turned to me and said in a kind gentle ... Wolf talk? "Hello. I am pack sister Luna. What is your name?" She smiled to me. She looked very happy to be able to talk in wolf like me.
It was then that it happened. I herd a drumming in my ears. It was of some ones heart. So full of blood and the sweat sent of pain over came me. Fangs came out of my gums so quickly I screamed with alarm. I looked behind me to see a five year old crying. She had fallen and scrapped her knee. I sprang over to her with lightning speed.
I held her in my arms. I could see the veins in her neck. I put my head down and bit in. The blood ran warm down my throat. After a few minutes I was pulled away. I didn't fight back for my thirst was quenched.
I looked up to see who was dragging me away. It was Camer and Fredrick. I looked back at the little girl. She was skipping away like nothing ever happened with a big grin on her face. I smiled happy that they didn't let me drain her and that she didn't remember a thing.
They sat me at one of the carriage. Camer scowled at me and yelled, "Namar what did you do? You could have killed her! You should have told me what you were!" I looked up at him confused. He gasped and then asked, "Do you know what you are?" I shook my head. He sat down beside me. He looked at me with gentle eyes and said "Namar, you are a vampire."
I was shocked to hear this. I had herd so many story's about vampires. I asked "But then how am I able to walk out in sunlight? And why is it just now that I mature?"
He looked up at the sky and started to rub his chin. Then he asked a very touchy question. "What your mother a Vampire?" I shook my head slowly "What about your father?"
"I don't know I never knew him that well." Then I remembered that he was killed with a stake through the heart. I said with realization, "Yes! Yes he was."
He smiled proud to have found his answer. "You my child are only half vampire, and by the looked of it your blood type is pain." I looked at him still confused. He smiled "You drink the blood of those who are sad. Like the little girl you had gotten. She was sad so your thirst over came you and you drank her blood. So you really just sucked the sadness away. It will ware off in a few days."
I felt dizzy everything started to turn red then it went dark. I started to dream. I was running to really nowhere. I kept hearing moans of sadness. My fangs came out again. That sweet smell washed over me. I screamed "NO! I won't!" I covered my nose to block out the smell, but I could taste the smell through my mouth. I kept on screaming "No! I won't do it! I just won't" I stopped running and fell to my knees. I started to cry. The pain to drink was over coming. I looked behind and saw the little girl crying again. Uncontrollably I jumped toward her screaming for my body to stop. I held her in my arms again. I gave in and drank with delight until I could get no more from her. I laid her down and started to cry.
I woke still crying I saw that Camer was sitting beside the bed with a candle. I could feel the carriage bumping over the rocks. He whispered to me, "Are you alright? You've been crying all night"
I sat up to find my self in a nightgown "Still a little bit shaken about today. That's all." I gave him the best smile I could.
Still not satisfied he said, "Okay. If you every need me just yell my name." I nodded and he left. The carriage stopped to let him off and on to another. I couldn't get back to sleep.
I went up to sit beside the man steering the horse. His name was Jake. He was an old fellow but very sweet and nice. He looked down at me and smiled. "Out of curiosity how far can you see?" I could see very far. Better then any human could. On flat tureen I could see about a mile out.
I looked out about half a mile. I saw three figures on horses. Each wearing a black cloak. I saw one of their faces. Dark eyes and a wicked smile showing fangs. He turned his head torrid me and his smile grew even bigger.
I looked up at Jake he was smiling. I whispered just for him to hear, "I saw three men come this way. They didn't look friendly." His smile vanished.
He stopped the horses. "Go get Camer, and tell him what you saw out there."
I nodded and jumped off. I ran as fast as my vampire speed would let me. When I got in his carriage He was already up and dresses. He bent down and said very seriously, "What did you see Namar?" I told him that I saw three vampires coming this way. When we came out of the carriage they were there to great us.
"Hello there. We just came in for a bite to eat." One said flashing his fangs at us. Camer flinched when he saw them. I looked back to see where Jake was. He was dead on the ground. His blood drained from him.
I looked back at the man and yelled as I tried to punch him, "You killed Him! How could you?" With all my abnormal power I hit him in the gut. He doubled over. The other two grabbed my arms before I had a chance to tare his head off. I kept fighting them and screaming, "How could you? How could you?" I finally gave up and fell to my knees. They let go knowing I was too tired to fight.
The man stood up and smiled at me. "Looks like we have a half blood here." He lifted my chin to make me looked at him. "So when did you mature? When you were five or six maybe?"
I shook my head and a weak voice said, "Just yesterday. The first time I was with humans for eight years." He was shocked to here this but then smiled.
