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Hunted and Hunter

Novel By: ZAE
Action and adventure

Tags: Vampires

The whole world has fallen under destruction and Vampires dominate the food chain. They have enslaved everyone one and they raise humans for food and workers. Only a small faction isn't enslaved and even fewer joined the cause to over through vampires. One of the major leaders of the group is and orphaned girl named Tessa. She became a vampire hunter to save people and to get ride of the vampire scum that kill her family. This is her story. View table of contents...



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Splash! I barely noticed my now wet foot. I need to run faster they're gaining. I quickly slipped to the left path in the back alleys. I noticed an arrow on the wall. I'm almost there just a couple seconds, I started to run faster. At last I saw my escape, the man hole. I quickly jumped into the man hole and slid the top back on as fast as I could. I lean back against the ladder I totally ignore and I breathed out a sigh of relief. I escaped at least for now. I started to walk down the tunnel to my left. When I heard men shouting and dogs barking, I stopped in my tracks. They couldn't have followed me could they and they wont think to check here for me right? I waited for what felt like forever but was only minutes. I didn't hear anything so I continue on. I reached another turn and saw an arrow pointing down the left tunnel. I followed the arrow because they always lead straight and true. I should know I put them there just in case if I get lost. Then I headed down the left sewer pipe or tunnel if you prefer and if I'm correct leads south. As I walked I tried to see if my COM still worked but all I got was static. Do you know how much I hate the sewer? Well if you don't then let me tell you that I hate it a lot it's awful and stinky. I am so taking a shower when I get back to HQ. Oh I forgot by the way I am Tessa Rose Vampire Hunter. Also I'm a wanted criminal. Those guys who were looking for me were vampires. Also if you don't know almost all the humans and werewolves and witches and other creatures have been enslaved by vampires. Only a small fraction of them aren't enslaved and even fewer joined the resistance group called Survivor Hunters or other wise known as SH. I am one of the major leaders of the group by the way. I became a leader for many reasons. One being that I want to find the vampire who slaughtered by parents when I was young and sold me and my now dead sister to slave owners. The second is that I simple want revenge. Third and last is that I want save people abd stand up against those stupid vampires. Okay enough about the past. As I continued to walk through the gross and stinky sewer I started to think I was lost but I saw the arrows marked on the wall. Which made me feel better and gave me a better sense of direction. Soon I started to see traces of light at the end of the tunnel. As soon as I saw it I screamed with pleasure and ran toward it. I was sick of this cramped sewer and it's smell. As I came out of the sewer I saw that I was by Sage Lake and The prairie of the Dead. They are some pretty creepy names. They give me the goosebumps when I hear of them. Ignoring the sense of creepiness that swarmed the lake I went down by it. Once I was there I rested and drank water knowing I only had a few hours before I must go. As I rested I bandaged my ribs that I bruised running away. It just started hurting since my adrenaline is starting to wearing off. After I was done, I checked myself out to see if I broke anything more than some of my ribs when I was fleeing from the vampires. I couldn't find anything wrong so I decided to head out. I would have to make it to HQ before night fall or they will find me. I headed west going by cover. Making sure that no one saw me. On my way I saw slaves walking on the road in chains and I heard people screaming. It made me sick I can't stand this place it's awful. If I hadn't have seen worse I might have threw up. The only thing that keeps me from committing suicide is my friends and seeing people's faces light up when I save them. As I thought about the people I've met and the people I've saved, I slowly found my way into SH territory. When I came to the gates I saw that CJ was on duty. I called up to him, "CJ how's guard duty, kill any vampires while I was gone and Did I miss the full moon!" "Yeah you did and yes I killed a couple of them vamps when I was transformed and that full moon was a powerful one!" CJ yelled back. "I know now let me in I got some good news!" I said excitedly. Slowly the gates swung open. I yelled thanks to CJ and went in. When I was in the huge gates swung back in place. Man did it feel good to be back at HQ. As I walked down the street people greeted me and shook hands with me. As I slowly moved through the crowd of my friends