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Halo Sky: Valangel Raphael

Novel By: TheTeddybearNinja
Action and adventure

You'll follow a theoarm named Valangel in this story as he and his friends avenge their fallen friends, discover their rolls in life, and find deep secrets. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 8, 2013    Reads: 31    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

Chapter 1

I love being outdoors, I feel at so at home when I'm out here. Thank goodness my job involves being outside, I would die of boredom if I had to spend my time inside working all the time. There's just so much to see out here…way more than the indoors…and what makes this job even better…

"Valangel," my friends yell from behind me.

I stop walking, turn, and smile.

I get to do this work with my friends Sharai, Knowles, Angel, and Nikki. They're some of the best hunters by themselves, and when we're all working together, nothing stands in our way.

"Hey guys, it's about time you got here," I say as we all stand together.

"You need to stop waking up so early Val," Knowles complains as he rubs his eyes and yawns.

Knowles isn't really a morning person, but he can certainly be depended on to show up for work. Being twenty years old, he's not in the least bit lazy and sometimes goes the extra mile to get the job done. However, Knowles usually takes the more difficult way out which tires him out in the first place. He is a master werewolf.

"No, you just need to wake up earlier brother," Sharai tells Knowles as she nudges him in the stomach.

Sharai is Knowles' nineteen year old "sister" who acts more like his older sister. She and Knowles were orphaned due to the war a few years back and in the end they decided to just stick together. Sharai is the swiftest of us in our hunting group, being able to take out her targets in the blink of an eye. Though she is quick, she isn't one-hundred percent accurate all the time. She is a Theoarm.

"So what we doing today big bwother," Angel asks as she tugs on my arm.

Angel is the youngest member of our group being the age of six. Her grammar isn't that good, but despite these facts, she's a technical genius and has made several useful tools for our group to use on our missions. I'm not exactly sure where Angel is from or how she got here, but after much time spent with her she became attached to me and started calling me her big brother. The main concern with her is that she's very young and isn't very good in hand to hand combat yet although she's learning. This means that she's vulnerable if the enemy finds H.Q. and attacks.

"We're going to hunt down some bad guys little one, they've lost their way so we have to help them find their way again," I explain to Angel just as I have before.

"Otay," Angel responds, a determined smile on her face.

I look at Nikki, not too surprised that she hasn't said a word at all yet.

"How are you Nikki?"

"Mmm…okay I guess…" Nikki mumbles, only looking up at me for a brief second before adjusting her weapon strapped to her back.

Nikki is an emo seventeen year old who lost everything and everyone she knew due to the war, just like Knowles and Sharai. She's quiet most of the time and usually stays to herself, but on the battlefield you see a totally different side of her. She has very good teamwork skills and her best strength is accuracy. Being a markswoman is her specialty, being skilled with sniper rifles and such, and she also has high knowledge in weaponry. However, just like Angel, Nikki isn't very good in hand to hand combat which makes her vulnerable to surprise attacks from the blindside. She is a Theoarm.

"I hope it gets better," I respond with a reassuring smile.

I am Valangel. I lead this group that doesn't really have a name, but since Angel refers to us as the Teddybears I guess it'll be our name for a while. I'm nineteen and just like the others I had my world flipped upside down when war occurred and the Citadel, home to hundreds of thousands of Theoarm, was destroyed. My greatest strength is to keep this group going so we can keep our people safe from harm. My weakness…the fear of failing to achieve my task... I am a Theoarm, and this is my story.


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