He let go of my chin and said to Camer, "We will let you and most of the others live if you let us take the girl." I stared wide-eyed at Camer as he nodded yes. The man looked back down at me with an evil grin, "Go get your things and meat us at our horses or else," He laughed, "I'll kill everyone."
I slumped into the carriage. I found an old bag and put the cloths that I was given and my knife into it. I threw it over my shoulder and sighed. I couldn't believe that Camer would just let them take me like that. I would fight back but I didn't want them to harm everyone.
When I came back out I saw three women dead. I gasped. One of them was the woman who gave me the cloths.
I herd the pounding of a heart. I looked at Camer. I saw tears running down his face. I could smell his sweet sadness for his loved ones that lay dead.. I covered my nose and grabbed his arm. I looked up at him and whispered, "Don't be sad." The smell was pulling me in. "I'm sorry for what I'm about to do." I pulled him down and bit into his neck. The sweet blood going down my throat. I knew that if I drank the sadness He would not be sad anymore.
I pulled myself away reluctantly. He passed out from blood loss. I laid him down carefully. Smiled at myself for being able to not suck away his life and still satisfy my thirst.
The men rode over on their horses. One of them lifted me up to sit in front of him and another took my bag.
I bit my bottom lip to stop me from crying. It didn't help much though. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks. At leased I wasn't bawling. It felt like I knew those people my whole life. I couldn't bear to part with them, but had to. These men were stronger then me and could probably teach me more about my vampire powers. I looked out and saw nothing for miles. I wondered where they were taking me. I leaned on the horse and fell asleep
When I woke I was laying on the ground. The sun high in the sky. I looked around and saw the horses grassing by an apple tree and the three men were sitting in the shade.They wore their cloak with the hoods up and black gloves so that no part of their skin shown.
The man who I rode with looked up at me and smiled and yelled to me, "Hay! Why don't you come on over and take a seat next to me? I could use the company!" They all started to laugh.
I smiled "How about you come out here? The weather's nice today!" I yelled back. He just glared at me the other two just continued to laugh. He smacked the man closest to him. I giggled. Now that it was light out I could kind of see what they looked like. The one who had just been smacked had dark blue eyes, brown hair and very tall. The man next to him who was still laughing had red hair, brown eyes and looked to be about five and a half feet tall. The man who still had an annoyed look had black hair and creepy red eyes.
I walked over to them. I knew that if I was going to be stuck with them then I should get to know them. I sat cross-legged in front of them. I pointed to the blue-eyed man and asked, "What is your name and blood type?" I kept a strait face to show that I didn't want any funny business.
He rubbed the back of his head where he was smacked and said, "My name is Brandon and my blood type is confusion."
I nodded and pointed to the red head. He stopped laughing just long enough to say, "My name is Denise. My blood type is," He chuckled a little, "anger." He finally stopped laughing.
I pointed to the red-eyed man. He smiled at me and said, "My name is Thorn. My blood type is lust." He examined me and then asked, "What about you? What's your name and blood type and how did you get to end up with the humans?"
I smiled and said, "My name is Namar. My blood type is sadness and pain. I had just started to live with the humans yesterday morning. Before that I lived with the wolves. One of the wolves came to live with me." I then realized that Itch wasn't with us. "Where's Itch anyway." I got up and looked around. I started to run torrid the forest howling, "Itch! Itch! Come here!" I ran into the forest. I looked around but didn't hear or see anything. I howled again, "Itch I'm safe! Come out!" I fell to my knees and whimpered, "I don't want to be alone."
Thorn came up to me, put a hand on my shoulder and kneeled down to whisper into my ears and said, "I'm sorry, but we kind of had a small snack on the way here. And it may have been your friend."
I looked up at him. I was angry. Angrier then I had been in years. "Why should you feel sorry? You took me away from nice people, killed three of them and you didn't fell sorry! So why feel sorry now! I bet that you and your friends have killed about a hundred people and don't feel sorry for the lives you took! And yet you're sorry for me!" I stood up kicked him and ran off. I didn't know where I was going and I didn't care. I just wanted to get as far away from humans and vampires as possible. I ran the fastest I had ever. I knew it was because I was part vampire. I slowed to a walk and looked around to see where I was. All I knew was that I was lost.
I was getting hungry and stopped to pick some blue berries. I plopped one in my mouth, but then spit it out. It had tasted like sand. I put in another and it tasted the same. I screamed in rage and hit a small tree making in fall. I couldn't task any food. Only the sad taste of blood. I sat down, rapped my arms around my knees and cried. I cried for hours till I tired myself out and slept.


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