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Lady pirates journey

Novel By: xoAbbyxo
Action and adventure

three friends, based on me and my Chicas, are on a journey to be the best lady pirates. But they end up in a battle with the British! oh ya View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 11, 2007    Reads: 66    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

The deck was filled with life as the Treasure neared closer to Port Royal. Every one was exited, even though they all knew that only 4 crew members were aloud to go ashore with the captains.
"Every one, can I have your attention please, as you know we can only pick 4 of you, so let it begin." Anne said as Bonnie and Evel and herself turn around so they weren't facing the crew and began to decide who was going a shore.
"Ok, we have made our decision; the five people who are going ashore are, Andrew, Shawn, John, Tom," Bonnie said with a smile on her face
"Now you five go and get every thing you need," Anne said, the 4 crew members did as they had been told, but now Tom
"Anne wait, if your going ashore, you can't go dressed like that" tom said as he pointed out the girls raggedy old clothes,
"He's right you know, if we go there looking like this" Bonnie said "there's no way they won't know it's us!"
�"Ok so, what do we were?" Evel asked
"I know" Anne said as the three girls raced of to Anne's room. Then Anne pulled out an old trunk that was hidden under neigh her bed,
"What's in that?" Evel asked
"Well, I wasn't always a pirate you know, I used to live with my mother in Britain, my father was the only pirate, but any ways I used to have to dress in those fine puffy dresses and all that fru-fru." Evel giggled at the word fru-fru, but you have to admit, it is a funny word.
"So that trunk is filled with all your old dresses?" Bonnie said, Anne opened the trunk and revealed dresses of all shades, mostly pinks though. It took the girls a minute, but when they had finished changing and combing there hair, they took like the most beautiful girls in the world. As the girls walked out on to the deck every one stopped what they were doing and one crew man shouted
"Intruders! Get the captains, hurry!"
"Oh, Shut Up! We are the captains!" Bonnie said
"Oh, well then back to work every one"
"Ok, are the 4 of you ready?" Anne asked as she made her way over to the 4
"Aye Captain" the 4 said in unison
"Good, we are nearing to dock as we speak" and she was right, Port Royal was in sight now,
"Lower the Jolly Roger!" Bonnie shouted, once the Jolly Roger was no longer showing that the ship was a pirate ship Anne, Bonnie, Evel and the four crew men jumped of the ship, and started walking toward the town.�
Port Royal, once a resting place for tiered and rowdy pirates, but now it was filled with no good for nothin' landlubbers! Anne, Bonnie and Evel walked along the dirt streets looking at all the colorful shops, Evel made her way to one in particular, it was full of pies, her favorite food.
"Hey Anne looked at this! You have got to taste this!" Evel said as she shoved a piece of blue berry pie in her mouth
"Evel, you have to pay for that!" Anne said laughing
"Oh, ok then" Evel said, then she walked over to the keeper of the owner of the shop and gave him a big blue berry pie kiss
"Ok, I paid for it!" Evel said as she skipped happily over to Anne and Bonnie who just stood there with huge smiles on there face
"So did he" Bonnie whispered, Anne couldn't help it, she broke out in to a huge laugh, which made the other to laugh.
"Ok, I think we are done here, I'm almost positive that the others have found the parts for the ship so let's go and find them then we will be on our way!" Anne said, but it wasn't going to be that easy, the British had got word that there was a pirate group in the town, so they had set out to look for it. There was one Admiral that was very eager to hind out which pirate it was, but only because he had a bone to pick with one pirate, Bloody Anne Rawkhems, and her ladies, the Dread Pirate Bonnie and Evel Flint, together they made the most feared pirate group in the entire world, and there was a very grand prize was to be given to the person who could bring them all to the gallows.
"Hold it right there you dirty scoundrels!" said a very deep manly voice from behind Anne and her friends
"Oh no, I think they're talking to us!" Bonnie whispered, Anne looked from Bonnie to Evel whose eyes were wide with hear.
"Just remember one thing my friends, we be pirates, and we don't go down with out a fight! We weren't made to be prisoners!" Anne said comfortingly�
"Aye!" the three friends turned around to see how many soldiers were surrounding them, but much to there surprise, they weren't the ones who had muskets to there heads, the British hadn't even noticed them! They were surrounding two men, one was young most likely in his yearly 20's, he had blond, curly hair that hung down to his ears like Tom's, and he had light blue eyes, or at least that's what they looked like. The other one was a bombous older man; he had a white beard that was covered in mud. It took an a minute but after looking at this man for a while, she finally knew who it was
"Oh no, I think it's John!" ��������������


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