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Submission to forbiddens Pick Your Story Challenge!
Victor Garcia worked for the New York Fire Department. When The city was faced with disaster from the sky, and suddenly from the ocean. Victor had a plan to save a big part of the city he loved. Will his crazy plan to defeat the largest title wave in history work? Or will New York be washed away forever?

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Sirens screamed. The flashes of red and blue emergency lights lit up the streets like a Christmas tree. People ran aimlessly for their lives, as another meteorite crashed and exploded against a towering building.

Bodies lay lifeless through the drenched and smoltering streets of New York. Hundreds trembled, scared and injured, as they huddled together in the safety of unhit corners of the streets. Waiting for the exact moment to race to a more secure place.

The southeast edge of the city took the worst hit, as emergency vehicles raced to put out fires and help the victims. Ellis Island was completely gone, and the Hudson River was now overcome by the rising water.

Victor Garcia, a ten year veteran for New Yorks Fire Department, stood helplessly watching the city he loved with all his heart burn and collapse to the ground. What used to be a thriving city, was now a living hell.

He looked out toward the Brooklyn Bridge, as abandoned vehicles fell one by one into the raging waters below. It was the most horrible thing he had ever seen. Victor had seen many disasters, but none could compare to this.

Suddenly his heart fell, as beyond the Statue Of Liberty, a wall of water began to swell to a huge mass. A title wave had formed in the Atlantic Ocean, and it was headed straight for New York.

Radios from emergency vehicles screamed out a warning. Victor grabbed one and asked for a weather update. It was the largest title wave on record. The city couldn't take the blow of this wall of water. New York would be destroyed. Victor, along with hundreds of other scared souls, prayed their final prayers. No one would survive the hit.

The Statue Of Liberty shot sparks from the torch she prouldly held. Victor watched as the sparks hit the water at the base of her. It began to boil. As it boiled, it gave him an idea. A long shot of an idea, but one he couldn't ignore.

He called headquarters and told them his plan. His plan was to fight the title wave with fire. He knew his idea was a little far fetched, but what did they have to lose. He asked them for every available helicopter and explosives as they could spare.

It was ironic that Victor had fought so hard putting out fires in the city for so many years, and now was deliberately setting the city on fire. It was his intention to heat up the air above the city and the water along the shoreline, in hopes the friction of the infernal heat upon the waters would cause the title wave to expand horizonally, and the tempature of the air to cause a drop in the height of the wave. It was a crazy idea. It was a long shot.

New York would still be struck by the title wave, but with a lesser force. At least thats what Victor was hoping for. If his idea worked, a large part of the city would still be alright. At least a big enough part to support and care for those who survived. There were so many lives depending on his idea, and many fingers crossed.

The citizens knew there was a chance it wouldn't work, and braced themselves for the impact. They prepared a safe place for the injured, and prayed for a miracle.

Victor had the pilots arm their helicopters with explosives and positioned them along the southeast end of the city along the shoreline that faced the slow moving title wave. It had grown tremendously within the last half hour. The roar of the swollen wave echoed across the ocean.

Victor reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife that his father had gave him as a little boy. It was sort of a good luck piece. The knife had helped through many situations as a firefighter. He held it tightly as he took a deep breath. " On the count of five! " He told the worried pilots. " Remember! Drop the explosives, and get the hell out of there."

A storm had brewed above the city causing the helicopters to rock back and forth. It was almost impossible for them to find their target. The first pilot dropped the first explosive, after him the next, and then the rest. One by one the explosives hit the towering buildings with a massive explosion.

They quickly left the area as the buildings blazed in a firery inferno. Victor was in the last of the helicopters to drop their explosives. The heat from the buildings caused their helcopter to be caught in force of the explosion, as they spun in the air. The pilot missed his target causing the explosive to hit the ground below them.

Luck was on their side, as the pilot managed to escape the debris that shot toward them. They landed safely on the other end of the city. Rescue workers hurried to tend to the injured pilots.

The pilots had only minor burns, as they waited eagerly to see what would happen. New York lit up in a raging inferno.

Everyone watched the title wave. They prayed like they never prayed before.

Suddenly something did happen, the title wave began to shift. What once was a towering wall of water began to slowly fall and spread out along the shoreline.

" Its working! " People began to cheer.

" It isn't over! " Victor assured them. But at least they were safely far enough away from the impact. The title wave hit the city with a powerful force, but not nearly as destructive as it could have been. There was flooding throughout the city, and power was out. But many people didn't lose their lives, thanks to Victors quick thinking. It truly was a miracle.

The city suffered massive damage, and would take years to rebuild.

Victor stood on the Brooklyn Bridge and looked out toward New York. Months had past since the disaster, and the city still smoltered from the attack.

The Statue Of Liberty stood headless, but still held tightly to her torch. The torch that sparked an idea. An idea that saved many lives, and New York. Victor saluted her and returned to his new home in Brooklyn.


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