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This is about a teenage boy named Ōkami meaning wolf. He can turn into a wolf only when the moon if full. he doesn't quite fit in because of the whole thing. the setting for this is old day Japan I hope you like this. View table of contents...


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The frist shight of the wolf

In the temple Bladden was planing to over trow Janpan. Mean while Ōkami was having a hrad to sleeping that night. He was tossing and turning in his sleep he got up and went for a walk. He walked around town it was placeful at the night because not mant people were around at this time of day. So he just was injoying the place until he had the ughe to howl at the moon so he though people don't howl at the moon do they? He asked himself as he walked trow the town and went to the woods and sat on a rock and watched the moon. He was as pretty the way it was just their in the sky like someone could rech it and hold it in here hands like it was ball or something.

It was nice to be out at this time of day because it was quite and he really didn't have to worry about people he like the night he was clam and placeful. Ōkami was sitting their until a wolf walked over to him. "Hmmm, Hello." Ōkami said as he looked at the wolf. The wolf looked at him. "Your one of us?" The wolf asked Ōkami. Ōkami just looked at the wolf. "You can talk?" Ōkami asked the wolf as it came closer to him. The wolf looked at him. "Yes I can talk just like you." He said as he layed down next to Ōkami. "Okay then but what do you want?" Ōkami asked him as the wolf looked at him. "I wanted to know if you are the one that save all Japan?" He said as Ōkami looked at him in odd way. (Well I would to if a talking wolf just came up to me and asked me if I was going to save all Japan.) Dammit I really hate fortune tellers. Ōkami though as he looked at the sky. "I don't know and what is your name anyway and what do you mean I am one of you?" Ōkami asked the wolf as the wolf looked at him. "I am Rafh and what I meant is your a wolf to but your a human too right?" Rafth looked at him.

Ōkami was shocked by this. "Yes I am a Human but I don't think I am wolf, and my name is Ōkami nice to met you Rafh." He said as Rath looked at him. "You mean you know that your wolf yet I am Human to but I hate being my Human from." Rath said as he looked at Ōkami. "So your a Human then show my your human form then." He said as Rath looked at him funny. "What?" Ōkami asked him. "It's nothing it's just when I change into my Human form I am naked." Rath said as he looked at him. "Oh okay then well Rath I am going to do back home night." Ōkami said as he got up and started to walk home but Rath followed him. Ōkami made it home with Rath and then they fell asleep.

I am going to end it their if you want to write more then comment plz.


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