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Epeldema the Beauty, Agnes the Smart, and Jinx the Great

Script By: Mindbuzzproductions
Action and adventure

All hail Jinx the Great! Saver of the Kingdom. All hail Epeldema the most beautiful. All hail Agnes the smartest person alive.

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Epeldema the Beauty, Agnes the Smart, and Jinx the Great

Scene 1

(Jinx is lying sideways on her royal chair)

Jinx: Nigery tell me the status of magic used on Earth.

Nigery: Yes my great. The magic status is calm on Jupiter. Oh no! There is a very high extremely rate of magic being used.

Jinx: What! What planet?

Nigery: Planet earth.

Jinx: Call for Agnes the smart and Epeldema the beauty.

Nigery: Yes my highness.

Jinx: Tell them it's an emergency.

Nigery: Yes Jinx.

Jinx: And Nigery you look nice with no makeup on.

Nigery: Thank you.

Scene 2

(Jinx is standing on a platform and Agnes and Epeldema are standing next to each other on the ground)

Jinx: My sisters Epeldema the beauty of our family and Agnes the brains. (Steps down from platform and walks to Agnes, and Epeldema and hugs them) I have a problem! Will you please help me?

Epeldema: What is it my sister?

Jinx: The Earth goers have been using a lot of magic; I want you two to find out why? Please help me out.

Agnes: Yes I will help you dear sister only if you grant permission to me of using magic on earth.

Jinx: Permission granted to you and our sister.

Epeldema/Agnes: Thank you.

Jinx: You both will get rewarded as you usually do. Now go.

(Epeldema and Agnes turn around at the same time then walk 3 steps and disappear)

Scene 3

(Epeldema and Agnes appear on Earth)

Agnes: Let us meet here at noon.

Epeldema: I'm going to check the mall.

Agnes: No! Epeldema, we have to work!

Epeldema: Fine we shall work first then go to the mall.

Agnes: You and your mall. Pathetic. You are just like every other woman on Earth. Go find some people! Don't go looking for RJ though.

Epeldema: Fine!

Agnes: (Walks away) Good bye sister.

Darnell: Hey hot stuff, your sister seems like a stuck up.

Epeldema: I say just a little.

Darnell: What is your name? Sexy?

Epeldema: No, it's Epeldema.

Darnell: I'll just call you Ep. Cause that's what you scream when you see me.

Epeldema: Why would I scream for you?

Darnell: Because I'm hot.

Epeldema: Are you sure you are talking about you?

Darnell: All right! Do you want to go out or not!?!

Epeldema: No thank you.

Scene 4

Hardres: Jinx you are a great queen. That is why you are Jinx the great.

Jinx: Thank you Hardres.

Hardres: Oh! Do you like me?

Jinx: Yea you are the nicest vampire I've ever met and you are beautiful. If I had a chose I would make you my King.

Hardres: (Crossing fingers behind back) No way! I like you too. So do you want to go out right now?

Jinx: Oh I don't know. I have a kingdom to watch over.

Nigery: If you want your highness I can watch while you have some fun.

Jinx: That is sweet of you Nigery. Yes. I would like that.

Nigery: Go have fun.

(Jinx stands up)

Hardres: I've been waiting for this moment. (Jinx and Hardres walk together)Jinx, I was waiting to ask you out today. I just never knew the right time. Plus, I didn't know if you liked me.

Jinx: I like you.

Hardres: I have a special place I want to take you.

Jinx: Yeah! You really had this all planed out, didn't you?

Hardres: Why yes!?

Jinx: I'm so happy. So where is this special place?

Hardres: It is a secret. That reminds me close your eyes.

Jinx: (Closes eyes) This is so romantic, Hardres.

Hardres: (Grabs Jinx's arm) Just walk and I will guide you.

Jinx: (Giggles) I kind of figured that.

(Hardres guides Jinx into a room)

Hardres: Don't open your eyes. I have one thing to do first. I will be back. (Walks out of room then goes to control center and turns on the magic abductor) Sorry Jinx.

(Jinx is screaming then she opens her eyes then hops out of her seat)

Jinx: Hardres! (All her powers are gone and her hair turns brown)

Hardres: (Turns machine off then walks into room) Jinx did you really think I liked you?

