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In a war against the dark creatures Tragg discovers the enemey can now take over the very bodies of thier opponents. View table of contents...



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chapter 1: From the grave

I lay unconcous as the battle wages on. Orcs battle around me mistakeing me for just a corpse. The armies are imense in the thousands. This would be the final decideing battle. "Theyve stormed the gates protect the civilians" I hear a soldier scream as a huge crash comes to my ears. I open my eyes and see hundreads of armor clad feet charging in the same direction and I recogenise the black armor as orcish armor. I still havent gained the streingth to stand so i lay helpless hopeing not to be recogenised. An orc stops directly in front of my line of sight. I fearfully look up to see an orc stairing at me. "What do we have here a survivor?" He sais in a deep growl bending over putting his face close to mine. "ERRCH" He screached alerting every orc on the enemies line. I used every inch of streingth to pull myself up but when i get to my feet im imeadietly pushed down by the orc in front of me. I look around and I realize im surounded by enemies. I swing wildly trying to escape the crowd , I swing til knuckles are bloody but to no avail I am quickly held down. "Kill me already whats takeing you!" I shout as two enemies sit on me holding me down.The biggest among all other enemies crouches next to me letting me see his face.

"You would wish you were dead" He sais holding in a chuckle. I freeze in fear. What could they want with me? As I look at him he is stareing into my eyes. I look away imeadietly. His eyes seem to pierce into mine. "I know you but i dobut you know me" He sais a new rage grows in his eyes. "Take him to the pits make him a new." The two shadows on top of me grab me by bolth arms and carry me through the thick crowds of the enemy lines. All around the enemies taunt me spitting in my face and screaming in my ear. "Mount him and take him to the pits hurry" one of the shadows orders to the other as they part ways. The orc now holding me doen reaches for a drink bag on his belt and as he opens it black liquid trickles down. He squeezes my face forceing me to drink the liquid. As it enters my mouth it is a thick bitter liquid. I try to fight myself free but a fist meets my stomuch causeing me to choke. Everything gose black and all light slowly fades away. I fear for my life.


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