I made my way to the command center. I was eggar to get to the armory and stock up on weapons and practice my archery. As I went inside I was greeted by everyone and my best friend and partner, Pietro Fally, met me by the door to the under ground super secret council chamber. We're going down there to discuss our new plans and what's been happening with the other leaders. As we go down the stairs and descend further into the ground I fill him in on what happened and stuff. When we reach the room everyone is there. The people on the Council are Me I represent the humans, Pietro who represents the Werewolves, Sylvia Hearth who represents the Witches, and Martha the Ghost who represents every one else. "Would you like to here the good news or bad news first?" I said. "First bad then good okay" Martha said. "Okay bad news is that the Vampires are gathering an army and are growing stronger by the day" I said. As I said that I saw all of their faces to looks of sadness. "And the good news is... what Tess!... come on spit it out before I'm ninety and the Crone of Witches" Sylvia said. "The good news is that I was able to destroy the Vampire King's best general Scar and his other general Vermont." When I finished I saw all their crestfallen faces turn into hopeful ones. "So since we destroyed his best generals it's only a matter of time till they start to fall apart or we can kill the King" Pietro said. "Yes Pietro is right but we can't wait we don't have enough time so we will have to try and kill the king before their army marches off to war." said Sylvia, "And at this rate they will be ready to march in 6 months because of winter and the time it takes to rally enough troops." "That gives us just enough time to do it but who is willing to risk their life and is good enough to kill the king" Martha said. As soon as she finished everyone looked at me. "Okay fine I'll do it but at least let me rest for a day then I'll go." I said. After I agreed I left wanting to spend the day preparing. As I was leaving the building Pietro caught up to me. "No Pietro you can not come and if I die make sure Kennedy is my replacement, okay?" "But Tess-" Pietro said before I cut him off. "No buts do you understand you shall not follow me or I swear I will tie you to a pole and leave you there understand." I said. "Fine but please be careful, okay?" Pietro said. "I will, I promise okay but I have to get ready okay so Cya!" I said excitedly. "Okay Cya." Pietro said glumly. Then he went off somewhere and I went to the armory. When I went into it Tommy and Timmy were there polishing some of the weapons. "Hey boys can I have one silver short sword, two silver and two wooden daggers, a quiver of wooden/silver arrows, and five wooden stakes." I said. "Sure Tess right away." said Tommy or was it Timmy they both look the same. Oh who knows I never get the twins names right. "So where you going Tess?" said one of the twins. "Oh just some where top secret and can you get me sheaths for the sword and daggers." I said. "Yes siree but why can't you tell us Tess." said the twins. "Because I am on a top secret mission and I am sworn to secrecy and don't you give me those faces!" I said angrily. But as I looked back at them I new I couldn't stay mad for long. "I am truly sorry but I can't and thanks for getting me this stuff." I said as I messed their hair all up. I put my sheath with my sword in it on my waist and a dagger of each kind under by sleeves and on my pants and I hid my own in my boots. Then I slung the quiver over my back and grabbed the bow. "Don't worry boys I'll be back soon, Cya" I said. "See you later Tess!" the twins yelled after me as I left the tent. After getting my weapons I got some supplies then I headed home and slept till dawn. I woke up to the sound of a rooster cock-a-doodling . I slowly got up and got dressed not wanting to face the world. I put all of my weapons on and grabbed my supplies and left. Nobody was up yet which I was thankful for. I slowly made my way to the huge gates, I was planning on going through the secret door only a few know about. When I got there Pietro was there waiting for me. " Morning Pietro come to wish me off." I said as I stretched and yawned. "Yes and please be careful now goodbye." he said. As he leaned down and kissed me. I blushed as he kissed me. "I will, I promise bye." then I opened the door and left. As I slowly made my way under ground I kept thinking back to our kiss. Does he really love me and do I even love him? When did our friendship become so complicated? And I wonder how Pietro is going to get into the castle. Me being his best friend I know him better than he knows him self and I know he will find a way in there so he can help me. "Ow!" Of course I just have to hit my head on something and that really hurt. As I slowly made my way out of the tunnel I ended up in the forest right by Sage Lake. As I picked my