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Spellbound Love

Novel By: Yosuf
Action and adventure

Liam is a different boy, he is more than a human.
Liam goes to the new city Mountain View, Wyoming. That's where he finds the most surprises he would ever meet and that's where he'll fight the battle of his life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 30, 2011    Reads: 51    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

Liam Drake, I wrote in a form my parents asked me to fill for my new school. Liam wasn't a bad name, my real mother named me it; what makes me like it even more. When I was a kid, my parents left me to another family, I don't know the reason. People think I'm a freak because they think I act very weird; but what people don't know is the only reason I act like that is because
I'm different, I'm not just another human that lives life normally without any interesting events. I started off as a normal kid going to school, making friends and all, but, since I started to notice something in me everything has changed. I've become very strange and mysterious, people
think I'm a freak for not speaking to anyone, but, I'm not. I wouldn't like people to know that I'm different, but, being different has also some advantages. If anyone knows what I am, they'd think it's amazing to be me, but, it's not, I've faced many difficulties in life. I don't know but somehow I feel that being different is the reason that my parents left me.

My family moves from town to town a lot! It's my father's work, his work involves moving a lot. Each time we move its difficult, because, I have to make new friends, which is very hard being a mysterious person. I hate having to move a lot, I hate having to make new friends, but, there's nothing I can possibly do. This time I was going to Mountain View, Wyoming. I don't know much about that town, but, it should do just fine. We were moving tomorrow, I couldn't wait more, because of what my parents told me, Mountain View happens to be a very cool town, but, I should see that myself, tomorrow.

I started packing, and jumped from stuff to stuff, then, I saw this picture I took with my friends here, and remembered the good days, but that was the past, I have to start all over again. I went through a few pictures, then I burnt them. I continued packing.

After I was done packing, I went down to the kitchen, I saw mom and dad.

"Hey.", I greeted.

"Good after noon.", mom greeted.

"After noon.", dad greeted too.

"So, are you ready for tomorrow?", asked dad.

"Yeah, I should do fine, it's not my first time." I replied.

"Good.", dad said.

"So, where's Jillian?", I asked.

"She's upstairs reading.", mom replied.

"Weird, that's not like her.", I commented.

"I know, I'm surprised too.", mom said.

"I'm going to go upstairs and rest a little.", I said.

"Okay, my dear.", mom said.

I walked out of the kitchen, and went upstairs to my room. I laid on my bed for a while, grabbed a Shakespeare play, and started reading, I'm into Shakespeare and this kind of stuff much, makes people think I am more mysterious, but, they were just fun. My mom says it isn't really because I'm different, its because I'm not willing to make new friends, but I just didn't believe that.

I was done reading, I went downstairs, and saw mom, dad and Jillian, sitting and having dinner.

"Why are you late?", mom asked.

"Nothing, just took sometime.", I replied.

"Well, join in.", mom ordered.

"Yeah, sure.", I said.

I sat along, and started eating, the table was silent. I broke the silence by asking,

"Jillian, what were you reading? I mean it's not like you.",

"Just a magazine.", she replied.

"Playboy?" I asked, joking.

She giggled.

"So, who's up for dessert?", asked mom.

"I think I'll just head to bed.", I replied.

"I'm staying up, I'll have some. What's there anyway?", Jillian replied and asked.

"Just Ice-Cream.", mom replied. "Okay.", Jillian said.

I went upstairs laid down on my bed covered myself and went to sleep.


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