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A bully. A thief. A drunk. A smoker. A teenager.
Inside we are all different. Especially Mia. Mia is a 15 year old girl, whose home life is one no one would pick. She’s the class bully, but what really goes on in her head? As she starts to break the first tear rolls down her cheek and that’s when she realizes. This isn't who she wants to be, and as her knees crumple no one is there for that one needed helping hand.
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We all have that one person in our class, the bully. That bully that goes around picking on every kid that they want to, doing whatever whenever they want during the day. Well I'm one of them. I wouldn't say it's a bad thing. I mean why be nice when no one wants to be nice to you. And why be gentle when in a fight you can really do some damage. That's the way I look at it, and the way everyone else looks at it is that I must just be naturally angry, or just some type of hater of the world. But that's not it, physically I'm normal. But mentally, I'm different.

The name's Mia, a name where usually you think 'oh that's a very nice name' or 'oh she sounds nice' but why would you judge a book by its cover? People are stupid, their IQ levels never seem to match their actually capabilities. If they have an IQ at all that is. I'm 15, a perfect age I say to be who I am. There's not much else about me, apart from that I'm in year 10.

I wake up on the Monday morning, tired and not wanting to get up at all. But getting up on my own is much better than my dad coming through here. Dragging myself out of bed I get changed quickly into the crap school uniform that our school makes us wear, deliberately leaving my collar up turned and the sleeves rolled up. I quickly tie my high up in a ponytail, only glancing in the mirror as I stroll out my overllay messy room. I hear my dad coughing and wheezing in his room as I go by, knowing that that's an effect of years of smoking. I walk quickly down the stairs, making a quick appearance in the bathroom to brush my teeth and give my face a quick wash. As weird as it sounds this is my normal weekday routine, quick and simple. To get out the house as swiftly as possible, I wonder if it's the same for everybody. I grab an apple as I walk past the table, only stopping as I see a full pack of cigarettes on the table. Would another pack really hurt? I think as my feet are slowly edging towards the table. I snatch the packet and swiftly leave the house, kicking on my shoes and flinging the bag on my back on the way. I walk to the back of my house and lean my back against the wall, pulling a lighter out my bag which I keep just in case. I get one of the cigs out of its packet and light it up. Slowly taking in the smoke. Relief. Finally. I'm no smoker, but I'm no hater of it. And what can I say, it's not like anyone is going to stop me. Finishing off the smoke I hide the rest of that packet in a hidden pocket in my bag, which I cut myself for a knife or something like this. Swinging the bag back onto my bag I head round front, just as the bus arrives to take me to the hell hole which most call 'school'. I jump on to the bus, which is painted white. Much like some sort of private hired bus which just had some shabby paint work done by a 6year old. And of course, once again. No empty seats. So I have to sit by some alone loser who probably writes essays for a living. I end up sitting by a new girl, purposefully taking up my entire seat and some of hers. I chuck my bag onto her lap and smirk as I know she won't retaliate in anyway. The journeys long, almost 45mins. Usually I just listen to my IPod full blast and enjoy some kickass screamo and hard rock. But this time I hear the girl sniffling. "What's wrong with you" I say in a casual tone, she deliberately ignores me and looks out of the window, wiping her eyes with the cuff of her jumper. "Oh man up you wimp" I say "Tell me what the hell's wrong with you" She turns and looks into my eyes; I immediately see the fear and regret that seems to swarm her face. Inside I feel sorry for her, knowing her pain of fitting in. This is my third school, my third secondary school I should say. I got kicked out the other two, one was for graffiti and the other was for violence towards staff. But then I have another thought, of how I could take advantage of the situation. "Come hang out with me for the day then" I say in my nicest tone while shuffling over and removing the bag from her lap. "Umm, sure sounds good" She replies in almost a whisper as I hear the fear in her voice. We arrive at school and I storm out the bus, being first one free as always. Forgetting completely about my little companion I've got for the day. Our school is tiny, I see the disappointment in the new girls face as she carefully tip-toes out the bus, like she's trying not to awaken a pack of hungry lions. There's no second floor, it's simply a bungalow with only around 30 rooms to house the 200 students which come every day. Doesn't sound too bad, and it doesn't look awful on the outside with smooth white walls and a roof which points on a deadly angle so no kids can go climbing up. The inside is an entire different story though; as I lead the girl inside we walk past wall after wall covered in graffiti. Some kids make up their own tag and try to spray it around as much as they can but others just say nasty things, not only about teachers but about the loners of the school too. "What's the name then" I say as we're walking along "Lucy" The girl replies shyly.

"Mines Mia. Year?" I ask


"Sames, well welcome to our clan" I say joke fully, as I open the door to the classroom which our class stays in. "There's 32 people in our class, most are normal I guess. But then you've got Roger and Ellis as the two posh twins which no one really pays attention to, then Oliver who's the smart one, no one really likes him he's a complete dork if you ask me and then Betty, ugly, a loser and just stay away from her" Lucy looks around the people in fear, she's lucky she's got me as her mate for the day then. "I think Betty looks quite nice" Lucy says quietly. "You're either daft or bloody stupid" I say sharply, this time not trying to be nice. I slump down in my chair, waiting for Mrs Rose to arrive. She sounds like she would be nice but she's the complete opposite. She is tall with long blonde hair that she never seems to style or straighten, so it just lays there limp and never washed. I see Lucy still standing awkwardly by the door, hugging a book against her chest. She's not ugly I can say that, she probably would look better without this uniform on. She's fairly short, but skinny. And her hair is fairly long; it's blonde with streaks of light orange and ginger going through. Usually that wouldn't look good at all, but it suits her amazing, along with her slim figure and short stature. I hear one of the annoying guys in our class shout "Hey newbie, why don't you go sit by Ollie where you really belong!" I see hurt in her eyes and she looks down like how she did in the bus, all the boys laugh at his joke as Lucy just stands there, shuffling her feet in disgrace. I stand up, marching right over to the boys' desk. I reach over and grab him by the collar, pulling him so half his body is handing over the table. "What was that about, huh?" I snarl staring directly into the boys eyes. "Um i…i…er" The boy says, with a distinctive tone of shock running through his words. "Fine then. Don't talk to her like that you hear?" The boy then says OK as I push my hand towards him letting go so he crashes into his chair, and cries out in pain. The whole room is looking at me, with eyes of terror. School may have just started its new year, but there's no way that I'll be any different than before. On my way back to my chair I pull the guy out of the chair that is next to me. "Sit" I command to Lucy. And she comes shuffling over as told. And that's when Mrs Rose arrives, all smiley and happy. But she takes a second out of her greeting to give me a death stare, like she's about to rip my throat out and feed it to that wretched dog she brings in sometimes. Her eyes then set to Lucy. "Oh hello there and you must be Lucy! How nice to see you arrived safely" Lucy just nods, too shy to speak a word to Mrs Rose. "I took care of it miss" I speak out "Got her here nice and safe no need to worry only 6 guys attacked her on the way" The look in Mrs Rose's eyes strike those of pure horror, as my joke seemed to not get across. The rest of the class laughed but my eyes stayed fixed on Mrs Rose. "Mia, what on earth were you thinking that is not the right thing to say" The rest of the class is silent, but Mrs Rose doesn't stop her shouting "A new girl come into class probably scared out her mind and you think it's right to make a joke about men attacking her. How dare you!" And I get sent out of the class immediately. After 30miniutes at school I'm already being sent off to the headmasters' office.



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