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On planet earth, there are the "normal" like humans, witches, etc. and then there are the cursed... View table of contents...


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.: Breaking out:.

I watch the boy in running in front of me, navigating through the dungeon like ISS halls like he'd seen them a million times before. I wonder how he knows his way out if he's also a new student, but the first priority is to get out of there first and ask questions later. Almost like shadows, we easily evade guards patrolling the halls and go through various twists and turns before we finally make it safely to the exit. The boy quietly eases open the door and gently pushes me through the small crack before following through and pulling closed the door. I start to walk up the stairs when the boy grabs me around my middle and pulls me against him quickly. He presses himself against a cutout in the wall hidden by shadows, holding me as close to him as possible.

Two guards come around the corner carrying another victim down the stone stairs to ISS, the young boy kicking and trying to break away. The guards march right past me and the boy, not even assuming our presence being near. Luckily the stairway doesn't have bright lights or we would've been caught for sure. The boy doesn't let me go until the guards disappear through the door.

"Hurry before more come," the boy says as he gently pushes me up the stairs.

I nod and quickly, but quietly, run up the stairs. I stop at the doors at the top of the stairs and press my ear against it to see if anyone was coming, and then I peep underneath the door. I look back and nod my head to the boy. He nods back, walks up to the door, and eases it open. He grabs my hand after looking all ways to make sure no one was coming and leads me out. We cautiously walk through the building to an exit, making sure not to run into any guards or teachers that may be lingering around. When we're about to make it to the main door, the boy is suddenly more alert and holds me back after hearing familiar voices. We both peek around the corner to see Kenji Midori and two guards. He was giving them some sort of instructions, but I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying. Once the guards run the towards the ISS rooms, the boy quickly grabs my hand and says, "We've got to go now."

I nod and he runs me down an unfamiliar hallway to a locked door.

"What are you planning to do," I whisper as I look around cautiously.

"Give me a moment," the boy says as he closes his eyes and grips the handle.

After a moment, the sound of a door being unlocked echoes off the walls and the boy opens the door. At first I was going to ask him what he just did and how he did it, but the distant sound of guards marching through the halls made me run into the pitch black room. The boy followed, closing the door quickly and quietly. We both press our ears against the door and listen to the guards march past, one of them screaming, "I think they went this way!"

I hear myself sigh with relief before I put my forehead against the door. The boy turns around and slinks to the floor, putting his back against the door.

"Well, if that didn't get the blood pumping I don't know what did," the boy says before laughing.

I laugh, "I couldn't agree more."

The boy stands up and then pulls me up and puts my hand on his shoulder, "We're almost out, just a little farther to safety."

I follow him through the dark room until the boy says, "Be careful, there are stairs from here on out."

The boy and I make our way up the stairs until we reach what I thinks is the top of the stairs. I hear a few squeaks before being surrounded by sunlight, almost instantly hiding my head in the boy's back to protect my eyes. He leads me onto a flat surface and I drop my hand from his shoulder.

"We're safe here, once the bell rings we can slip into the crowd. But until then, we can relax up here," the boy says as he sits on the ground.

I rub my eyes and blink a few times before I open my eyes to a full view of the city. I stare at it in awe, wishing that I had my camera with me.

"Yeah…this is like, my little hideout. I come up here to escape from the others sometimes," the boy says as he lays back.

"You've been here before today," I ask as I turn around and get a view of the valley and the river far below.

"Yeah, I've gotten a tour of this school several times. I spent most of my summer at this school actually, getting to know it better," the boy says, watching me closely.

"Oh, I see now. That must be how you navigate so easily," I say as I walk over to the edge and carefully look over the side at the river.

"Yeah…you like the view up here," the boy asks.

"Yes, it's quite a beautiful view. I haven't really gotten to see the city and nature side by side, just one or the other," I respond as I put my hands on the edge and lean out a little bit.

Suddenly, I feel a pair of strong hands grab my sides and pull me back from the edge, "Whoa now, don't need you to go tumbling down the side." The boy pulls me away from the dangerous cliff and walks back over to his spot on the roof.

I cross my arms and slowly walk over to him and saying "You never told me who you are."

The boy sits back down and invites me to sit as he says, "you didn't tell me who you are either miss."

"I'm Mai Giovanni; I just transferred to this school. Some welcome though," I say as I laugh and sit next to him.

The boy laughs and smiles, "I agree. I was homeschooled from kindergarten to tenth grade, so this'll be my first year here. Maybe we can work together to make it through."

"Maybe," I say as I smiles at him before and looking at the busy city.

"Oh, and by the way, my name is Genesis, Genesis Midori," the boy says as he closes his eyes.

My breath catches and I stare at him unbelievably, not sure if those words actually came out of his mouth.


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