way through the forest and up to the sewer pipe I put on a hooded cape and vampire clothing I stole. Great now it's back to the sewer. Since I had a map this time I easily navigated the sewers. As I was turning a corner I knocked into something solid and I fell backwards landing in sewage. "Great now I am all wet thanks buddy." I mumbled angrily. The person I ran into went stock still and was shocked. "Yo! Hey buddy tell me who you are? No damn SH is allowed in here with out permission from the council and besides how did you even know about this place!" I said angrily. The guy slowly pulled his hood off. Once I saw who he was I gasped and quickly threw a stake at him and dodged the blade he threw at me. Man if I could capture this guy the King would be like play-duo in my hand. I pulled out a wooden dagger right as he threw another dagger at me. I dodge again and we started to circle each other. We each trying to anticipate the others move. "So are you the mortal who defeated the two generals?" He said "Depends are you the Zack the one called the Snow Prince because of your cold heart and silver hair?" I said. I dodged his blow from the left and the next one from the right. "To slow you have to be faster to get me." I said as I dodge his blow and tripped him making him fall then I cut at his back. When I saw him fall I started to form a plan. I pretended he was dead and he pretend he was dead. Then I turned my back on him hoping he will knock me out instead of kill me. As I waited I caught sight of him silently getting up and slowly bring down the handle of his sword. I smiled good job you just played right into my hand. Then everything went black. * * * "That was almost to easy what are you planning?" Zack said as he dragged the famous mortal hunter through the sewer back to the palace * * * I woke up to find myself chained to the wall in a eire looking dungeon. Good I should be underneath the castle. All I need to do now is wait. Man this was too easy. As I waited the guard brought me some food. Also he was even nice enough to season my found with his spit. Man I forgot how much I love dungeons and how fun they can be. After the guard left I checked to see if I had any weapons. Lucky for me they forgot to check my boots. I pulled out my wooden and silver daggers and put them in my sleeves. I only had to wait a couple hours before the Snow Prince came waltzing in here like he owned it. Well he did own it somewhat I guess... "Who are you and why were you down there?" said Zack. " Well don't we get right to the point me being me I prefer to chat a bit before I get to the point." I said. "Just tell me or I shall force it out of you!" he yelled angrily. "Geeez somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today." I said. He slapped me and I resisted the urge to do it back to him and he said, "For the last time who are you and what were you doing in the sewer?" "Ow that hurt didn't your mother teach you not to hit girls, where are your manners." I said. Before he could hit me I said, "My name is Tessa Rose Vampire Hunter and Leader of the group called Survivor Hunters and representative of all humans." "Good now tell me what you were doing in there." He said. "Thats funny I was just about to ask you that my self." I said. "If you tell what you were doing then I shall tell what I was doing." Zack said. "Why I was there was because I was planning sneaking into the castle to kill the King and his family, so why were you there Snow Prince." He started laughing as I finished saying that. "You really think you can kill the king and my family wow you humans are really stupid." he said. "You have know Idea of what I am capable of but I promise you that I shall succeed even if it means loosing my own life." I spit out. He laughed again. "I like you human, your amusing I think I might even keep you as my pet." He said, "I'll be back for more information and I'll arrange for you to be sent to my quarters after we've gotten all the information we want from you." Then he turned around and was about to leave when I took off my chains and hit him in the back of the head. I waited to if he stirred then I dragged him into the maximum high security jail cell for vampires and Then I killed the guards on duty and the other guards. Then I made sure no one could get in or out and then I left and headed up stairs to the palace. As I strode through the palace looking like I belonged. I found may way to the main hall then I went down the hall to my right. As I continued down the hall I put my hand on the wall trying to feel for the secret passage that leads to the King's private chamber. It took me a couple of minutes before I found it but I did. Before I went in I knocked on it three times. Then I waited for the door to open. I only had to wait a few minutes before the door swung open. I was so relieved that it was Pietro who opened the door not someone else. "Was