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The Devil Is A Liar

Novel By: TwoStepz
Action and adventure

*Finished* Evelyn is an angel, close to God, his best after what happened with Satan. When God see's that the world is getting blinded and controlled by evil, he sends Evelyn down to help, but in the form of a teenager.
Read as Evelyn tries to make herself heard, in the small crowd. Read as she falls in love and has to keep the secret to herself. Read as she battles the devil and tries to save humanity. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 22, 2011    Reads: 91    Comments: 9    Likes: 5   

Angels didn't sleep, that was one thing for sure. We were always some place, trying to save someone from death or helping someone through the shock of death. This was a 24 hour job, no sleep just helping and it made you feel good.
Today I wore a long white dress, a little dull so it made my wings look brighter. My halo hovered over my head as usual, it glowed brighter than it usually did which was weird.

In heaven, looks didn't matter, your kindness did. You wouldn't get reward, or praise, because being an angel is the best reward you can get. Being able to see God every day was a gift too. Humans though, were less lucky.
They were getting more and more blind to the love of God every day, though people did pray and try to preach, no one listened. This got to me though I didn't let it show, how can you be so oblivious to the Lord.

The one who created you?

I felt a tug in my stomach, God was calling me. Light flashed before my eyes and I was before God, kneeling down. Us angels could move at the speed of light, even faster. You blink, and we've gone around the world twice.

"Lord," I stayed in the kneeling position, but looked up.

"Evelyn," his voice boomed in the room. Jesus was on the right, the holes still in his hand and feet from the crucifiction. Jesus was a hero to us all for going through that, and to those who believed in Christianity.
I'm normally hovering behind God, awaiting to tell him who stepped in front of him to ask about the people they had left behind after they died. The usual concerns, if they were all-right, if God was looking out for them and anything else you could think of when you missed and left someone down on Earth.

"You called?" I stood up, my knees shaking. Something was going on, I could feel a nagging in the back of my mind. I looked around the room, it was still the same room. God sat in the middle on a large gold chair, and Jesus on the right. The walls were white, it was just a plain white room, with him and Jesus in it.

"Yes. Now, please, you might want to sit."

"No, thank you. I'd rather hover, I'm feeling very energetic today." I really was, my wings flapped behind me, making a warm breeze on the back of my neck.

"As you wish. Evelyn I have a job for you," my mind buzzed. "It concerns you going down to Earth." Then my heart stopped. I'm pretty sure you know why. If I went down to Earth, would what happened to Jesus happen to me?
"No, I will surely not let that happened to you Evelyn, you are the closest angel. He died to save their sins, and if they don't realise that, we'll have to steer them towards the right path sooner or later. But for now, this job is important."

The ball in my throat subsided and I played around with the dress, grabbing material and dropping it, but holding my gaze with God. "What would you like me to do?"

"I need you to save humanity. Before I have to do something I regret. I do not want to end the world, not yet anyway. The devil is trying to rise again, he knows we can see this. We need to stop him, and by we, I mean you. We will be with you all the way, helping you. But beware, they devil will try to distract you from your goal."

This sounded serious. Humanity? And if I failed, what would happen? Would I be kicked out or would the world just end and I would be forgiven?
No, I would be as strong as Jesus was, get through this, get through everything. Humanity would be safe again, safe from the devil.

My hands were trembling and my voice quavered as I spoke, "But what if I do not succeed?"

"You will succeed with the help of your fellow angels, they will be in your mind and some times in your dreams. They will tell you where to go and what to do. You will live a life of a teenager."

I had seen teenagers, they were rebellious. Some of them were good, but others seemed to not care. Wasting their life doing nothing and just drinking, smoking and messing about in class. Most didn't go school unless they were forced to. Others when church, but didn't really care and slipped an MP3 in and listened to it.

"A teenager?!" My voice rose a little, but I put it back down again, bowing forward. "When am I leaving, my Lord?"

"Soon." And that was it, just that. Soon for us meant about two minutes in human time.

I flew out the room, my wings beating fast. I would have to lose them when I changed into a human. This was not going to be a pleasant experience. Whispers was what I heard when I entered the angels meeting room. This was also the portal in which I would be shot down to Earth.

"Evelyn, WAIT!" My very close angel friend, Ariel shouted to me from somewhere in the crowd. She appeared, her dress had more depth to it but it was still white. Her halo was a bright yellow, the colour of the sun. Her smile was dazzling and I usually told her that. But you know how us girls are, we never believe stuff about us being pretty.

Her eyes were full of tears as she hugged me, "I heard. We all heard. You're leaving, so soon?"

"Yes, these humans need saving again." I couldn't help the bitterness in my voice, and soon regretted it.

"Don't hate sister, be proud you are going to save them. You will come back, known. Telling stories of what happened. Just be careful, don't get too caught up in teenage life, okay?"

"Yes, okay. Do you know where I'm going?" I felt and saw the portal open up behind Ariel, I bet she could feel it too.

"Yeah, your going to an orphanage. Have fun!" She spun me round and pushed into the portal, white light blinded me as I tumbled to Earth.


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