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Something is lacking behind

By: praveen gola

Page 1, No one is perfect in His age.As more & more he is learning,He/She gains a perfection but still there is something that is lacking in.I too felt the same till now & tries to gain more perfection at each new day.

Something is lacking behind

When I was six,

I used to get everything fix,

My parents surpried.

To see my talents Bright,

But Only I realized....

That something is lacking behind.


Now the teenage came......

As everyone grows with name,

I too scored high.....

But something is lacking behind.


Its time to get an Adult,

Parents advices me to get adjust,

With the new home they selected for me,

This time  I too did my job right......

But still something is lacking behind.


Now I am going to be forty......

A mother of two...with some thoughts Naughty,

But still I am unable to define.........

That what is that something---- which is lacking behind.


So One should always remember..........

That every age is full of tender.........

And if one made its fuller utilize,,,

Then something which is lacking..........lesses to be lacking behind.

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