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Spade, Diamond, Clover and Heart. These four are the Little Dream's puppets, made to make it through the Land of Mysteries, and be the next Alice; to be the real Alice.
So that the Little Dream isn't forgotten, so that it isn't lonely, there will be more Alices, chosen by the Little Dream to keep it alive.
As this game begins, the first Alice is a Lady of the Spade, Alois.
The second Alice is a Man of Diamond, Klause.
The third Alice is a Girl of Clover, Juliet.
The fourth Alices are the Twins of Heart, Vivian and Yuu.
Game set.
Who will checkmate the opponent and make it through the Land of Mysteries? View table of contents...


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Vivian happily skipped ahead of her brother as he walked behind her, carrying 2 dead birds.

"Finally! Something to eat~!" Vivian said gleefully. The twins had been living off berries and plants for almost 2 days, and meat was a welcome meal. Yuu smiled at her excitement, joyous that they had proper meat to eat. They would need the nutrients meat provided so that they could keep alive.

"Come on, come on! Light a fire, Aani!!" Vivian cheered as her brother struggled to light fire to a pile o f dry sticks using some flint he happened to find in the forest.

Vivian knew how to do this, as she enjoyed experimenting with anything flammable or anything that created fire, but she enjoyed watching her brother struggle oh, so much.

"come on~! It's not that hard, Aani!!" She exclaimed.

"I'm trying, Vivi…" Yuu muttered this just as a spark flew off the flint and landed on the wood, though it was barely noticed. Vivian and Yuu both let out an 'Oh!' as they saw it and Yuu began hitting the two stones against each other once again, a renewed confidence within him, and at long last, there was a small fire crackling before the two children. They plucked and skinned the birds before roasting them over the fire using a spit they made using branches which had been lying around near the edge of the clearing that they were sitting in.

After eating their fill, the two lie down next to one another and just relaxed there peacefully. Their expressions matched that of those who would have no regrets to die.

But alas, the twins weren't to live an easy life here, in the Land of Mysteries. They were the prey, hunted by one who wills to see them kill each other, others and, finally, themselves.

The hunter, a formidable being, was always watching them; their every move was known by this foe. And all they want is to see suffering, pain, and to kill. For if not for the blood-red trail this hunter left behind them, no one would know of their existence. A tell-tale trail of red paint, made from the life of those who once lived, it gave her away, the woman of Spade. She cuts all that is in her path.

She preys on the living, who have emotions and senses, to grant herself the pleasure of torture. A sadistic, maniacal woman who kills all that she sees. Such is the power of the Little Dream.

The twins are yet to know of this game which they have been pulled into. Their ambitions are merely to survive, explore, and find their way back 'home'. A smirk played on Alois's red lips as she watched the defenceless children lie peacefully, knowing nothing of the dangers awaiting them.

A naïve duo who do not know anything. Naivety, something unknown to Alois, who knew nothing but the horrors and reality of the world. A dead woman walked her blood-red path, killing everything in her way, just as she was.

The blissful expressions on the faces of the twins drove Alois to the edge; she wished so much to just tear open the throats of the children and give them a messy end in this Game.

But we cannot kill yet… the Little Dream doesn't want that...not yet…

Alois' s silvery-white hair fell to her hips in long, shining locks of light as the blue fabric, which had been holding up the locks, as a loud noise emanated from beside her, followed by a whirring sound. Immediately, the woman stood up and hopped away from the hedge where she had been hiding and faced the man who had shot her; a man who shone like gold in the sunlight, from his shining golden hair to the white dress-shoes he wore, the sun reflected light off from him. An angel, perhaps.

The man's gold-tinged eyes shone like a rare gold as the sunlight aimed for his frame. A smile played on his lips as he lifted up his arm, aiming the gun once again. Alois immediately realised that the twins would probably awake from the noise, and so she ran. She immediately bolted for the trees, away from the clearing where the children rest, in hopes to draw the man away from her prey. Alois will let no one get her prey before her, and right then, Vivian and Yuu were her unsuspecting victims. Alois, and only Alois, would kill them.

As she had hoped, the man calmly followed her into the forest, a bullet whirring towards her every now and again. As she dodged each one, her stamina drained quicker than it would have if she had just been running, rather than dodging shots as she led her enemy away from her prey.

The twins, however, heard nothing as they remained in the nirvana of sleep. The two dreamed a single dream together; a dream provided to them by the little dream. A calmingly horrific dream which caused the two to inch closer and closer to madness as they remain within this dream within a dream.

A voice calls deep in the mind of Yuu, whispering morbid thoughts seductively into his conscious mind; thoughts compelling him to kill -- kill those close to him, and even those whom he possibly doesn't know yet.

Each murderous call enticing him to kill… kill… kill…

Oh, but of course the boy tried his best to disregard these thoughts that surprisingly tempted his mind, but they distracted him nonetheless.

A single bullet could kill a person, an animal. A single bullet could remove yet another life from this world, this world full of mysterious hatred and madness. Yuu couldn't possibly want to join in on this madness, could he? Poor, innocent, dead Yuu. What on earth would compel him to want to kill someone?

The Little Dream, of course. What else but the powerful little dream, which seeded such thoughts into his heart, his mind, his soul.

What's the worst that can happen?

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