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This is an experimental writing. A story written in one go.The basic idea was to write something.Since,i wanted it to be short, so I have not got into depth of the characters and their circumstances.Hope,you enjoy it.

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That's how IT STARTED.

M: "We are screwed", "How will we return 25 Million dollars"? "Which we have lavishly gambled in the stupid Poker's game.

Y: "Shut up"!

M: "I told you to stop". "But you didn't". "See where we are now"?

Y: "Shut Up"!

After disgusted pause of restlessness, Y replied, "What ever happened now has happened, so keep mum about it". "About the money, I will figure out something".



Y: "Hello".

After few seconds, He answered.


But the caller doesn't hang up and after few more seconds.

Y : "Ok, where do you want to meet"?



Y walks into a strange old library, which is filled with Dust and Literature. He is gripped by an uncertainty of the moment, as he tries to ease himself in with the situation, a voice from behind breaks up his peace.

Mysterious Man: "I was sitting on the table which was behind you", and saw your fortunes shattered in disgust and disarray"." Sorry for that".

Y: "You called me and said that you can help me"." How"?

Though he was trying to put up a brave face, but irregular breathing and sweat all over his face were narrating the story of a frightened heart.

MM: "15 years ago, 2 friends came from a small town, to this insane land of dreams"; "They had no one, but themselves, to look after each other".

Y: Mr. I am very pissed off, don't bug me with the history of-------

MM continues, ignoring the protest of an irritated tone.

MM: "Then came a cunning moment in life, when they had to choose between Money and Friendship."

Y: (Stammering). "Listen..I am...I.....

MM: "One friend chose Friendship, but the other went with Money". Though, that bad ass got rich, but his past kept chasing him.

Y :( In an aggressive tone) "Why are you bothering me with this"?

MM: See world works on a simple principle, "Bigger the sacrifice, bigger is the reward".

Adam's APPLE

MM: * Kill your friend*, and I will give you Rs 80 Million Dollars.

Y, (stunned)! This was a punch, which knocked him out of his senses. After few minutes, he collected himself, and said:

Y: "You are out of your senses". I am leaving.

MM: "When you will reach home", you will find my card at your dining table.Give me a call when you are ready.

Y:How did you get my number or address?

He remained silent, and kept smiling, as Y left the building with the devil -on- his- back.


Hidden World

The soul has long departed his body; he was just a dumb mechanism of some random thoughts. Voices were whistling past him. Continuous threats, no money, no job. An echo of evil was getting louder and stronger. The world which was hidden from him appeared out of no where. He started, looking at the things which he earlier ignored due to lack of MONEY. He knew that he just needs to pull a trigger of his guts and he will have everything he ever dreamed off. The Cars, the accessories and 'free will', all of this and more will be at his door steps.

But what about Friendship? He was with M for last 7 years. His guilt was not giving him an easy path to walk. All those silent promises, laughter filled nights, shoulder of strength and warm assurances were weighing heavy on the eyes which were afraid to confront itself in the Mirror. He knew, the only way to live is, to live without guilt. But If he can find a right justification to satisfy his guilt ridden heart, than even the most heinous crime becomes an Art. So it was time for little 'Soul-searching'.


Brain: This is too good an opportunity to be wasted.

Y: "I understand, but he is like my brother". "I can't kill him without any convincible reason".

Brain: You are right. But you are forgetting one thing. "He smokes a lot".

Y: "So what"?

Brain: Smoking Kills!, and is Injurious to health and society. He is killing himself slowly anyway, so why don't kill him for a reason.

Master was smiling at his servant's obedience. Now, he has the reason to calm his senses and justify his act.

He dialed the number and called M.

"Arrangement has been made". "I have the funds". "Can you meet me in an hour's time".

He looked in the mirror for the last time. Yes, he was looking straight into his eyes. He took out a gun and hides it in his over coat.


Gone with THE WIND

M enters Y's den, unaware of the devil which was born.

M: "Why are you looking so glumly", you said, That you have made an arrangement, Than why are you looking tense?

They both looked at each other, Y with the tears, and M with an Amusement.

Y: "Friend!", I lied. Can I hug you?

M, amusingly leaned forward. Not believing his ears.

They hugged.........Silence............PHTAAASHHHHHHH.....Bullet gets fired............there is huge cry of Pain......................

M: Sorry Brother! I had no other option. I had to kill you.

M wipes out a familiar card from his pocket, and dials the number, as Y is left gasping for his final breath......

M: "Yes I accept your deal".

This is how it ENDS



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