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Deep in the universe there is a planet known has Aragornx. It is home to wargs,leviathons,bahamauts and king bahamauts, and many many more.In that world lies an 23 year old assassin named Kross. Kross is a heartless assassin who shows no mercy what so ever. Kross had fought and killed many people who stood in his way. His gun Heartless Angel amplifies the power of the ruthless Kross. Now there is a new threat coming known as Kain. Kain is as evil as they come. Will Kross overcome Kain or die at his feet? View table of contents...


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The Beginning of an Threat

A Black Hawk helicopter gracefully landed on the Lone Meadows in the world of Aragornx. After the Black Hawk helicopter landed five others landed. Five men came out of each helicopter. They were all armed with ACR 6.8s and Skorpions. One of the men had a SCAR-L equipped and a pistol in his holster. The man had a jet black leather jacket on with a scar running down his eye. His white face resembled a fearsome but cool face.

"Sector Z, did you guys plant the C4s?" asked the man.

"Yes commander Kain," replied the man on the watch.

Kain looked in the distance at the city filled with swarming crowds and flashing lights.

"Once operation Killstreak is done, I will be able to move on to the next area, Zalera." said Kain.

"Sir, on your mark we will explode the city." said the figure on Kain's communication watch.

"Wait, I need to meet someone before this city is rid of." replied Kain.

Kain got on one of the Black Hawks and flew away towards the city. The Black Hawk landed behind a navy blue building with paintings of crimson vipers. Kain got the pistol out of his holster and kicked the back door of the building open.

Screwwwwwww! Screwwwwwwwwww!

An alarm instantly went off. Guards with AK-47's rushed at Kain. Each guard shot around four to five bullets at Kain. For some reason the bullets couldn't even lay a mark on Kain and Kain wasn't even moving!

"It's a pity, that no being lived to see the full extent of my phantom ability." said Kain pitifully.

"You sure talk a lot of smack, punk!" said one of the guards.

Kain shot each of the guards in the forehead. The guards stood in place; they didn't fall down even though they were dead. Kain touched one of the guard's forehead. A dark fearsome reaper with a long scythe appeared behind Kain. The reaper slashed not just one but all the guards' heads off. A sudden flow of energy engulfed Kain.

"You guards disgrace the meaning of existence." Kain exclaimed.

Kain kept walking trying to tune out the annoying alarm. He was soon met by more guards that soon had bullets in their brains. There was a elevator that had a gold front and silver inside. Kain went in the elevator and pressed the button that led to the 71st floor (top floor). Once the elevator door opened Kain saw the back of a black chair. Three guards quickly clutched both of Kain's arms.

"I was waiting for you, Kain." said the man on the chair. The man turned the chair around revealing his Polo shirt and Levi pants. "I never knew you would make it through my security."

"How about you shut the fuck up so I don't get a headache, Alexander." Kain exclaimed.

"Aren't you a infuriated assassin?" said Alexander.

Kain started laughing. The reaper appeared behind Kain, it cut all of the guards' heads off.

"Leave now Kain or I will kill you!" said Alexander.

Kain glanced out side the window and saw a camouflaged C4.

"Fine then, I'll leave." Kain replied.

Kain exited the building and went to the Lone Meadows. Kain typed in a code on his watch. Then a figure appeared on the watch.

"Destroy it!" Kain commanded.

"Yes sir!" replied the man.

Kain glanced at the city and saw explosions appearing. In less than a minute the whole city was destroyed. There wasn't a sign of any human life, every thing was destroyed and blown into smithereens.

"Sayonara, Alexander." Kain said.

Kain boarded one of the Black Hawks.


All of the Black Hawks on the Lone Meadows left. The Lone Meadows were the only thing left of the city.

"Killstreak is accomplished and out of my way, not it's time to visit Zalera." Kain said with an evil laughter.

The Black Hawk (which had Kain in it) continued on its way when the tail of it exploded.

"Sir, we're going down!" yelled the pilot fearfully.

"You imbecile, you don't even know how to drive a helicopter correctly!" Kain taunted.

Kain got his pistol and shot the man over and over again in the head. The brain piercing bullets went right through the man's brain.

Kain looked out from the helicopter, "I don't give a damn what happens." Kain jumped from the helicopter, and soared through the air like a hawk.


Slkkkk! Slkkkkkk!

The ruthless man kept slashing the dead man over and over again.

"It isn't just hard to catch me, its impossible." said the man with a glare as cold as ice itself. The man took his black hood off revealing the man's face. He was extremely cool and sexy, truly a ladies man. His dark eyes pierced through any soul that came in front of it. His jet black hair, matched his eyes.

"Kain, where are you?" the man started. I, Kross Highwind the assassin, want to introduce you to Heartless Angel." said Kross loading a gun. The gun Heartless Angel was a rapid fire gun the size of a pistol. The body of the gun matched a MP9. Its bullets were fast and painful.


"That flight of mine was annoying." said Kain who was leaning against a tree. "It looks like I'm almost at Zalera. I'm probably at the border of Zalera and Semtrex." Kain said to himself. He walked to the south for that was where Zalera was.


"I wonder where Kain would be heading out? Who knows where Kain is? Last time I saw him we fought in the Mines of Mozogin. This means that Kain should be heading to the direct south since Mines of Mozogin was all the way to the east." said Kross.

Kain liked traveling clockwise around the compass.

"So, Kain's death is going to be in Zalera, huh? The irony, Zalera is the God of Hell and Kain is a man who worships Hell." Kross said.

Kross still kept in mind that Kain possessed a very powerful creature in him. He also knew that the creature was the King of Hell and his name was Zalera. The place Zalera got its name from the creature Zalera, because Zalera was created in that place.

Kross equipped his black gauntlet on his left arm and his white one on his right. He cracked his neck bones and drew his sword out.

"I don't care if there is a whole army out there I'll just kill those who appose me and form a path of dead bodies. The last dead body I'll personally make sure has a funeral of flames. That last dead body is going to be Kain." Kross said with a stern expression.

Kross looked in the distance and set out for his maybe final assassination.


"Kross I know by now you have figured it out and coming for me, but I will kill you before you can kill me." Kain said full of determination.


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