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A young man named Zaka (prenounced Zay K) meats a police officer named Cayn (prenounced as another name kain) Cayn is investigating a crime about a sheep that has been found fryed, but not as in the cooking fryed, the sheep has been fryed without the use of a frying pan, shortly after a whole army of strange monsterous creatures break through a portal from another dimension and the only way to stop them is to go through the portal and stop the evil man from that dimension that has opened the portal with the power of his magic wand, it won't be an easy job but someones got to do it. View table of contents...


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The End

Chapter one

I turn off the TV as a loud knocking sound comes from my front door.

"Come in!" I call

A few minutes later a man wearing a police jacket and trousers walks in.

"What's you purpose here?" I ask

"I'm here to investigate a crime" he answers

"I usually don't get visitors" I say taking of my top hat and sunglasses

"Why do you wear sunglasses inside?" he asks

"Is it not allowed" I question

"Oh no it's fine"

"So, you're here to investigate a crime so why don't you start by asking some crime related questions"

"Yesterday one of your neighbours found one of her sheep fried out in her backyard, have you seen, heard or smelt anything that could give us a clue"

"Well I don't think that anyone would just shove a whole living sheep in a frying pan and cook it"

"Well since I'm a police I believe that anything is possible even the fact that it could be a new un discovered creature that breaths fire or something"

"Well that's more likely than someone putting a whole living sheep in a frying pan and cooking it"

"So far the only clues we have is the burnt sheep and strange foot prints next to the burnt sheep"

"I should help you find out what's going on"

"Oh they've taken the sheep away so if you want to help you won't have to see the burnt sheep"

"Ok then let's go" I say putting on my top hat and sun glasses

"Let's go investigate around the scene of the crime"

"Um ok"

Soon after we arrived at the scene of the crime.

I walk over to the door of the tiny cottage and knock on it.

A girl opens it.

"Hi, can I see where you found the sheep?" I ask

"Ok" she answers

I could tell she was upset about losing one of her sheep

"Poor Bobby" she says with her head lowered

"Who's Bobby?" I ask confused

"The sheep, the poor sheep, she didn't even reach her fourteenth birthday"

"You celebrate animal's birthdays?" I ask even more confused

"Yes, animals deserve to party every once in a while" she says before continuing "why wouldn't I celebrate my friend's birthday's"

"Animals are friends" I say before continuing "I'm confused"

"We should drop the topic, you should also hurry and catch the killer, no one deserves to die the way Bobby did"

"Ok, I'm going to go investigate in your back yard now" I say before walking past with the police man from earlier walking behind me

"So, if we're going to be working together we should at least tell each other our names" I tell him

"I'm Cayn" he says

"And I'm Zaka" I tell him

Inside the house wasn't very exciting there wasn't even a TV or a phone, she must spend most of her time with her animals so she wouldn't need much entertainment, the only resource that needed electricity was the fridge and the oven.

I open the back door and walk out of the cottage into the massive back yard.

There were lots of different types of animals with the appropriate habitats.

You could say it was like a massive zoo with the smallest and boring animals ever to the most biggest and exciting ones.

It's a wonder how this place can even fit in the town where we live.

"Where was the sheep found?" I ask as the girl arrives next to us.

"Over there" she points to a big sheep pen

I walk to the gate

"Wait" she calls

"What?" I call back

"Since this is my animal you're investigating, I want to help to" she says running over "my names Flare"

Soon we had all entered the sheep's pen and were walking over to a patch of dead grass.

"Look there's the foot prints" I point out as we approached the patch of dead grass

"There's dead grass here as well" Cayn says

"The foot prints are a lizards" Flare says

"How do you know?" I ask
"I know all there is to know about all animals, I spent two years researching everything about them using my Neighbours computer" she answers

"Wow that's a long time" I say

"Now, is there anything you heard, smelt or seen the night of the crime?" Cayn asks

"Well, I did hear a crash, as if something knocked something over" she answers

"I think we should follow the footsteps" I tell them

"Great idea" Cayn says

I follow the footsteps to a mud puddle then they stopped.

"Looks like something stepped in this mud puddle creating those footsteps as it rushed over to the sheep" I say thoughtfully

"Well then, how do we follow the footsteps to the killers Lear if they stop" Cayn asks before continuing "wait I see the footsteps heading out of the sheep's pen"

"Where?" I ask

"Over there" he says pointing at a flatted trail of grass shaped like a lizards foot

I walk over to it

"Great work Cayn" I smile

Cayn reopens the gate and walks through with Flare close behind.

I then start to follow after a quick thought if the creature is a lizard and lizards don't fry or hunt sheep then maybe it's some sort of mutated lizard or just a new kind of lizard.

Cayn stops walking.

"What is it?" I ask

"I think this is a new kind of lizard, one that is capable of frying everything it can sink its fangs into" he says

"How do you know this?" I ask

"Look" he says putting on some gloves then bending down and picking up some sharp white object.

"What is it?" I ask

"A tooth" he replies

"It's a lizard's tooth, but none that I have ever seen" Flare exclaims

"There is some sort of liquid dripping of the tip of the tooth, it is also warm" he explains pointing to an strange orange liquid

"I'll go show this to my helper" he says pulling out a devise

"What's that?" I ask

"It's like some sort of transporter, Faith, my partner always stays at headquarters, I have this so I can give her the clues, it also functions as a communication devise so she can tell me what it is or what it was likely to be used for"

The devise looked like a miniature phone but had a bag attached to it.

"You put the clue in the bag and press the button" Cayn says putting the tooth in the bag and then pressing a button next to the bag "the object will be transported to my partner Faith, then I just press this button and I can talk to her" he presses a button then a female voice appears

"Hello, is this you Cayn" it says

"Yes, it's me, so Faith, I have given you a tooth from the creature that is most likely the killer, it has a very warm liquid dripping from it, I want you to see what that liquid is"

"I have the tooth right here, so I'll see you later" Faith says then a faint beeping comes from the devise.

"Just in case you're wondering, that beeping sound means, she left" Cayn explains

"Ok then, now what?" I ask


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