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The Supernaturlas: Book One: Memory Prolouge

By: WriterWorm

Chapter 1, This is my new series about a group of juveniles enhanced with supernatural abilities. They are running from the government which wants to use them as military weapons. This first book is the story of a fourteen year old girl named Mason who remembers everything. Her is her story. 1 of 6 novels.

        No need for shaking hands or exchanging names with each other. For all I know, you could be associated with Them and all would fail. All you need to know is that I remember everything. Everything since eight. I remember voices, words, sounds, you name it and I can locate the thought in a blink of an eye. I was stolen (well bought) from my parents by the government at eight so they could enhance my already above average memory so I could remember everything. I was to be used in the military as a spy. I escaped shortly after I refused to help. When I returned to my house, it wasn’t there. Literally gone. So, here begins my story. A juvenile running from the government and other weirdos all the while searching for my parents. I call my so - called gift a curse and you would too.  I’ll explain later but I have to leave you for now. The less information, the less danger, and the better for both of us.

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