it easy to infiltrate the palace Pietro." I said. "No and did you have any trouble getting in?" Pietro said. "No and is the king in there?" I asked. "No but he shall be in ten minutes to get ready to meet with the lords of the land." "Okay good I'll see you later and see if you can pick off some of the other generals or some noble people okay." I said. "Okay I will and be careful." Pietro said. "Yeah I will Cya." I said. Then we switched places and he went down the hall and I went through the tunnel. As I went through the door way the door closed behide me. Geeze that's really creepy. I grabbed one of the torches from the wall and continued down the passage. After a while I finally reach the end. Before I opened the door I put my ear to it and listened I didn't hear anything so I opened it. As I swung the door open the first thing I saw was the King with a stake in his heart. Great someone beat me to my prize but who... I started to look around. As I passed by the table I noticed there was a letter on it that was addressed to me. It said: Dear Tessa, Meet me by the border of the Vampire territory by the prairie of the dead tonight I have something you want and I'm willing to trade with you from, Your new King Zack After I finished reading I put the letter in my pocket. I might as well meet him there and see what he has to offer. Great... This is so not going as planned. I wonder where Pietro is. After another search that turned up nothing. I decided to leave before I was caught. I opened the secret passage way then went back through it. And again the door closed by itself. Man is it creepy when that door does that. I made my way through the tunnel then I snuck out of the castle and half ran/half walked to the man hole. Once I was in I could finally relax I didn't know how tense I was till I did. After a quick rest I headed out. As I made my way through the tunnel. I started to think and we all know how bad that is. But I did and I thought about what he would have that I would want and if I did want it what would I have to give. After a while I started to see light at the end of the tunnel. I finally reached the end. I walked out breathing in the fresh air. Man did it feel good to be outside. I looked at the sky. I had about three hours before night fall. I went over to Sage Lake and drank and ate then I rested. I spent about an hour and half resting up then I headed off to meet Zack. When I was half way to the border of the Vampire's territory. Guess what I just so happen to run into a very ticked off group of werewolves led my none other than my former foe Trevor the Bloody. "Fancy meeting you here Tess I thought you hated this place and I thought you were forbidden from coming into my territory." Trevor said. "Don't worry I'm just passing through." I said. As I talked I caught sight of a werewolf getting ready to pounce on me from be hide. I dodged just in time as its claws pass close by me. "You coward, only relying on cheap tricks like that, what kind of a were wolf are you?" I said as I dodged another attack and stabbed at another werewolf with my silver dagger instantly killing it. I easily killed the others in the pack in five minutes. "Now it's just me and you coward." I said. Trevor growled and lunged at me. I ducked and as he went over my head I cut under his belly leaving a huge gash in his stomach. While he looked at his wound with unbelievable shock I threw my silver dagger. I hit him right in the heart, instantly killing him. "You coward, you didn't deserve the quick death but I had to make it quick so good bye." I said. Then I continued on. I looked up in the sky and saw the sun has almost set. I ran the rest of the way to the border. When I got there I saw Zack was already there. "What took you so long." he said. "Nothing to exciting, all I did was have a run in with a pack of werewolves and I had to kill them." I said, "Okay, what is it you have come to trade with?" "This." he said right as Pietro was shoved out from cover. I gasped "Pietro." I said, "What do you want in exchange for him?" "I want you, I want you to be mine forever, and I want your promise you won't kill your self or try to escape." he said. " I'll only agree if you promise no one will hurt Pietro or try to until he is either safely back in SH HQ or until night ends." As I said this I saw Pietro shake his head no and he mouthed don't do this but I ignored him. "Fine, do we have an agreement." he said. "Yes we do." I said. We shook on it. I saw Pietro fall to the ground in defeat and shocked that I said yes. I mouthed sorry to him. Then before I could even react I felt something hit me on my head then everything went black again. * * * "Finally the Great Hunter Tessa Rose is now mine." Zack said. * * * When I awoke I saw that I was chained to a wall "I see my little hunter is finally awake." Zack said.


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