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Spade, Diamond, Clover and Heart. These four are the Little Dream's puppets, made to make it through the Land of Mysteries, and be the next Alice; to be the real Alice.
So that the Little Dream isn't forgotten, so that it isn't lonely, there will be more Alices, chosen by the Little Dream to keep it alive.
As this game begins, the first Alice is a Lady of the Spade, Alois.
The second Alice is a Man of Diamond, Klause.
The third Alice is a Girl of Clover, Juliet.
The fourth Alices are the Twins of Heart, Vivian and Yuu.
Game set.
Who will checkmate the opponent and make it through the Land of Mysteries? View table of contents...


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Placing the last of her required belongings in her bag, Vivian walked out of her room and placed her messenger bag down in front of the ebony door, which led to her room, before hopping over to the matching door beside it.

Stepping back and turning slightly to the side, Vivian lifted her right leg, turned and landed a loud kick on her brother's solid bedroom door.

"AANI! GET OUT HERE NOW!" Her voice rang clearly through the large two-story house, bouncing off the white walls and reaching her ears, as she called her brother by a pet name she had given him.

The door swung open, revealing a boy of 14, his hair a wild, wet mess and a towel hanging on his shoulders, catching the drops of water that fell from his dark, slightly curly hair.

"Sheesh, Vivi. How impatient are you?" Vivian blinked at her twin brother, her long brown curls falling loosely down her back and shoulders, matching perfectly with her pale blue sundress.

"Aani, we're going to be late! The ship leaves the dock at noon and it's almost time!" She whined, tugging at his shirt. Despite being her twin, Yuu was taller than Vivian, standing at 5'10" while she herself barely reached 153 centimetres.

When Yuu was finally finished packing, Vivian had slipped on her pastel blue silk flats, with laces that criss-crossed up her shins and reached her knees, and was now waiting outside by the dark-coloured buggy, which was led by two midnight-coloured horses, their well-groomed hair and mane shining in the late-morning sun. Vivian saw her brother walking out of the house of their large house, and so, she climbed into the carriage, seating herself on one side, as her brother climbed in and sat himself opposite her. After Yuu, the twins' butler carefully stepped into the carriage and sat down in the space next to Yuu, the leather making a slight noise as they all got comfortable and the footman seated at the driving seat cracked the reins and the carriage began to move, jerking at points.

Upon arriving at the docks, the two ambitious teens ran across the dock, their butler, Claude, hastening to catch up with them.

The ship was tall and wide, the white cloth sails curled up at the top of each raft as the ship rocked in its place in the sea, tied to the dock. Back and forth, side to side, the ship rocked even as Vivian and Yuu stepped onto the sturdy platform placed out for passengers.

They'll be going on a short trip by sea to the country where their parents are. The little dream's thoughts are heard by none, except for the people in the Land of Mysteries, as Yuu and Vivian make their way to the cabins, chattering cheerfully along the way and thinking of what they will do when they reach their parents' home, and how much of a family they will be.

Finally a family, after all these years.

"Yuu! Let's go to the top deck! The sea is so pretty!" Vivian squealed, dragging him away from their cabins, which were side by side, and onto the deck, where the salty sea air hit them fast in a gust of wind, water splashing at the sides of the ship and the miniscule droplets stinging their cheeks. "See, see! The ocean is so pretty!" Vivian said, excitement filling her as she watched the water rise and splash against the ship, mesmerised.

Yuu could not help a chuckle at his older twin sister's childish behaviour. She even calls him 'Aani', which could be interpreted as 'Older Brother'.

Through their day, the twins merely played around, met people and gazed at the sea, which they found most beautiful when moonlight shimmered off it and the water looked like a rippling sky, made of gems and glitter.

And that very night, they met a tragic end, as they held onto each other for dear life.

A large wave, pushed by the strong gust of rapid wind, engulfed their ship and toppled the whole floating home to its side. As the wall of water hit, the siblings were watching the sea as it glittered in the moonlight and lit up inside. They were so peaceful, it was not the Little Dream's fault, it couldn't help but want them. Take them from their joy, show them something.

First, the whole ship rocked dangerously; side to side, gathering momentum and with such force that Yuu and Vivian couldn't help but fall into the railing, hitting their sides on the metal bars.

Vivian's small frame was seen toppling off the edge, as she struggled to hold onto the side of the ship, holding on for dear life.

"Aani! AANI! AANI-" Her screams were cut short as a splash of water hit the side of the ship, engulfing her and taking her with the waves.

Of course, Yuu can't let his sister drown, so he jumped in after her, swimming towards her small figure, which was ducking in and out of the water as she struggled to reach him.

He could swim; she couldn't. Their matching colours being pale blue beacons for each other, as Yuu finally reached his sister and held onto her.

Vivian's nails dug into Yuu's skin, through his shirt, as she clung to him, who swam to the rocking boat.

Their fates were not that fortunate, though.

As per the Little Dream's wish, a gust of wind and a large wave are what took them under the water; forcefully pushing them lower and lower into the depths of the sea, their struggles a pointless waste. Yuu holding Vivian close, as they fell deeper down, the water becoming darker as they were pushed down, to the ocean floor.

Some pale blue fabric, along with two little bodies, crushed by the water pressure long before they reached the bottom.

The Little Dream has them now, just like it wanted.

And now, the Little Dream's hunt is done. The collection is complete; Spade, Diamond, Clover, and finally, Heart. All are now in the Land of Mysteries, each wondering through the Land of Mysteries as they can.

Who will reach the closest to the real 'Alice'?


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