Jinx: Why did you do this Hardres? (Tries and uses powers)

Hardres: They're gone! Remember? (Walks towards Jinx)

Jinx: (Hits Hardres's chest with both hands) You jerk!

Hardres: (Grabs Jinx's hands in one hand and pulls out a rope from his pocket than ties her wrists together) Why did I do this was one of your questions? Well, I want your power. (Hair turns silver) Looks like I'm in charge and I have your powers. (Picks Jinx up and slumps her over his shoulder)

Jinx: What are you going to do to me?

Hardres: Multiple things Jinx. Multiple things.

Scene 5

Hardres: (Throws Jinx on his bed) I will see you later Jinx. I would suggest screaming.

Jinx: I won't scream; I know you live in the middle of nowhere. Why waste my voice?

Hardres: So you don't annoy me with pettish questions. (Starts walking out door)

Jinx: People will wonder where I am. They know I won't just disappear. What will you do when they do ask?

Hardres: I'll tell them I'm taking over. Then they will see I have the silver hair.

Jinx: What if my fath-

Hardres: (Yelling at Jinx) Enough of your questions! You are too nosy! You have been kidnaped and keep your yabber jabber shut. (Uses his powers to put a cage around Jinx and the bed) Bye bye. (Walks away and shuts door behind him)

Scene 6

Nigery: Where is Jinx?

Hardres: I took care of her.

Nigery: You killed her!?!

Hardres: No, you foolish women and your thoughts. (Goes on platform) Don't worry about it. All you have to know is I'm your ruler now!

Nigery: Yes, I can tell you've inherited the silver hair.

Hardres: Ah yes you noticed Captain obvious!

Nigery: I can tell you won't be a great leader.

Hardres: Who knows? I might be the best. Call in a magical creature meeting, even the ones from distance planets!

Nigery: Yes sir. (Hexts' everyone to come to the castle) It is done.

Hardres: You are very helpful to me. You must follow me wherever I go. (Shouts all of what He says) I summon all vampires to my will right now!

(A lot of vampires appear and start chatting) Enough fellow members! You all have said I wouldn't be the ruler. Look at me now! Well, since you all refused me you guys won't be 2nd in command. Will you all be my army?

(Shouts in agreement)

Hardres: Excellent!

(People and creatures start appearing than more)

Hardres: Hello. Yes Hello. Nigery, zap me a presentable outfit. (Nigery zaps a silver suit on Hardres) I like it.

Nigery: (Grabs Hardres's tie and pulls him to face level) What did you do to Jinx?

Hardres: I'll tell you later doll. (Everyone else appears) That is all of them, right?

Nigery: That is all 1,521,034 of them Hardres.

Hardres: (Shouts over everyone) Everyone, welcome to my kingdom. I now am the one in control and let me lay down some good old fashion rules.

Epeldema: (Shouts from back of the room) What did you do to our sister!?!

Hardres: Epeldema, and Agnes the magical creatures with the most power, besides me.

Epeldema: What did you do?

Hardres: Well it is a long story but I'll tell you in a shorter form. I kidnapped her, took her powers and throne, now she is in a secret spot. (Shows Agnes thinking than she heads to the exit) Get her. (Two vampires grab Agnes) Bring her to me. (While the vampires are bringing Agnes up) Rule 1: Is no one is to leave when I am talking. Rule 2: No cross dating between species. Like a Witch and Vampire couldn't date. Rule 3: Every single one of you has to use magic every day. Rule 4: Women aren't allowed to have a job. They are to stay at home and wait to be mated with.

Bobby: Here is Agnes you liege.

Hardres: Excellent. (Grabs Agnes and she gasps) You are smart Agnes. Too smart. You are the only one with common sense. Yet you don't speak your mind.

Agnes: I know where she is.

Hardres: That's why I can't let you out of my site. (Puts Agnes in an energy ball and floats her above the crowd) Rule 5: Don't mess with me.

Scene 7

Hardres: Agnes I would love to take your powers. But you will make a nice servant like Nigery. Where is your beautiful sister?

Agnes: Why should I tell you?

Hardres: Because I am your leader now.

Agnes: I am not going to tell you. She is safe.

