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Lion Heart (Chapter 1)

Script By: Artzipants
Action and adventure

A little cub's life is in jeopardy. Will it's life be wasted, or help come to save it?

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Lion Heart Comic Script
*The numbers indicate sub panels that work within the main panel*
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 1

1) A group of sleeping lions are shown to the audience. Two lion silhouettes are shown near a big tree in the distance.

2) Narrator

"It is the middle of summer in a South African savanna. A pride of lions are sleeping soundly, tonight."
Panel 2
1)A Lion's Silhouette is shown walking in tall grass.
A big lion's paw is shown.
Panel 3
1) Raiobi (Worried)
"Mother... how is she doing?"
Panel 4
1) Zahra (Sad tone)
"She is not doing too well.".
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 5
1) The sick cub is shown to the readers.
2) Zahra (Sad Tone)
"It looks like the virus is getting worse."
Panel 6
1) Raiobi turns his head over his left shoulder.
Raiobi (Disappointed)
"I knew this was going to happen."
2) Zahra (concerned)
"Raiobi…. Are you okay?
Panel 7
1) Raiobi (Disappointed)
"I wish … there was a way I could have avoided this.
"Raiobi…. Do not blame yourself for something you have not done. This is not your fault."
Panel 8
1) The sick cub is shown to the audience
2) Asha
"But….. Something so small, shouldn't go through so much pain."
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 9
1) Raiobi (Disappointed)
*SIGH* "I guess we'll just let nature take it's course."
Panel 10
1) Raiobi walks off into the tall Savanna grass.
Panel 11
2) Ahsa watches her son walk off.
Panel 12
1) She lays her head down and falls into a deep sleep.
Setting: South African Savanna-Jungle (Midnight)
Panel 13
1) Raiobi is walking through the tall, dry savanna grass.
Panel 14
1) He starts to have a quick flash back of his daughter, happy and healthy, like nothing ever happened to her.
2) His eyes starts to tear up...
Panel 15
1) Raiobi starts running in the grass.
2) Into the jungle.
Panel 16
1) An owl in a tree watch Raiobi run from above.
Panel 17
1) He makes a sudden stop in the middle of the jungle. Where the trees are around him and the center is empty with just leaves and grass.
2) He looks up to the trees, into the starry night sky.
Panel 18
1) Wind blows through his fur and mane.
Panel 19
1) Raiobi bows his head down.
2) Raiobi (disappointed)
"I'm so sorry. I've tried everything to save her….
Setting: South African Jungle (Midnight)
Panel 20
1) Voice in Sky (Calm)
"Do not fret, Raiobi."
Panel 21
1) Raiobi rises his head and looks up to the sky.
Panel 22
Voice in Sky (Calm)
"Help is on it's way to saving our daughter."
Panel 23
1) Raiobi bows his head down
2) Raiobi (Low Tone)
"I hope you're right."
Panel 24
1) He turns around and starts to walk back to his pride.
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 25
1) A helicopter can be seen flying over to the savanna from the north in the distance.
Panel 26
1) The helicopter gets closer to the lion pride.
Panel 27
1) It starts to hover above the lion pride.
Panel 28
1) The pride is awaken by the sound of the flying object.
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 29
1) As the helicopter make its landing, the lions began to run away.
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 30
Zhara awakes in panic
Panel 31
1) She turns her head quickly to take a glance at the cub.
2) She checks on the cub and tries to protect it. She knows moving the cub is not an option since it is very weak.
Panel 32
1) A group of two men and two women exit out the helicopter with dart guns in their hands.
Panel 33
1) Zahra spots the guns in their hands.
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 34
1) Man 1 (Serious)
"I hope you guys are prepared for this. These creatures are really dangerous, so be careful."
Women 1 (normal)
"Sir, I found it."
Panel 35
1) Man 1
Women 1 (normal)
" But it seems this lioness does not want anyone near her or the sick cub."
Panel 36
1) Zahra shows her pealy whites
Panel 37
Man 1
"Then Shoot the lioness and grab the cub. She will attack trying to protect her baby."
Panel 38
Zahra (shook and nervous)
"Raiobi, where are you."
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 39
1) The woman aims the gun to Zahra
2) The gun Fires
Panel 40
1) A dart hits Zahra in her shoulder.
Panel 41
1) Zahra (In Pain)
2) She falls to the floor.
Panel 42
1) The second man ran to get the cub.
Panel 43
1) Zahra slowly lifts her paw up
2) and places it on top of the sick cub.
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 44
1) Zahra closed her eyes.
2) The man picked up the cub
Panel 45
1) Man 2
"Poor baby. She's cold."
Woman 1
"Lets hurry and take her back to the animal facility."
Panel 46
1) All the people began to run back to the helicopter.
Panel 47
1) The Pilot started the helicopter up.
Panel 48
1) The pillars on the helicopter began to turn.
Panel 49
1) Raiobi is walking out of the tall grass.
2) He stops and spots the helicopter.
3) He glance at his mother and noticed she got hit with a dart.
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 50
Raiobi notice the cub was missing and panics.
Panel 51
1) Raiobi (shocked and in low tone)
" No..."
Panel 52
1) Raiobi runs towards his mother to check on her.
Panel 53
1) Raiobi
Setting: South African Savanna (Midnight)
Panel 54
1)Raiobi starts to get mad, and tears run down his face.
2)He starts to run after the helicopter.
Panel 55
1) Raiobi (Angry and Frightened)
Panel 56
1) He started to chase after the helicopter.
2) But it already took off into the skies.
Panel 57
1) Raiobi stopped in his tracks.
Panel 58
1) He looked up to the sky. in fear.
2) Raiobi (upset)
3) A tear runs down his face.


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