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a girl name rose is kidnapped. but it turns out she hold much more potential than people give her. she finds out her beauty isn't everything. but that she was living all a lie. will she go back and live her life a lie or will she accept who she is and stay with her new life View table of contents...



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There I stood on a sunny spring day in a beautiful pearl white dress. It stopped just above my feet; there was a bow with ruffles at the end which was mild purple that tied in the back of my dress on the waist. From there it strapped up in the back with a mild purple also. There were puffs on the shoulder and from there it were sleeves, I wore a chocker the same colors of the ruffles; mild purple. My hair was long, very long brown hair it went below my waist I had one braid on each side. I had a slender body and green eyes. I was standing in a garden my arms filled with tulips. When i started to walk toward a pink brick house "rose" a boy's voice said softly enough to where I heard it and turned around. The boy didn't look much older than i did. He had black hair with grey eyes. He we wearing a grey coat over a white button up tee his pants matched his grey coat. His bangs covered his left eye (A fine young man if you ask me) "huh?"I asked but the boy whom was far away was now right in front of Me he took something out of his sleeve and I couldn't see what it really was because he swiftly moved behind My and stuck the thing in My neck. All i could do was let out a small grunt. The flowers fell as i went into unconscious.

When I came to. My eyes slowly opened then I realized where I was. And not my home. The guy who took me waS STARING AT ME. WAITING… for what? "Hey…remember me?-well don't answer it will just make you hurt more" why? Ithought why does it hurt? As if he understood he answered" the thing I stuck in your neck was a needle full of this liquid that is found in a certain flower meant to spread through the person's body and make every single muscle ache with pain. If you want it to stop I will stop it but only if you swear not to run as soon as your able to" he said sternly I closed my eyes tightly from the pain and nodded. The last thing i saw was him walking away then I passed out.

"rose….c'Mon rose wake up" the same voice from the boy entered my dream and there my eyes fluttered opened. Right then I realized that the pain left and i felt better as ever well in till I finally looked around and saw the boy and I were in the woods somewhere I sat up and looked around again

"How do you know my name?"I asked

"I uh know you from town."

"So why am I here?"

"I'll explain everything when I find out how...Now we need to get a move on before-"he was cut off by a strange dark man coming out of the bushes "Ahh yes wait until Jayden finds out how to explain things…" the man said casting Jayden an angry glance "Or you can let me tell you everything on the way to my palace" "ROSE! ISNT GOING Anywhere WITH YOU!" JAYDEN yelled stepping in front of me but I stepped beside him "I can speak for myself and I'm not going on any further 'till I know what's going on!"I said looking at first the man then at jayden. Jayden pushed me back a little but i didn't obey. "I will tell you everything on the way to my place." Jayden whispered "Leave now Blake!" Blake laughed "why don't you let the pretty girl choose herself?" he looked at Me. I looked at him. A chill was sent down my spine when his eyes met Mine "I choose Jayden" I said without a doubt. Jayden smiled but Blake smirked and with a blink of an eye he was behind me holding a knife to my neck. I didn't dare to even breathe "she is coming with me Jayden." Blake said and started to walk backwards and I was forced to walk backwards with him. I looked helplessly at Jayden. Jayden stood there smiling why is he smiling? I thought. A grunt came from Blake who let go and I fell forwards onto my hands and knees. I rubbed my neck with one of my hands gasping for air. Jayden helped me up and pulled me trying to get me away when didn't want to go on he urged Me "C'mon we need to get away" and i nodded. A 1 story house came into view I smiled and collapsed at the steps. I was so tired of running so I was Happy to rest. "C'mon I'll bring you to your room" he said pulling me up and guiding me inside. I didn't look around I was focused on resting and trying to figure out what's going on .When he brought Me to a room and brought Me to the bed I collapsed on to it. I got under the insanely soft covers and laid my head on the pillow. Before Jayden could walk out I asked "What's happening? Why am I? What do you people want?" My eyes were closed a second after.


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