Hardres: Nigery! (Nigery looks at Hardres) Zap Epeldema over here.

Agnes: No! Hardres, before you do anything. Do you know the spell to Immortality? (Nigery gives a worried look to Agnes)

Hardres: No! How do you know it?

Agnes: Only members from the royal family know it.

Hardres: Tell me the spell.

Agnes: Alright, but only if you let me out of this energy force field.

Hardres: Deal. (Let's Agnes out of energy force field) Now kneel before me and tell me the spell.

Agnes: (Kneels) The spell to immortality is… (Nigery is shaking her head no) Jeno jig befri. (Nigery calms down) Then you have to get rat ashes.

Hardres: Nigery zap me some rat ashes. (Nigery zaps rat ashes) There we go.

Agnes: Pour the ashes on your head. (Nigery smirks)

Hardres: And?

Agnes: Say Jeno jig befri.

Hardres: (Pours rat ashes on Agnes's head) Ha!

Agnes: What are you doing? You're supposed to pour the ashes on your head! (Whips ashes off her head)

Hardres: I'm not an idiot.

Agnes: (Stands up) You're right. (Backs up) I was just doing it to stall. (Turns into Epeldema)

Hardres: Epeldema!

Epeldema: You've got that right! (Flies up)

Hardres: (Tries and zaps Epeldema but she flies farther up) Get down here.

Epeldema: Nope, I won't be coming to you!

Hardres: (Flies up) Epeldema come here. (Epeldema zaps Hardres) I've got a treat for you.

Epeldema: Really? (Flies to Hardres) What is it?

Hardres: (Grabs Epeldema then flies down) Nothing. (Puts Epeldema in an energy ball) You are foolish!

Epeldema: You are confused.

Hardres: What is with you? Your smart then you're an idiot.

Scene 8

Agnes: (Kicks down door of Hardres' house) Jinx, Your in here right?

Jinx: In the bedroom.

Agnes: (Goes into bedroom) You are alright! (Walks to Jinx)

Jinx: Stop! The cage is electrocuted! I tried getting out and I got shocked!

Agnes: It's got to not be magic proof. (Runs nail along bars) This is a terribly designed cage. If it wasn't shock proof you could escape. (Chants) Yha ves qeu! (Pushes on cage and it collapses) Younger sister the great captured fooled, bamboozled, by a vampire! By Hardres!

(Hardres appears in house out of thin air)

Jinx: Speaking of the devil.

Agnes: You're right on queue Hardres. (Smirks) I was just talking about you! (Hits Hardres's shoulder) Ow! (Grabs hand)

Hardres: Agnes, you almost ruined my plan.

Agnes: Who says I didn't? (Zaps a furious dog) Attack.

Hardres: (Banishes dog then grabs Agnes) I want your power too!

Agnes: You can't have it.

Hardres: It is very easy. I've taken Jinx's power and Epeldema's too.

Jinx: You took her power!

Agnes: I'm the smart one. (Chants) Deagon tilife.

Hardres: (Let's go of Agnes) Ow! What did you do?

Agnes: A chant that works for only blood royals. It makes any who touches us burn. An unreversable spell it is.

Hardres: (Smacks Agnes across the face) Deagon tilife. (Hardres' hand burns) Ow!

Jinx: Come on Agnes, fight him. (Biting at the ropes)

Hardres: Shut up Jinx! (Is about to hit Jinx but Agnes grabs Hardres' hand)

Agnes: Don't touch my little sister.

Hardres: Ow!! Let go of me! You're burning my hand!

Agnes: You can't be free until you give my sisters powers back!

Hardres: Never!

Agnes: (Grabs Hardres' face) Do it!

Hardres: (Falls to his knees) I'll do it. Just let me go.

Agnes: Deagon ali. (Lets go of Hardres) Move!

Hardres: I'll move. (Stands up then quickly puts hand on Agnes' neck and pins her against the wall and squeezes Agnes' neck)

Agnes: (sputters) Jinx… (Gasping for air)

Hardres: (Whispers) Don't breath no more Agnes.

Jinx: (Unties ropes then hits Hardres on the head) You cannot do that.

(Hardres and Agnes collapse on the ground. Agnes falls on Hardres)


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