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Marina's existence revolved around life on the Radiance, a private space shuttle that transported dangerous weapons for the army. Her life is turned upside down when the crew is taken hostage by a band of raiders. Marina discovers the army is a pool of corruption, and contributed to the captivity of the crew. She decides she must rescue her crewmates and stop the army that is bent on her destruction before it's too late. Except for someone, it already is. View table of contents...


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Talon's experience as a raider was definitely a plus. He'd been told where the cargo was headed-Aeriat, the capital of the twenty-planet Haian empire. "There are plenty of unguarded ships around here. We can steal a small one and be there in a few hours."

"No we can't! That's illegal!"

"Come on, Marina, we'll take a small ship. Half of them go unused anyway."

"They don't belong to us! We can't take someone else's ship."

Talon rolled his eyes. "You want to find your crew or not? Because stealing a ship is the only option I see right now, unless you've got a few million dollars lying around to buy one."

"We're going to return it as soon as we rescue the crew." I agreed finally.

"Sure, sure,"

I'd always thought a criminal's profession was tricky. Apparently, I was quite off base. Talon had broken into and rewired the ship in a matter of minutes, and we took off not long after. "This is your captain speaking. We've got about a two hour flight to Aeriat. The weather there is-"

"Shut up." I bumped his arm.

Talon broke out into a grin. "Seriously though, we've got some time to kill."

"Then hello nap time."

"You're going to sleep?"

"Yep." The cockpit was cozy, with two leather pilot chairs. I sunk into the empty one and closed my eyes.

Talon kept talking, but I think even he realized that I wasn't listening. If I was going to have to stage some sort of superhero style rescue, then I deserved some rest.

I must not have slept for long enough, because when Talon poked my shoulder to wake me, I was still exhausted. "Hey, guess what? This is going to be easier than we thought."


Talon held open the ship's metal door. Across from us was a spaceship protected by armed guards-the ship the crew had been transferred to.

"That was pretty lucky." Talon noted.

My heart rose excitedly. "Thank gosh this is almost over. We'll just grab them and go."

"Somehow I don't think things will be that simple. They've unloaded them by now. We've still got to figure out where they were taken to."

I sighed disappointedly. "Right." Suddenly, Aeriat felt like it was the size of the universe. "Couldn't they be anywhere?"

"That's what makes things tricky."

"Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! Die! Die! Die!" A crowd screamed. The shouts were distant but audible.

Talon sighed. "Just follow the sound of the 'die's."

I apologize for the significantly shorter chapter. I wanted to get at least something up tonight, but I'm too busy to make it any longer. Sorry, guys!


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