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My Secret Within Its Watery Depths

Novel By: YOUNGwriterV
Action and adventure

My secret can change the over-populating world.
It can change mankind's future.
It can change how the people will survive.
It will definitely change everything living.
That is the power of my secret hidden in its watery depths. View table of contents...



Submitted:Nov 21, 2012    Reads: 32    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   


I was drifting upwards, as if asleep on a posh cloud carrying me like a lift rising up to the highest floor. It could've been a lift, in fact, if not for its limitless area of space and dark surroundings. I was wrapped in a shield of darkness, let's just say, a shield of darkness that tickled my toes and feet with the icy air, as if stepping on snow barefoot. Not to mention the other problem that had recently occurred to be as serious: I felt breathless. Breathless as though a thick-muscled man had punched me full force in the direct gut, it was hard enough to knock down a series of houses. A tight twisting feeling in your lungs when you exhale out everything you've got till you are left weak and overthrown with fatigue, it caused brief blackouts and ragged breathing rates. While suffering the heavy pressure of both, I felt the feeling of nausea washing over me, sickening my soul with headaches and sudden stinging pains within my empty system, my stomach growling in protest. Experiences like these couldn't happen all at once, yes? Why was I only experiencing them now, in such a precarious state of agony? Why especially now with the watching darkness enveloping me...sealing me from my only escape? Away from my only light ahead?

"Quick now!" A desperate voice of an aged male sounded through the darkness, echoing distantly."She's slipping!"

An alert signal of beeps followed.

"Heart rate dropping!"

"She can't slip now!"The male shouted. "The process is nearly complete! The core! The core! It may sustain her life!"

"Doc," the deep mellow voice distinct with its deep hollow tone. "But what if it doesn't?"

"We can only hope, Parker." The sound of a passing knife from one hand to another echoed through. "And leave it in God's hands now.

Silence was still.

"First, a cut before the core..."

In the darkest silence I endured, pain blinded me. Pain had managed to sear through my soul and beat it with a solid metal bat. Pain had achieved in bringing in its full extent of unmerciful power, strong enough to harm more than a hundred of his victims. But since I was the only one lone victim in its sight, its power had its full attention trained on me, its eyes burned with hatred and intense fury. And it bore into my soul, leaving pain in its deep tracks as it dug at my heart, striking at the weakest. Pain was excruciatingly tearing me apart. I screamed over and over again, feeling something sharp slicing within.

"Seizures!" the female warned.

"Parker, the core! The core!"

"Still charging, doc! 96% complete!"

"She can't take it!"

"We just need to stabilize her," the doctor snapped. "till the core is ready."

The words to me were a blur. My muscles felt like tearing, my bones were close to cracking into a million shards, my chest ready to explode like a hidden ticking bomb. From the pain, I collapsed from my standing position, fell onto my knees and curled up into a human ball. Every twitch, every breath, every blink was close to being stabbed in the heart. What were they doing to me? Were they torturing me for my wrong doings? Were they experimenting on me, their subject? Why? Why were they doing this to me? Why were they cutting me open? What is a core? I started to shake in pure fear.

"It's not working!" the female shouted.

"Parker, the core! We need the core!

"Almost, doc! 98% complete!"

"She's failing!"

"We can't stop now! She's been inserted with everything she needs!"

"99%, doc! She won't make it!"

"Trust me, Parker. She will."

Was this pain? Was pain what I was experiencing now? Was this pain's highest torture planned out for me? I could feel its bony fingers molding its way through, destruction and death on its mind. And it showed no definite signs of stopping. Realizing this, it dawned to me that this darkness could be my deathbed, where my aching body would decay and rot, soon forgotten by the ones that care.

"She's almost dead!"

"Parker! We need the core now!"


"Pressure dropping! She's failing!" the female voice was close to screaming.

"Parker! Now! We need it NOW!

"Steady, doc...almost..."

"Oh, for Christ's sake, Parker! The core! We need it!"


"GOD DAMMIT, PARKER! Give me the core! We - !"

"Here! 100% complete!" He fumbled under pressure.

My life was disappearing like water in a drain - slipping further...slipping...almost...Was I going to die today? The pain was unbearable even as I avoided moving an inch. The air had stiffened and my lungs no longer breathing. Surely, I would be dead in a matter of minutes, slipping before it hits me.

"Hurry, doc!"

"She's dying!"

"Inserting the core!"

"She's going to be a goner, doc!"

"Pulse decreasing!"


I seemed to be fading into the darkness. Was this it? My end? Could I have finished my life already?


Like a switched off faucet, my heart stopped thumping in my chest.

"Powering hydro energy!"

My eyes would not open, even if I tried to.

"Circulating energy currents!"

My body felt lifeless like a rag doll.

"Almost there...almost..."

My soul seemed to have separated with its owner.

Would it be separated forever? I wonder.

No. I'm still alive, aren't I?


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